July 17, 2004

Breakfast with Steve Headings & others Ina Sue & I both got to substitute teach Sunday morning.  She taught the ladies class & I taught intermediate.  I didn't realize that there wasn't a buzzer in the intermediate classroom and when I finally realized what time it was the church service was already continuing.  Bro. Gary brought the sermon on "6 Miracles of a Christian"   Home for a lunch of leftovers and a Sunday afternoon nap.  For supper we were invited to Myron Brubakers along with the Steve Headings family.  Steve & Judy with their family, are just returning from nearly 10 years of service with our mission in Puerto Rico.  They presented an inspiring and challenging service at Barnwell in the evening.

We found out this afternoon that Leon Showalter (a youth from Ina Sue's home church) was killed in a car accident.  Our prayers are with his family & friends.

Richard Schrock starting work on our siding Monday morning we got up and threw together a breakfast of cornbread & sausage gravy for Steve Headings.  Their three girls were here too, along with Wendell & Naomi Heatwole & Julie Heatwole.   While we were enjoying our after breakfast discussion, a truck pulled up outside.  It was Richard Schrock with "Unique Siding".  I had talked to him back in November about some work on the outside of our house.  He is just now getting it worked into his schedule.  I went in to work about 10:00 and met with a new Radioshack employee.  Don Frye from Bamberg is starting work with us today.  Ina Sue did the washing.  In the evening I worked in the garden for a while then helped Ina write thank-you notes.
Canning some peppers Tuesday was another busy day at work for me.  Ina Sue worked on finishing up her "Lord's Prayer" cross stitch.  She met me in at the shop around 5:15 and we left for Hephzibah.  Mother had invited us over there for supper to help Duane celebrate his birthday.  She had a great southern meal of cornbread, greens, beans in ham broth and fresh tomatoes.  For dessert she had a new recipe of squash pie.  It was wonderfully delicious.  We got back home around 11:00.
Singing at Carigg Manor nursing home Wednesday I went in to work.  Ina Sue had her 6 week checkup at the doctor's office.  She got a very good clean bill of health.  She had an embarrassing situation when she went to Piggly Wiggly for groceries.  After filling up her cart and getting through the checkout line, she realized that she did not have any means of payment.  (She had left her purse at the doctor's office)  Thankfully, our friendly midwife was there in line with her and offered to pay for her. 

In the evening, after Miss Priss went to sleep,  we had a special little party for just us.  Sparkling grape juice and Cheeze Wiz with pretzels....  How romantic. :)

Delmar Diem working on a chopper On Thursday, I spent just the first half the day at work then came home and mowed the yard.  Ina Sue processed some tomatoes in the morning with our Kitchen Aid (My preferred method)  She said it was a terrible mess!  I still think she just doesn't have the technique down yet.  The Unique Siding fellows made it back today after two days off.  We went with the youth group to sing at the nursing home tonight.  The old people just loved seeing Carolina Sue.  After singing we went over to Delmar Diems for a snack of homemade ice-cream and some volleyball.
Volleyball at Delmars The vinyl crew woke us up about 7:00 Friday with their hammering.  I'm not complaining though, I'm just happy to have them here finally.  Ina Sue said the baby was wonderful today and gave her time to finish her cross-stitch project.  Our neighbor Shirley Ray came over for a visit in the afternoon and brought a really nice set of baby clothes for Carolina Sue.  For supper Ina Sue fixed zucchini meat loaf, cheese baked potatoes, sliced tomatoes with egg salad and flan for dessert.  We took Carolina Sue for a stroller ride around the community to try to calm her down.  She still seemed determined to be fussy.  I finally got her to sleep around 11:30
Fresh from her bath... We had a wonderful Saturday at home together.  For brunch we had fresh biscuits with egg salad and tomato slices.  I worked in the morning stringing up another line for our raspberries and burying an irrigation line out to them.  Did some weed-eating and general cleanup then drove over to the church with Carolina Sue to check on the air conditioner.  Picked up some silicone caulk from Brookers in Denmark then caulked around our new sink.  For supper we had a fresh avocado direct from Puerto Rico (brought back by Julie & Jennifer Heatwole) with onion and mayonnaise in a sandwich.  Scrumptious!  In the evening I canned about 9 pints of a Puerto Rican sauce of beans, pumpkin & tomatoes for use over rice.  After pressure cooking one batch I released the pressure off of the cooker and one of the lids exploded off of the jar.  Luckily the lid was still on the cooker so it just plastered all over the other jars and the cooker.  I was really thankful that it hadn't exploded all over me!
A section of finished siding  

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