September 4, 2004

My coleus have done very well this year. Ina Sue and the baby were both still feeling rather sick Sunday.  I went to church in the morning and left them sleeping.  Uncle Enos brought the message on "How God deals with Sin".  Came home then and fixed shrimp & grits for our dinner.  Good soul food for a sick wife!  Rested in the afternoon.  We had planned to go over to Hephzibah for Nathan Goering's deacon ordination but with the sickness still here I decided to just take myself to Barnwell for the service and let the rest of the family at home again.  The service was an interesting scrapbook service with input from each of our church's small groups.  Our group gave some special singing along with Aden Diems group. 
The squirt fresh from her bath. Monday was a normal day for me at the shop.  Ina Sue washed, ironed, sprayed round-up, fixed supper and took care of punkin.  After a quick supper of BLT's we hurried up to Williston to the First Baptist gym.  The Blackville youth had invited our youth to play volleyball with them.  This was our very last outing as youth sponsors.  Our two year term ends August 31.  We will miss the interaction with the youth but will enjoy a little lighter schedule than last year. 
The chef making chocolate trifles Ina Sue fixed us a delicious breakfast of bacon egg mcmuffins with tomato slices Tuesday morning.   I spent a busy day at work while Ina Sue went grocery shopping, sewed & fixed supper for us & Duane Banges.  (They have just moved into a house across the pecan orchard from us)  After supper of stuffed taco shells, biscuits, salad, fruit and bars, I went in to the jail for Bible study.  Ina Sue took Carolina Sue for a walk and ended up at Bills for an evening chat.
The 30 year old and his birthday buggy. Not much happened Wednesday.  Julie & Jennifer Heatwole are thinking about buying our Honda Accord.  We want to get a 4-door car to make getting Carolina Sue in and out easier.  Jennifer took the car into Mark Hochstetler today to get him to look it over for major defects.  I don't think he found any major problems.  In the evening Hendrick led our discussion for prayer meeting on the subject of "Morality & Technology".  I thought it was a very good discussion. 
Pressing the flesh with his admirers... We got up in good time Thursday morning and I marked off the hem on Ina Sue's new dress for her.   To show her thanks she made me scrambled eggs Super Deluxe for breakfast.  After I went in to work she painted another coat on the front door.  I came home around 4:30 and installed the railings on the ends of our porch.  For supper Ina Sue made us chicken tortilla bake.  She substituted some canned jalepenos that Laura had given us for the green chilis.  It turned out to be a somewhat unequal substitution.  It was good but, HOT HOT HOT!!!    Ina Sue gave my hair a little trim after supper and I worked on scanning in some more slides.
Quite a party.... I went to work Friday morning with hopes of being able to leave early and get an early start on our trip to Virginia.  All of my calls went fairly well and I was able to get home by about 2:00.  Ina Sue had gotten things basically packed up for us so we were able to get left by 2:30.  Unfortunately, this got us to Charlotte right at 5:00 and the traffic was awful.   We lost 2 hours of time between Charlotte and Statesville.  We also got held up when we got off in Hillsville for supper.  Our Hardees was unfortunately on the other side of what seemed to be the world's largest flee market/side show.  Evidently Hillsville hosts this huge event every year on Labor Day weekend.  We finally made it back to the interstate and arrived at Ina Sue's home around 11:15.  Got to bed soon after 12:00
Benjamin is learning to ride his new trike. Saturday was Keith Martin's big day.  After we finally made it out of bed, I did a shopping run to Sharp Shopper and Walmart for some needed supplies.  Ina Sue worked on tying up some mint baskets for the party.  We left around 1:00 and headed up to Hagerstown Maryland.  Jeanne rented a beautiful new church gymnasium for Keith's 30'th birthday party.  We delivered our load of flowers and suppled from Virginia then helped get things setup.  Ina Sue made up four trifles for dessert.  We got done a little early then went over to Keith's parents for a rest before the event.  There were about 60 of Keith's friends invited to the party and we all gathered together outside to await his arrival.  One of their neighbor's had consented to chaufeur in an old Model T.  Keith was completely surprised when they happened to drive past and he saw the whole crowd waiting on him.   We had a wonderful supper of smoked & grilled pork roast, green beans, macaroni & cheese, cabbage salad and  chocolate trifle with cherries for dessert.  Afterward there were a number of group games then some volleyball.  After all the festivities were over we went back to Keith & Jeanne's for the rest of the weekend.  We sat around and talked till after 12:00.
My wife cloning experiment gone horribly awry.....  :) PS.  I had a lot of fun earlier in the week playing with some pictures of my wife.  I thought this one was particularly interesting.  I would love to post more but for the sake of marital accord had better not....

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