July 16, 2005

Eating her "bread of life". Whoa!  Unfortunately, our day of rest on Sunday was spent recuperating from our recreation on Friday & Saturday.  We were both pretty sore!  (I think most of my soreness came from the tubing)  Gary Hege preached in the morning on "The Power of Touch".  In the evening, Pete Gingerich from Hartwell, Ga. had the devotions and his son Mike Gingerich (a minister at Whispering Pines) brought the message on "The Home".
A boll-weevil trap beside Carl's cotton field. Monday is normally wash day for the lady folks but the washer is still broken so Ina worked on other stuff today.  We started the day by dropping my car off at Byer's Tire.  The replacement engine we put in is starting to overheat pretty badly so I wanted them to check it out.  I was snowed under at work from my days off last week.  Ina Sue cleaned up from the trip then picked and processed veggies from the garden.  In the evening we went to chorus practice then I worked on finances after we got home.
Cutting out a dress.... Carolina Sue was pretty fussy on Tuesday.  She is working on cutting her third tooth...  The washer repairman showed up this afternoon and fixed the motor boot on the washer.  She was still doing the wash when I got home from work.  While she finished that up I made two batches of bread and worked on mowing the yard.
Town of Allendale It rained off and on Wednesday and was very hot.  I spent my day doing service calls in Allendale & Aiken.  Ina Sue cut out a dress for Carolina, cut up tomatoes, cleaned the back porch, and washed some of the windows.  For supper we had spaghetti pie and french beans.  Spent a lazy evening at home together.
Southern Pines Plantation Thursday morning I was hoping to take off and work at the school again but had a couple of calls I had to do first.  I diaged a network problem for the Town of Allendale then did a service call to Southern Pines Plantation.  I got back home by about 10:30.  After taking care of a couple things at the house I headed over to the school for the afternoon.  I continued working on the library shelves with Ralph Dickersons assistance.  Ina Sue & Carolina left for Aiken around 12:00 for a photo session at Sears.  Ina Sue said she acted horrible but thanks to the hard work and patience of the photographer, the pictures turned out great.  After some shopping they met me at the school around 7:30 and we drove home for a supper of Subway subs.
Ralph helped me with the book shelves. Friday was another busy day at work.  It seems like I'm still catching up from our vacation last week.  Ina Sue did the Friday cleaning, mended a dress, sewed and scrapbooked.  She fixed us a really good zucchini lasagna for supper.  After supper I tried to get in some more mowing.  (That seems like an unending job this time of year...)
 Lloyd has some of the kitchen cabinets in. Saturday was pretty full as well.  It was a hot and very muggy day.  We started out the day picking blueberries over at Aunt Miriams.  She had kindly offered to let us have whatever we could pick.  We got about 5 quarts of beautiful and delicious berries.  After we got home I finished up the mowing while Ina picked up sticks, Round-Uped etc.  We also planted a tea olive outside our kitchen window.  In the afternoon I worked at the school again for a while while Ina Sue sewed and kept the baby.  In the evening we were invited over to Wendells for Gwen Amstutz's birthday party.  Had a delicious supper of BarBQ, tomatoes, chips, graham cracker fluff and other delicacies.   After supper we enjoyed some games with the other guests.  (Duane Banges, Mark Hochstetlers, James Groffs).  We came back home around 10:00 and I worked for a while making up about 8 pints of mixed vegetable pickle.
Sears photos of my beautiful ladies....


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