August 27, 2005

Sunday evening we had a report on the Summer Bible School in Romania... Up again at 6:00 Sunday morning to study for youth class.  For some reason this lesson didn't fall together quite as easy...  Uncle Howard preached the sermon.  Home for a quick lunch and nap in the pm.  In the evening Dale & Phyllis Mast were here to give a report on the Summer Bible School program in Romania.  William Brubaker & Josh Heatwole were along this year as teachers.  Dale talked awhile about the program then gave Josh & William both time to share about their experiences.  Then Dale finished the evening with a slide show of their time.  Very interesting to see how God used them to reach the children of Romania.
A Huge lightning storm on Monday kept me busy for most of the week I was off to work Monday morning while Ina Sue got down to washing clothes.  In the afternoon around 5:00 we had a terrific thunderstorm.  I was inside a business in Denmark and wasn't paying much attention to the thunder outside but Ina Sue said she thought it was the most powerful lightning storm she has seen since she's been here.  By the time I got home to take a shower I could tell that our water pressure was somewhat diminished.  On our way to chorus practice we stopped up at the Govan Water Dept and talked to Mayor Ganus.  The lightning must have damaged the pump so it looks like we'll be out of water for a while...  Had a good time at chorus practice.  After we got home I made up a batch of sour dough bread.  I'm still experimenting with recipes & techniques.  It was kinda late before I got to bed.
Modeling my new company shirt Tuesday morning at the shop I quickly started to see the results of the lightning storm yesterday.  Thankfully the lightning didn't take out any of our equipment but it sure did hit a lot of other people.  My original plans for the day got scrapped in favor of other people's emergencies.  This is the worst thing about lightning.  Sure, it brings us more work but the problem is that it all comes in one big pile and it is an emergency for seemingly everybody.  Very hectic!  Ina Sue spent the day sewing and cleaning out our spare bedroom for remodeling.  Our new company shirts came in today.  We worked out a deal with our employees for shirts with our company logo on them and placed a big order for everybody last week.  Over all I'm pretty happy with them.
Wendy Bange keeping Carolina happy. Wednesday morning I went up to Denmark & Bamberg first thing for a couple of service calls then dropped back by the house and picked up Ina Sue & Carolina.  We had an appointment with the lawyer to get our wills finalized.   From there Ina Sue dropped me off at the shop while she shopped for groceries.  Then back home to drop them off and on to more service calls.  Ina Sue spent the afternoon making finger food (ham cream puffs & crumbly cream cheese bars) for the church cleaning in the evening.  On the way to the cleaning I drove through water on the road a little too fast.  The spraying water must have knocked a belt lose on our van because I instantly felt our power steering go stiff.  Just a little farther down the road the temperature & alternator lights came on as well.  We limped into Carls and borrowed their van for the evening.  Our group was responsible to clean the back of the auditorium.  It was a fairly small job so we also helped Daryl Brubaker's group with the auditorium.  After the worked we sat around and ate & fellowshipped.  On the way home we stopped and picked up our van from Carl's and drove it quickly to Ivan Skrivseth's for repair.
No, not taking a test but filling our their menus for the mystery supper I drove Carl's minivan to work Thursday morning (since both our vehicles are now in the shop).   I left around 7:00 for some early work and a meeting with James & Adam.  Ina Sue was still sleeping.  She had difficulty sleeping earlier due to allergies and a bad back.  She called me about mid morning to give me some good news.  Ivan Skrivseth had called and said that our minivan was ready to be picked up.  And, praise God, Joe Byers called and said that my Toyota Camry was also completed and certified ready to go.  The car has been in the shop for the better part of 3 months.  A whole series of problems resulted in much frustration for both ourselves and also I am sure for Joe.  He hung in there though and the car seems to be running great now with its new engine.  Thanks Joe! 
Josh is preparing to eat his salad without benefit of normal utensils... I came on home and picked Ina Sue up.  We returned Carl's van, picked up our van, then she dropped me off at Byer's Tire to continue on in my car.  Ina Sue did some shopping in Denmark and toured the Jim Harrison Gallery.  When she got home the minivan started belching out clouds of steam.  She tried to call me but couldn't get hold of me and forgot about the problem.   More on that later....  For supper Ina Sue fixed us egg salad on some of my toasted sour dough bread.  After supper we spent the evening carting all of the books on my bookshelves over to Hendricks and moving the bed & assorted furniture out of the spare bedroom.  She wants to get started stripping wallpaper and painting.  Hendrick & Jordan came over and helped me move some of the bigger stuff.  While I was working on that Ina Sue made up 3 pans of chocolate éclair for the youth mystery supper tomorrow night.
Playing Taboo after the supper I spent the day at work again on Friday.  I finally had a chance to take up the project I had been planning to work on Tuesday before all the lightning problems.  Ina Sue very kindly mowed the front and side yards. (Hendrick let her borrow his riding mower)  After dinner she took care of her weekly house cleaning.  I came home a little before 6:00 and we left for the school.  Daryl & Cheryl Bange had planned a mystery supper for the youth and asked Myrons and us to help with the food and serving.  We had a good time and it seemed the youth did as well.  We even had a chance to play Taboo & a little volleyball after supper.  When we got home the car suddenly started blowing clouds of steam out the front.  Ina Sue remembered the previous problem then and told me what had happened the day before.  It turns out that a hose has developed a small hole and when the vehicle stops it blows coolant out onto the engine and makes all the steam.
Storytime with Mommy & punkin We got a lot done on Saturday even though we slept in till almost 8:30.  I know, shame on us.  (As Ina Sue's family would say though, "We were feeling ornery")  First I worked on cleaning out our garden.  Removing tomato & pepper stakes, cutting down the remaining corn, and tearing out the cucumber fence.  Ina Sue fixed us breakfast of scrambled eggs.  I got my sour dough starter out of the fridge and got my sponge started for later use.  After putting the baby to bed Ina Sue came out and cleaned more trash out of the garden while I mowed the back yard.  Then I mowed the garden down.  It looks pretty much like a dessert after all my Round-uping last week but with it mowed down it at least doesn't look like a weed jungle. 
Duane Bange & his boys touring Govan. Joe Byers stopped in to make sure my car was working alright and stayed to chat for a while.  We got him to look at the van and he said he would set up an appointment on Monday to replace the defective hose.  In the afternoon we worked on cleaning out out shop/storage shed.  That was a project!  My opinions on how to clean a shop differ somewhat from Ina Sue's.  She cleans a shop the same way she cleans a house.  I was of the persuasion that the the shop is supposed to be the man's province.  We had a bit of a tif over our disagreement and worked it out by me taking the baby in to the house and cleaning her up while Ina Sue finished cleaning the shop her way.
The fruit of my baking. Around 4:00 I got my sour dough sponge out and made up a big batch of dough.  By 6:00 it had risen sufficiently so I went ahead and made it into loaves.  This time I'm trying something different and instead of making french style bread I'm putting it in pans.  I got it formed up and ready to rise in the pans then we all drove up to Bamberg for a pizza supper at Pizza Hut.  A nice restful supper and a chance to relax after a busy day.  When we got back home Duane Bange and his boys stopped in on their four-wheeler for a little visit.  I got my bread in the oven quick and it turned out very well I thought.  I got 4 nice size loaves.  It turned out much lighter than my bread normally does so I was pretty happy with it.  Bread is so much better fresh out of the oven so I took divided two of the loaves up between my different neighbors so they could enjoy it while it was hot.  Ina Sue went to bed while I worked on studying to teach Sunday School tomorrow.  Got it all done and ready by about 12:30 so I guess I can sleep in a bit in the morning.....

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