July 25, 2004

Dorcas & Bill Byler Elvin Eshleman, the deacon at Monticello, GA, brought us the message Sunday morning on "Acceptable Worship".  After church, our neighbors, Bill Bylers came over for a dinner.  We fixed a frozen dish of Chicken Cordon Bleu that mother Showalter had left with us when she was here a couple months ago.  We also had biscuits, corn, cucumber salad and for dessert, mint brownie bars and homemade vanilla ice cream.  We visited for awhile after dinner then separated for our afternoon naps.  In the evening service, the Barnwell Mennonite Chorale presented three numbers then Dorcas had children's meeting & Ivan Skrivseth had the topic on "Instilling Love of the Church in our children".    It was very nice to be able to sit in the audience and listen to our chorus.  They did a wonderful job and it almost made us wish we were still singing with them....
Siding going on... The siding crew started back at it Monday morning.  I had a busy day at work while Ina Sue did her normal Monday washing, ironing, scrubbing & folding of the clothes.  After I got home we grilled hamburgers and had a delicious vegetable pasta salad for supper.  After supper I read to the women folk while Ina Sue finished the ironing & worked on lacing up her latest counted cross-stitch for framing.  Click here to see the piece.
This chair is just my size... Tuesday was Marsha's 25'th birthday.  Carolina Sue seemed to want to celebrate early so I was up with her most of the time from 4:30 to 7:00.  She must have got her crying out of her system because Ina Sue said she was an angel the rest of the day.  My dad brought mother over here to ride up to Virginia with Uncle Enoses.  He stopped in at the house then to see Carolina Sue and to pick up their cradle.  (Since Carolina is sleeping in her own room now we didn't really need it anymore.)  Ina Sue spent most of the day sewing on a new dress.  After a supper of Bar-B-Q sandwiches, southern peas & pumpkin chiffon dessert, I read some more out of James Herriot's "All Creatures Great & Small" to Ina Sue while she worked some more on her cross-stitch.
Making penguin cookies Wednesday was just another normal work day.  The siding men are making real progress.  The back & sides of the house are pretty much done now.  After getting home from work, I had to hurry around and eat supper, then push our Honda out the lane to where I could get to it with my jumper cables.  (Someone who will remain nameless has left the interior lights on)  Bro. Wendell had his final talk tonight at prayer meeting on "The Deity of Christ"
Beginning work on the porch I went into work Thursday morning with the intent of only working till 9:30 or so.  Unfortunately, the computer had other plans so it was after 12:30 before I got home.  Ina Sue was working on cooking food for the church mowing tonight.  (As trustees we get the privilege of overseeing the work and providing the snack)  I kept Carolina Sue for a while then diced up the eggs for her chicken salad.  I tore down our front porch railing to get them ready to be repainted.  The siding fellows were working primarily on the porch today.  We went to the church in the evening.  Some of the youth fellows had already done most of the mowing so I just had to touch up a little bit.  Jane Brubaker used most of the youth  girls in making penguin cookies for the Barnwell County Library's children's program.  The youth girls have been helping out in at the library numerous times this summer.  After the work was done we had our snack then the youth played softball.
We hosted the GA. youth groups... Friday.  Ina Sue said she worked like a tiger.  She made potato salad & homemade icecream for supper.  She also worked on her new dress with hopes of getting it done in time for Saturday.  She also cleaned the house in the afternoon.  The whole siding crew was working today and got the majority of the house finished up.  We had Don Frye (our new Radioshack employee) over for a supper of grilled hamburgers, potato salad & homemade icecream.
Robin Brubaker & Hendrick Debrosse Saturday was a very big day.  I got up in fairly good time and mowed most of the yard while Ina Sue got everything ready to go.  Our youth group was hosting the youth from Hephzibah, Burkeland & Monticello for the day.  Everyone met at the church around 11:00 for a lunch of grilled hamburgers.  After lunch we all relocated to the Bamberg County recreation department for an afternoon of softball.  We divided into 4 teams then after a six inning game the winners played each other and the losers played each other for another six innings.  I'm not much good at softball, (I can't throw worth a toot) but I really enjoyed pitching.  I thought the day was going to be horrendously hot but there was a bit of cloud cover & a nice breeze so it wasn't too bad.  Everyone seemed to have a good time
I pitched most of the afternoon. We had a lot of hamburgers & chips left over from dinner so the Barnwell youth met back at the church at 7:00 to eat the leftovers and play volleyball.  A thunderstorm blew up though and ended the volleyball plans.  We are so thankful for the rain though.  We needed it badly.  After cleaning up the church we got home around 9:00 and had a nice restful evening.  We both worked on our memory work for Sunday School and I read to us from James Herriot again.

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