August 7, 2004

Family get-together at Uncle Joe's We attended church on Sunday at Mt. Pleasant.  It was a very hot service!  I guess we are just too used to air conditioning.  Everybody said is felt like the hottest Sunday so far this year.  After church we went over to Uncle Joe Shank's for a get together with Papa's family.  A delicious dinner and a lot of people.  We rested a little in the afternoon then went to the Southeastern tent meeting in the evening.  Bro. Myron Mullet from SC (our neck of the woods) brought and inspiring evangelistic sermon.  Ina Sue didn't get to enjoy much of the sermon because she was out with punkin most of the time.  Had a good time visiting with friends after the service.  I got to meet Norman Yoder for the first time.  He is a CPA and has really helped us get the PRMC board financials in shape.  I have talked too him often on the phone but this was the first time putting a face to the voice.
Tent Meetings, sponsored by SMC Monday,  we were still in VA, because we were waiting to get our brakes fixed.  I ran the car over to Hussies in Bridgewater at 7:00 but they were still closed so I came back home and waited until 8:00.  After dropping the car off, Papa & I accompanied Brent & Glenn Hege over to Uncle Nubs to help them load the scissor lift on their trailer.  Our church is going to be using it in the building of our new school.  There was a bit of a question as to whether their trailer was up to the weight of the thing but we got it loaded OK and they actually beat us home.  So it must have been alright.  By the time we finished loading, Hussies had my brakes fixed (replaced the pads and 1 rotor), so Ina Sue & I packed up quick and headed home.  Carolina Sue did very well but by the time we got to South Carolina she was slightly more than a little hot & bothered.  We got home about 6:00 and I mowed about half of our yard before it got dark.  Richard Schrock (our siding man) showed up about 8:30 to finish up some details but couldn't quite finish up.
Carolina Sue in traveling mode.... Ina Sue had great big piles of wash to do on Tuesday.  I was extra busy at work because of taking Monday off.  After I got home we made some pizza boats for Karla Heatwole's farewell party (she is spending 6 months vs in Jamaica at an orphanage)  The youth all got together at the school, had a snack and farewell then played volleyball.  We all had a good time.
Farewell for Karla Heatwole Not much going on Wednesday.  Ina Sue came up with a new solution off the internet for washing windows. (Corn starch & vinegar)  She said it cleaned them right up.....  We went to prayer meeting in the evening.  Ralph Dickerson had the discussion on the sin of pride, illustrated through the life of Absalom.  After church we stopped in at Carl's for just a minute to fix a glitch on their new computer and to say goodbye to Karla.
Installing an antennae/router for Kronotex Carolina Sue had her first appointment at Barnwell Pediatrics Thursday afternoon.  It was her two month checkup so she got three shots.  Ina Sue said that she definitely did not enjoy the experience.   Hopefully Dr. Abe will make a better impression on her at other visits. :)  Ina Sue went from there with Bonnie Brubaker to an afternoon of shopping in Aiken.  One of my projects during the day was to install a new antennae & wireless router at the new Kronotex construction site.  It was too hot a day to be doing that kind of work!  In the evening I came home and finished mowing the yard.  Ina Sue got home from shopping around 8:30.
Bill, burning up his chicken house Friday morning we woke up to an absolutely beautiful day.  The sun was out but it seemed about 20 degrees cooler than the day before.  Just a lovely day!  Ina Sue cleaned while I did my normal stuff at work.  For supper Ina Sue grilled shrimp and made up a delicious squash pie.  We worked outside for a little after supper.  Our neighbor Bill Byler was just completing the destruction of his old chicken house.  (He butchered his flock earlier in the week)  Most of the lumber he piled up and started a quite nice little fire.
Scrubbing our porch railings Saturday was another lovely day.  I wish we could keep this weather all year long!  We started the day off scraping paint and scrubbing (with bleach) on our old porch railing.  After getting our siding & cornice replaced, we thought that the porch railing definitely needed a going over in order to match.  I scrapped while Ina Sue scrubbed each piece.  That took a long time but we got done with that phase around 1:00 and I prepared to spray paint them.  I devised what I thought was a particularly cunning method for standing each piece up ready to be painted.  Unfortunately, we couldn't seem to get our old paint sprayer to work so.....  we got out the old paint brushed and settled down to work.  By 6:00 we had gotten the first coat on a little over half of them.  I cleaned up a little outside while Ina Sue came in and started working on our supper.  She tried a new recipe of egg rolls with sweet & sour sauce.  They turned out perfect.  I'm afraid I ended up eating about five of them and Ina Sue wasn't far behind.
A long laborious job....!

After supper Ina Sue made up a hot reuben dip for tomorrow evening's "Taste of Home" supper.   I made up a new recipe of deviled eggs.  Then I cleaned up the kitchen & washed dishes while Ina Sue swept up the floor and took care of Carolina Sue.  Oh, I nearly forgot.  The clutch on our truck must have gone out today.  I was going to take the trash to the dump this afternoon but when I went to start the truck, even though the clutch pedal was depressed, the truck still lurched forward.  After taking it out of gear and starting the truck, I discovered that I couldn't get it to go back into gear.  I hope it won't be too expensive to repair. (It might total the truck)

Now Ina Sue is in bed and I am just finishing up this journal page.....

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