August 28, 2004

Carolina in her christening gown.. Ina Sue wanted to take Carolina Sue to church on her christening gown that Ella gave her.  She looked kinda cute but we decided to go more traditional.  Bro. Gary preached the sermon at church Sunday morning on the topic of "Lord's Day observance"  taken primarily from the Old Testament.  Carolina Sue was on model behavior during church.  Relaxed afternoon then Carl Heatwole had the talk in the evening on "Jesus, the master teacher".  As always he had a very interesting talk.  Of special interest was his recollections of past teachers in his life.
A snack at Nevin's Monday was the normal washday for Ina Sue.  I had a regular day at work then came home to a delicious supper of baked catfish, spinach-rice casserole & cheesy garlic bread.  After supper we played Phase 10.  I was not the winner....
Small group chicken supper Tuesday morning Ina Sue made us breakfast of french toast then it was off to work.  Ina Sue did some sewing but claims to have had to rip out everything she did. :(  In the evening Julie Heatwole came over for a little to get some pictures we had of her class last year.  I worked on sewing some more neck pillows.  Ina Sue sewed on her new dress. 

I was hoping to help on the new school building today but wasn't able to fit it in.  It looks like others were able to get the doors hung and the windows trimmed out.  Now we are just waiting for the insulation to get here before putting the metal on the outside.

New school building with doors installed Wednesday was uneventful except that Ina Sue had the side yard all mowed up for me when I got home.  I came home a little bit early so that we could leave in good time to go to Hephzibah for their nominating service.  Hephzibah is planning to ordain a new deacon to take Dad's place.  He will be 65 in December and our church policy is to have a replacement in place by that age.  There was a good turn out there and seemingly very good participation in the nominating process.  After church we went over to Nevin's for a quick snack of ice cream, chips & salsa.  Also, Ina Sue fed the baby there before we started home.  Got back around 12:00
Painting the front door Ina Sue made us bacon & egg Mcmuffins for breakfast Thursday morning.  I went in to work but came home soon after 12:00.  I worked some more painting the railings on the front porch.  (It is a big job!)  Ina Sue made potato salad & peach cobbler for our get-together tonight.

In the evening our small group got together with Aden Diems group for a grilled chicken supper.  (This was the last event of the year for our small group)  Our group for next year includes Dale Banges, Dale Dickersons, & Daniel Brubaker.  We had a delicious meal (Aden grilled the chicken) then a real nice time talking.  Around 9:00 we went inside and practiced some special singing for next Sunday evening. 

Sleeping while Mom paints front door.... Nothing much happened on Friday.  I had a busy day at work.  Ina Sue cleaned & sewed a little.  She grilled hamburgers for our supper.  She either has terrible allergies today or a really nasty cold.
More painting.... Saturday we all got up early.  Ina Sue could not sleep from her cold & Carolina woke up around 4:30 coughing & snorting.  She evidently has caught the cold too.  Poor thing!  I rocked her until she fell asleep then held her until she woke up about 6:00.  Ina Sue fed her then they both fell asleep and slept until about 8:30.  I worked this morning on scrubbing down the railing around our steps then started mowing the yard.  We had a brunch of breakfast enchiladas around 11:30 then I finished the yard and worked on painting the front rails.  Ina Sue tried to take it easy but couldn't resist putting the 2'nd coat of paint on the front door.  She also made me a much appreciated jug of ice tea for while I worked.  At 7:00 I met with the next youth sponsors & the ministry to help transition over to the new year.  We had a good discussion then I went into Barnwell to fill up with gas and to wash the car.  Then home for milkshakes with Ina Sue.  She went to bed a little early and now I'm doing this before I hit the sack.
The Strite children circa 1979. I'm still scanning in family slides.  I thought this was a classic!  From the left is Karen, Duane, Nevin, Kent and myself.

By the way,  I was made aware of cousin Lyndon Risser's website today.  It looks like he has quite a business going there.  Check him out here.  I found it interesting that one of the pictures I scanned in showed the future entrepreneur already preparing at an early age.  Check out the pocket protector & instruments in this classic picture.

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