July 30, 2005

Monday night chorus practice Sunday was pretty regular.  I taught the youth Sunday School.  Bro. Gerald Eshleman was here from Hephzibah and preached on a passage in Amos "Prepare to meet thy God".  Came home and fixed a dinner of ham with pineapple glaze, baked macaroni, purple hull peas, & a scrumptious blueberry cheesecake.  Rested all afternoon then went to church for a song service in the evening.  Don Heatwole's had planned a singing with the "Life Songs #2" book. 
Govan's brand new pumper truck... Monday was hot and very humid.  Ina Sue had a hard time getting the wash to dry on the line because it was so muggy.  I spent the day at work then came home to supper of lebanon baloney gravy over rice.  I had never had that before but thought it was very good.  Then off to chorus pratice.  We are trying to get 3 or 4 songs ready to sing next sunday evening.  Starla & Emily Diem brought us two big dish pans of tomatoes they picked from their neighbor for us.  We were thrilled to have them.  They need a couple of days to ripen yet before we process them....  After I dropped the ladies off at home I went over to Ivans and planed down some boards I needed to finish up the school book shelves.
Leon, Ralph & myself with finished shelves. Tuesday the heat index was between 110-115 degrees.  Sweltering!  Ina Sue spent the day sewing and baking.   After supper I went over to the school to work on the book shelves again.  With Leon & Ralph's help we had them all finished up by about 11:30.  I was glad to get them finished and Ina Sue was thrilled.... 
Cotton is starting to bloom Wednesday morning I got off in good time and did two quick calls in Allendale then came back home in time to get Ina Sue and Carolina into Denmark for Carolina's shots.  (Our car is still in the shop so we have to split the use of the van)  I went back into the shop for the rest of the day while Ina sew worked on some more sewing.  I got home from a call in Aiken just in time to change clothes and head out to Carigg Manor Nursing home for a program with our small group.  We all met at Dale Dickersons afterward for a snack and fellowship.  We had a good time visiting and Laura Dickerson played us several pieces on the piano.  She is quite good! 
Small group meeting at Dale Dickersons Thursday was a day that Ina Sue had really been looking forward to.  Me, not quite as much...  We had a whole day set aside for shopping & etc.  We got left for Augusta around 8:00 and dropped Carolina Sue off with her Aunt Janice for the day.  Then Ina Sue had an appointment at Eyeglass World for a consultation for LASIK.  (She has been saving up her fun fund for quite some time...)  Unfortunately, no one had told her that she couldn't wear her contacts for a week before the pre-op visit so we weren't able to do that like we had intended.  They set her up an appointment for next week.  From there we went out to Evans to Mulherin Lumber to get some cedar materials for an arbor I want to build on our back stoop.  As we were driving through Martinez I noticed a store called "Computer Solutions".  I couldn't resist stopping in and talking to them.  It seems that the lady in the place used to life in Williston and knew about our store!  Clearly, they knocked off our name.  Can we sue????  Just kidding!  From there on to Joann's Fabric, Lowes, Walmart, BabyRUs, Ross Dress for Less and finally back out to Hephizbah to pick up Carolina.
Ina having fun....

The only major problem we had was a tendency of our minivan to get stuck in 3'rd gear and not shift up.  It seems like hot weather & lots of stopping and starting don't agree with it.  We stayed and visited a while with Janice just to give it time to cool off.  From there we drove to Aiken to pick up the photos from Sears that we had ordered the other week.  They really turned out well but we were disappointed that not all of them had come in yet.  We had gift certificates for Red Lobster so we stopped there for supper and had a really enjoyable meal together.  We really enjoyed their crispy coconut shrimp in pina sauce!  On the way home we stopped at the school to encourage the group working on sanding & finishing the book shelves.   Then on home at about 7:30
Somebody capitalizing on our good name... Friday was a busy day at the shop.  I wanted to leave the van at the shop for Jimmy to check the stereo so I rented Williams VW bug for the day.  Ina Sue thought that sounded pretty cool.  I spent most of the day in Walterboro & Hampton.  When I got back Jimmy showed me that my stereo problem was caused at least partially by the fact that someone had used it as a piggy bank....  I'm sure it was that way when we bought the van and could hardly imagine how anyone could possibly get so many coins stuck in it.  There was a good double handful of coins inside of it.  Unfortunately, shaking the coins all out of it was not enough to revive it so we had Jimmy put us in an inexpensive cd player.  It sounds nice. 
Hendrick vigorously sanding the shelves. Ina Sue spent most of the day processing tomatoes into pizza sauce.  She used a Squeezo Strainer for the first time and was amazed at how well it worked.  She got about 4 1/2 gallons of tomatoe juice and processed some of it into 30 pints of pizza sauce.  When I got home from work I baked two batches of bread while Ina Sue finished canning the pizza sauce.  I tried putting some wheat flour in the one batch tonight and thought it turned out better than any of my others so far.  We were both pretty tired by the time we got to bed.
The canning machine at work... We had the day Saturday pretty much planned out with work.  Ina Sue started by picking the green beans (not many) while I replaced a flooring board on our kitchen step.  (The fungus two years ago had dry rotted out a section in the middle of the board and it had gradually been chipping out piece by piece)  The hardest part of that job was trying to get it to match the existing flooring.  Then I started mowing the yard while Ina Sue canned 9 quarts of tomato soup and worked on cleaning the house.  By the way,  I am getting sick of mowing yard.  When spring comes around I look forward to mowing the nice freshly green grass.  By this time of year I am seriously considering buying a riding mower.  If I just didn't need the exercise so badly...  I was just finishing the mowing up as a pretty nasty thunderstorm blew up around 2:00.
Washing dishes with the monkey... In the rest of the afternoon, we did odd jobs around the house, then knocked off about 5:00.  Ina Sue fixed us a garden pizza for supper then we went out for a little drive and to test out our new cd-player.  Came home and played Boggle.  I eked out a small victory.  Then we did some reading and went to bed in good time.  A very nice Saturday!

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