August 14, 2004

Nevin's new living room. Sunday was a lovely day!  The weather has been gorgeous.  Wendell preached on Election and explained how we believe that everyone is elected by God to be saved but that we must choose to accept.  Ina Sue had a terrible allergy attach this morning during church and had to sit in the back.  I fixed us egg rolls for dinner.  We left about 2:45 to drive to Hephzibah.  First we dropped by Nevin's new house.  (They are moved in now).  We thought it was quite lovely.  Then home to Dad's for a family "Taste of Home" supper.  We took Curry & Lemon deviled eggs, and a hot reuben dip.  Everything was delicious!  Dads made two gallons of homemade peach icecream for dessert.  The guys played croquet and we all had a great time together.
"Taste of Home" on the back yard. Monday was typically busy.  Ina Sue had all the wash to do along with the normal care of Carolina Sue.  I was a little busier than usual because Adam, Hendrick, Patrick & Jimmy were all off on this or that.  We had a pretty slim crew of almost all new help.   When I got home we continued to work on painting our front porch railing.  Richard Schrock came by with his son Laif and worked for a while. 
The paint crew Tuesday morning Julie Heatwole came over to help Ina Sue paint the 2nd coat on our railings.  They worked till 3:00.  I continued the project after I got home.  Richard finished up the siding project this evening.  We are very happy with the work he did but are just a little dissatisfied with the accents on the front.  They are a bit too fancy for our tastes.  Richard was very nice though and said he would replace them with whatever we wanted.
Old fogey playing tennis again I started work a bit early Wednesday.  I had an appointment in Bamberg at 8:00.  Unfortunately that meant that I missed Anthony Beery stopping by for a visit.  Ina Sue said she had a nice visit with him though.    In the afternoon Ina Sue went over to Bethany Heatwole's for a while.  Richard Brubaker & William Brubaker invited me to play them tennis tonight.  Since we had a lot of open evenings this week, we took them up on it.  It has been quite a while since I played but we had a great time.  We even played some doubles with my wife & I against them.  Wonderful exercise!
A wonderful surprise supper. Thursday we started hearing rumblings of Hurricane Charlie.  Ina Sue worked in the morning painting.  I dropped by around lunch time and helped her carry in the railings so that they would be in out of the rain.  I tried to help Tim Myers network his computers over the phone the other evening.  Imagine my pleasure when I checked our mail this afternoon and found a gift certificate to Harbor Inn Seafood restaurant as a thanks for my help.  I very seldom get thanks of that nature!  Ina Sue & I had been talking about going to Augusta one evening to do some shopping so we decided to do it tonight.  Aunt Miriam kindly agreed to keep Carolina Sue for the evening.  (We found out later that Dad & Mom were coming over to visit Uncle Howards this evening too.)  We had a wonderful meal and time in Augusta and got back around 10:00.  Carolina did wonderful for her first evening without Daddy & Momma.
Aunt Miriam babysitting Carolina Friday was absolutely hectic at the shop.  Hendrick is still up in New York so we are needing to fill in for him.  My workday ended up stretching over into the evening.  Ina Sue & the youngster came in with me to the construction trailer at Kronotex to help me finalize some networking I was doing for them.  It was about 9:30 before we got finished up and headed home.
Wiring up a patch panel for Kronotex We got up in good time Saturday morning and I quickly mowed the front and side yards.  Then I had to go in to Kronotex to help with a few last minute details.  From there I headed over to our new school construction to try to help.  Charles Brubaker & Myron Brubaker are doing a great job supervising all the misc helpers they get in.  The project is starting to look a lot more like a building.  We worked untill around 3:00 and were able to the the first roof beams up on the gym section.
Setting beams for the gym I got home around 3:30 and quickly got to work helping the frau.  We grilled chicken thighs on the grill.  Ina Sue picked it off the bone while I re-caulked our bathtub/shower.  Then I took the car up to Denmark to wash it and also picked up some brake fluid to try repairing the clutch on our truck.  My mechanic friends from church had suggested that the clutch fluid might just be low.  Thankfully that turned out to be the case and the old junker is back in business!  I worked on trimming up our ivy & shrubbery on the front of the house and cleaned off the front porch.  It looks a hundred times better now.  Then I replaced the sliders on the bottoms of our kitchen chairs while Ina made us supper of tostones.  After supper we played with the baby,  cleaned up the family room, washed the dishes, and did some last minute cleaning/sweeping to get ready to be hostess tomorrow.  Now I'm doing this while Ina Sue updates her diary.

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