September 17, 2005

4'th Wedding Anniversary Sunday was the 4'th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist strike.  Also, almost our 4'th anniversary. (Thursday was the actual anniversary but we like to dress up in our wedding clothes on Sunday)  I went in for the jail service with Patrick after dropping the ladies off at church for Sunday school.  Bro. Gary preached on "The Privilege & Responsibility of Cooperation with God".  We took a nap in the afternoon then went on a walk with Carolina Sue around the neighborhood.  We have some new neighbors up the road so we stopped in and talked with them for a little.  Then we stopped by Duane Banges to try out their new swing set & playground equipment.  Carolina especially enjoyed the sliding board.  In the evening we had a song service at church.  Many of our people went up to Blackville for a report on disaster work from the tsunami so our singing crowd was a bit small.  It went pretty well though.  After church we were invited to Hendrick & Jordan's for a nice snack and visiting with friends.
Playing on Duane Bange's playground Ina Sue fixed us blueberry waffles for breakfast on Monday.  Then she started on the wash while I headed to work.  Carolina Sue is working on cutting some of her molars so she's been a bit fussy lately.  In the evening we went to chorus practice but it seemed like everyone was almost too tired to sing.  Didn't go very well....  We found out while we were at chorus that Gerald Eshleman & Tim Myers were at Wendells for a meeting.  We've been looking for a way to get some pears over to my sister Karen Hobbs so this seemed a perfect way.  We rushed home from chorus and quickly drove the truck and ladder over to the pear tree and started picking.  It was a bit difficult balancing on the ladder on the pickup in the dark and picking pears without getting beaned by them....  We were able to get about a half bushel picked before the Tim & Gerald stopped in for them.
Evening snack at Hendrick & Jordan's I spent the day Tuesday on service calls at work while Ina Sue finished caulking the ceiling in the bedroom she's working on.  It was quite a job and she is thrilled to be done!  I needed to go to the jail in the evening and Ina Sue needed some stuff from Walmart so she met me in Barnwell after work and we treated ourselves to supper at House of Pizza.  Then I went to the jail while she shopped.  The bible study was a bit discouraging.  Nobody was interested in bible study.  One or two of the guys that had been coming out regularly had gotten out of jail earlier in the week.  I've been praying that more of the fellows would have an interest.  After we met back up we dropped the minivan off at Barnwell Service Center for a bit of work and drove on home to bed.
Amtrak took us to DC on Friday. Wednesday was a lovely day weather-wise.  I went on a service call up in Bamberg first thing.  Ina Sue worked on misc jobs around the house.  Baked cookies, did some laundry, cut up peppers & onions for our relish tonight, and baked stromboli for our supper and our upcoming trip.  I dropped by around dinner time for a lunch of scrambled eggs on toast.  Then I took Carolina Sue with me up to Columbia to pick up some networking supplies I needed for a job in Allendale.  After I mowed part of the yard then we picked another bushel or so of pears and worked on making up a batch of pear relish.  Ina Sue was pretty tired and went to bed while I finished it up.
Magnificent Union Station, DC. Thursday was a very busy day for both of us.  Ina Sue started it by canning the 14 pints of pear relish we had fixed the evening before.  Then she cleaned house, packed luggage and got everything else together for our weekend trip.  I had a busy day as well and rushed home at 6:00 to bring her and Carolina back into Barnwell to pick up the van from service.  Patrick Heatwoles had invited us to eat supper at Mi Rancho with them and other young married couples.  James Groffs, Douglas Heatwoles, Leon Duecks were there along with us and Patricks.  We all have babies within a year of each other so we all enjoyed the time together.  I had to go back over to the shop after supper to finish up a couple jobs while Ina Sue did some last minute shopping at Walmart.
An ethnic supper after a long day traveling Friday morning we got up at 5:00 to get ready to leave on Amtrak for Washington DC.  We are going primarily to see our good friends and one-time neighbors, Bill & Dorcas Byler.  They are living right now in Catlett, VA and we have really been missing them.  We were able to get round-trip tickets on Amtrak to DC for just a bit over $120.  You can't beat that driving!  The train left the Yemassee station right on time at 8:00 and arrived right on time in Union Station around 6:00.  We spent a little time touring the station itself. (Quite magnificent) 
We stayed at the Crystal City Hilton We would have enjoyed spending more time there but were getting tired of dragging all our luggage around.  We bought supper in the basement of the station from the many ethnic restaurants there.  I had Indian cuisine while Ina Sue bought hers from "Steak & Potatoes" (She's true-blue American).  Then we caught the red-line subway to the yellow-line subway to Crystal City where our Hilton was.  (I had bought the reservation through Priceline)  We had to walk about three blocks from the subway station to get to the hotel.  It was very nice, perhaps because we were so tired.  Carolina Sue had a difficult time sleeping on the train so she only slept about a half hour the whole day.
Bill Bylers met us Sat. morning to tour DC.

b morning we slept in for a while but were able to get ourselves packed up by 9:00 when Bills picked us up at the hotel.  Bill treated us all out to a delicious breakfast at IHOP then we drove over to Arlington and parked the car there.  We toured some of the famous graves there such as JFK and the Unknown Soldier.  We endured the ferocious sun to watch "The Changing of the Guard".  From Arlington we walked over the bridge toward the Lincoln Memorial.  Because of lots of construction, we had to walk a long way around before getting to the National Mall.  We spent the rest of the afternoon walking the Mall and enjoying the "Air & Space Museum" and the "National Art Gallery" 
The girls dip their toes in the WWII fountain. We took a little break for a mid afternoon drink and snack at the McDonalds in the Air & Space Museum.  My favorite part of the day was the National Art Gallery.  I would have loved to have spent more time there but the guards chased us out at 5:00.  We walked back to the nearest subway and road back to Arlington to pick up the car.  Then back to Bill's apartment for a delicious supper of pizza, chips & root beer floats.  Talked for a while then headed to bed in decent time.
Carolina Sue was less than enthralled.  

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