September 11, 2004

Aunt Edna & Aunt Anna with Ina & the baby We went to church with Keith & Jeanne to Mt. Olive Sunday morning.  Mark Strite brought the message.  Had a great dinner of leftovers at Keiths then slept for a while in the afternoon.  We drove up to see my Aunt Edna & Aunt Anna around 4:00.  Had a nice visit with them then drove on north to Uncle Robert Rissers for supper at 5:30.  Their son Lyndon and his family were there along with Grandmother Heatwole who was spending two weeks with Uncle Roberts.  We had a wonderful supper and visit together then headed back to Keiths around 9:00.  Got home and talked till late.
Uncle Robert & Aunt Twila Risser Monday Jeanne made us a scrumptious breakfast of egg mcmuffins.  We  headed out by 8:15 and got back to Ina Sue's home in Harrisonburg by about 10:00.  She fed the baby there and we packed up the remainder of our stuff and headed on south.  We drove through quite a bit of rain.  Ina Sue drove for quite a bit of the time and we got home about 6:20.  We stopped in Denmark to pick up an order of eggrolls for supper.  Unpacked and got to bed in decent time.
Lyndon Rissers with Grandmother Heatwole It rained hard most of the day Tuesday. (Remnants of Hurricane Francis).  Ina Sue did a huge batch of wash. (7 loads)  My day at work started off rather badly with no power at the shop.  Something, I'm not sure what, took down a power pole in front of our neighbor business.  The power went off around 7:00 and stayed down until 10:30.  We have battery backups on our servers at the shop but they only last for about an hour so we were pretty much shut down.  After the power came back on the day went fairly smoothly.  Ina Sue fixed a real spread for  supper with ham, noodles & zucchini pie.  Spent a relaxed evening at home with the baby.
Our chef for our anniversary supper Wednesday was our third anniversary.  How time does fly when you are having fun!  Unfortunately, Ina Sue had to spend part of this special day sitting in the dentist chair.  He gave her the great news that she was going to need a root canal.  They drilled it out and put in a tempory filling and set up an appointment for later in the month for doing the main job.  She was feeling well enough by the evening though to go on with our planned outing.  We dropped Carolina Sue off with Betty & Carolyn Heatwole and drove over to Aiken for a anniversary supper at the Kobe Japanese restaurant.  We had fun being entertained by the chef and the food was delicious.  We got home around 10:00 and picked up a happy baby from Dons.
Benita, Jane and Carolina having dinner Ina Sue spent most of Thursday in Aiken again.  This time with Jane Brubaker and Benita Hege.  They were doing some smocking shopping at a going out of business sale.  I was surprised at work to see Kent and Ruthann Weaver at the store.  They are on a meandering anniversary trip and stopped in to see us on the way through.  I was to busy to take off work immediately so they entertained themselves around Barnwell for a while then came by our house around 5:30.  I got home around the same time and Ina Sue fixed us pizza boats for supper.  After supper we all went over to Myron Brubakers for a paraplane ride with Chad.  What fun!  Chad took Kent up first and flew over and around Danny Hege's new farm.  Kent was thrilled to see a deer or two from the air.  After they got back Chad flew me over the town of Govan and surrounding area.  We really enjoyed it.  Then back to our house for a snack of butterfinger icecream and Gibbles chips.
Chad & Kent preparing to lift off We had breakfast burritos Friday morning with Kent Weavers then I had to leave for work.  They left around 9:30 and Ina Sue got started with her cleaning.  She started having quite a bit of pain in her mouth from the tooth work done earlier in the week.  After she talked to the dentist he prescribed some antibiotics for her.  She really didn't want to take them but after talking it over we decided that it was probably the lesser of two evils.  In the evening I went over to James Groffs to help hook up their new well and to talk some shop.  Ina Sue and the baby stayed home because she still wasn't feeling too well.
Kent & Ruthann Weaver Saturday was the 3'rd anniversary of the twin towers disaster.  Exactly three years ago we were waking up in a San Francisco hotel after a flight from Dulles International. 

We started off the day with a little breakfast of yogurt then I worked on fixing some leaking pipes in our back yard.  Had to drive to Denmark for some parts then helped Ina Sue clean out our shop/storage building.  Rehung her ferns on the front porch which had fallen during the wind from Francis.  Then I started mowing the yard while Ina Sue cleaned up the back porch.  Nevins came over for supper around 6:00.  Ina Sue fixed us stroganoff sandwiches, corn, salad and homemade icecream.  After supper we played Amish horseshoes. (A new game Nevin saw somewhere and put together)  They stayed until about 9:00 then headed home.   We goofed off for a while then got to bed in good time.

Playing Amish horseshoes  

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