August 6, 2005

Studying early Sunday morning It is hard to believe that Sunday was already the last day of July.  How time flies.  To church as usual.  Bro. Gary brought a message on "Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith".  We practiced our chorus songs right after the service.  Then home for lunch.  Slept for a while in the afternoon until Carolina Sue woke us all up.  For the service in the evening, Daryl Brubaker had devotions, Merle Diem had an interesting children's meeting where he told some of his childhood experiences, and Karla Heatwole told about her time of service working with orphans in Jamaica.  Oh, and the chorus gave three numbers.
I love Nibbles w/ Gibbles like Granddad Strite Monday was another hot an muggy day.  Ina Sue washed a huge batch of laundry while I spent a full day at the shop.  My Toyota is still in the shop so Ina Sue is feeling rather cooped up while I use the minivan at the shop.  For supper she fixed us a delicious meal of shrimp & grits, and squash casserole.  Carolina Sue especially enjoyed the shrimp & grits.  After supper we drove over to Carls to pick up some milk and stayed and talked to them for a while.  Carolina Sue enjoyed the moo-moos.
Carpet installation... Carolina Sue was fourteen months old on Tuesday.  She still refused to walk but doesn't have much trouble getting around...  For breakfast I cooked up a batch of hard boiled egg gravy over homemade toast.  Ina Sue picked over our pretty meager crop of green beans while I made the breakfast.  She is pretty disappointed with the crop we are getting.  I headed in to work while Ina Sue sewed and did some cooking in the afternoon.  After supper I went in to the jail for Bible study while Ina & Carolina walked over to Ms. Margaret Jones' and picked some blueberries.  Ms. Margaret stayed out with them and helped pick while they talked.  Very kind of her!  Ina Sue said she had to keep an eye on our blueberry monster....
The principal's office Not much happened on Wednesday.   I had the day pretty much full with service calls.  Ina Sue spent the day sewing and watching Carolina.  For supper she fixed us a wonderful Philly Cheesesteak Sub from a recipe she got out of a magazine.  She used one of my small french bread loaves.  To prayer meeting in the evening.  Mark Hochstetler gave the talk on "the Perils of the Wilderness and of Prosperity".  We had to drop by the shop after the service to pick up a few things I needed.
The finished product I was hoping to take off most of the day on Thursday but it didn't really work out.  Ina Sue left around 7:50 with the baby for Augusta.  She dropped Carolina Sue off with Kay K. and drove on into Augusta for her LASIk pre-op visit.  Everything went well.  They said she was an excellent candidate and set the date for next Friday.  Because they dilated her eyes for the test she was somewhat blinded for an hour or two.  She did some shopping at Walmart then picked up the baby and headed back.  Meanwhile, I drove the old pickup in to work and got stuck in there until about 3:30.  Then I came home and cleaned up until Ina Sue got home.  We took off for the rest of the day and just lazied around the house.
  Ina Sue's back really started giving her trouble on Friday.  She was able to get through the normal Friday cleaning but was in pain.  Nelson H. called her in the morning to see if she would teach the ladies Sunday School class on Sunday.  I was proud that she said yes.  We found out this morning that Hendrick became our next door neighbor last night.  One of the small groups helped him get all his stuff moved into Bill Byler's old house.  It looks like he is going to buy the house.  We are pleased to have a friend as a neighbor again.
  Ina Sue was really in pain by Saturday morning.  She wasn't able to do much beside lay on the couch and study for Sunday School tomorrow.  I needed to get the yard mowed so I took Carolina Sue over to Don Heatwoles for safekeeping while I worked in the yard.  After mowing most of the yard I went over to Ivan Skrivseth's shop to plane down the cedar that I bought last week for our arbor.  It worked reallly nice and shaped the boards up great.  Then I picked up Carolina Sue from Dons and came back to the house and worked on misc house chores.  In the evening we were invited to Uncle Enoses for supper along with Alvin Byers, & Leon Duecks.  Aunt Glennys served us a delicious supper of roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, bread, salad, & scrumptious peach pie for dessert.  Had a really nice time visiting together and didn't get home till after 10:00

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