August 20, 2005

New Barnwell library nearing completion Sunday morning Ina Sue was still thanking God for how well her eye surgery went.  She is seeing great!  Unbelievably, I was able to finish up all my Sunday school studying last night (almost a first for me.  I normally cannot focus until a deadline is imminent), so I was able to have a more relaxed morning before church.  Gary Hege preached on "Keeping Promises & Committments".  Home for a fairly small & quick dinner of chicken/bacon pasta salad then Ina Sue took a nap while I studied for my topic for the evening.  Don Heatwoles had asked me to have a topic on "The Call to Discipleship".  Chad Brubaker had a devotional, Nelson Hochstetler had children's meeting and Liz Brubaker read two selections from the Martyr's Mirror.  Then my topic.  After church we came home and treated ourselves to popcorn & orange juliuses.
Carl gives the drill a swirlie.... It was scorching hot on Monday.  Around 99 degrees.  I spent the day on service calls while Ina Sue took care of the normal Monday wash.  When I got home in the evening we had Taco Pie for supper then I buckled down to mowing the yard (that hadn't gotten mowed last week).  The grass is terribly thick and tall.  I felt like I was mowing hay.  I just don't have a baler...  After Ina Sue finished up the dishes she & Carolina walked over to Hendricks and spent some time chatting with our new neighbors. (Jordan Ehst, our new high school teacher is living with Hendrick).  After the mowing I made up a batch of sourdough bread.  It was a bit heavy.  I think I put in too much flour....
Dedication of the new school building Ina Sue spent a good portion of the day on Tuesday making up a collage of pictures for a bulletin board at the school.  I've been trying to take photos of all the different stages of the school building and Ralph asked us to make up a bulletin board for the dedication tomorrow.  I got about 120 prints made yesterday and Ina is working to get them all arranged logically & aesthetically.  I spent the day at the shop.  My new DeWalt air compressor that I ordered last week came in today.  I'm looking forward to trying it out.  In the evening we kept Duane Bange's boys while they went to the PTA meeting at the school.  I worked for a little in the evening putting everything together for a slide show at the dedication tomorrow.  Duanes got back around 10:00 and we visited for a while.  Then to bed...
Ms. Karla, ready for her seven 1'st graders This week has been extremely hectic for me at the shop.  I try to schedule my service calls for the day but the schedule never seems to work out because I get all these emergency calls that have to be taken care of first.  Not only do I not make it to all the calls I have to do, but I seemingly never have a chance to take care of some of the accounting and other business at the shop....  Wednesday seemed to be no different.  Lightning damage from the night before made me spend most of the morning at Augusta Fiberglass diagnosing network & server problems.  Ina Sue finished up her bulletin board & made food for the carry-in snack tonight.  I got home from work around 6:25 and quickly took a shower.  It was raining outside so it took some doing to get her bulletin board safely ensconced in the van, then off to the dedication. 
Leon & Gordon talk while Gavin scowls at me. We got there about 1/2 hour early so that Ina Sue could get the bulletin board mounted & I could setup my laptop and projector for the slide show.  The school was looking great.  It is really good to see all the finishing touches that the teachers have put in to make the school a place of learning and not just an empty building.  There was a pretty good turnout of people there including Dads, Nevins & Laura.  After the service everyone milled around checking out the classrooms and talking.  The carry-in snack was my supper for the evening and a very good one at that... :)
What's a dedication without food???? Ina Sue made us a breakfast of fresh blueberry waffles on Thursday morning.  I went directly to Allendale for the first service call and the day never slowed down.  My car is still in the shop (about two and half months now) and Ina Sue is starting to feel a little caged in with no means of transportation.  (I don't blame her)  I stayed late at the shop to try to catch up on some of my work.  Didn't get home until about 12:30...  Ina Sue & the baby spent part of the evening visiting with Naomi.
Ina Sue slaves away in the hot sun. I had big plans of taking off early afternoon on Friday since I've been putting in pretty long hours.  We were hoping to be able to have some special together time in the afternoon.  Things were looking good until we had some virus problems in at the shop around 2:00.  I went back in to the shop and wasn't able to get home until after 5:00.  So our special afternoon was pretty short.  After I got home Ina Sue took Carolina to Denmark for groceries while I cleaned up our computer area and got cleaned up.  Then we worked together making supper.  We had grilled chicken breast, scalloped potatoes, southern peas & peanut butter bars for dessert.  Then a relaxing evening together.  What fun!
I enjoy the shade while spraying Round-up We worked hard pretty much all day Saturday.  Mowed the whole yard, cleaned up and Round-uped the garden, siliconed the replacement board in our kitchen floor, hauled off the trash, marinated & grilled about 15 lbs of chicken thighs for the freezer, cut my hair and grilled hamburgers for supper.  It was a terribly hot and humid day.  I was hoping I wouldn't have a heat stroke...  Thankfully God spared me. :)  To help us eat our hamburgers we invited Hendrick & Jordan over to eat with us.  Had a nice time visiting with them after supper.  We made up a batch of mint chocolate ice cream for a late evening snack.  Then to bed.  I had dreams of getting all my studying done tonight but it didn't work out so I guess I'll have to get up early in the morning.
Carolina Sue stays in the cool & reads  

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