July 10, 2004

Nevin sticking shish-kabobs We drove separately to church Sunday morning so that we could leave our car there for a friend to borrow on Monday.  Uncle Howard brought the message on "Our World View, Secular or Biblical".   After church we went into the shop for a couple of minutes to print out some Baby Announcements.  After we got home I made some ham biscuit rollups with cheese sauce.  We napped a while in the afternoon then Nevins came over for the evening.  (This is the 1'st Sunday so we didn't have church)  We grilled shish kabobs and K.K. brought cheesy french bread, fresh fruit, and chocolate bars.  We played some games with Randy and compared Christopher & Carolina Sue.  They left before too late and we were able to get to bed in fairly good time.
Playing Connect-4 with Randy Just another normal day on Monday.  Ina Sue did the washing between caring for the baby.  I worked at the shop all day then came home to a delicious supper of ham loaf, new potatos, green beans & fresh peaches.  After supper Patti and Suzanne Stanbrook stopped by for a visit and to see the baby.  We spent some time in the evening working on the announcements and thank-you notes.
K. K. with Christopher I headed off to work on Tuesday and left Ina Sue with a very fussy baby!  She said that she had to pace the floor most of the day trying to keep her calmed down.  She did get some announcements done in the short breaks between crying.  I went to the jail in the evening.  Had three fellows out tonight and a very good discussion.  Ina Sue worked on her "Lord's Prayer" cross-stitch.
Crepe myrtles in our front yard I was up for quite a while Wednesday morning with our little troll. :)  After she finally went to sleep she looks so sweet!  I spent the day at work.  Ina Sue took some time out and got the oil changed in our Honda at Byer's Tire.  She tried a new bacon & chives waffle recipe for supper.  Tasty!  The power company's tree trimmers have started working on our road.  The tree's look pretty nasty where they have butchered them back away from the lines.  I hope they don't tear up our dogwoods too badly!
The dreaded tree trimmers.... Thursday was another wonderful day together with Mrs. Strite and the youngster.  I took the entire day off.  We started it off right by sleeping in pretty late then I mowed the yard & tied up our raspberry & blackberry plants.  The power company tree trimmers got to our house a little before dinner.  I was thrilled to see how little they trimmed off of our trees.  I thanked them for treating our trees so gently....  Ina Sue was invited to a brunch at Dorcas' house along with Ms. Nettie Schrock & Ms. Mary Schrock.  They all seemed to have a big time.  In the evening we went out to Ryans to eat with Gordon Amstutzs.  It was nice to get out for an evening.
Goin' shoppin'.... What have we started??? On Friday I was at the shop all day while Ina Sue cleaned in between the baby's wails. :(  For supper we made spaghetti out of one of our spaghetti squash.  Not bad!  After supper we took a walk with Carolina Sue in the stroller to calm her down.  We ended up at Wendell Heatwole's for a while.  Jennifer & Julie Heatwole just got back from a month stay in Puerto Rico and Ina Sue wanted to see their material etc. that they brought back.  They evidently thought of Carolina Sue while they were there because they brought her back a miniature set of Puerto Rico rattles for a gift.  After we got home Ina Sue wrote an email to my sister Laura who is currently serving with a Bible School team in Romania
She doesn't seem addicted at least. Saturday morning I went in to the church to meet with Lloyd Oberholtzer about a leaking air conditioning unit in the attic.  Unfortunately we didn't get the problem fixed.  It looked like the pan under the unit has rusted out....  From there I went up to Sanders' Supply in Bamberg and looked at the sink units they had.  Unfortunately none of their stock looked like it would work with our cabinets so I came home and got the rest of the family for a quick trip to Orangeburg.  We went to Lowes and found a stainless steel sink and a faucet we both liked.  From there we went to Walmart where Ina Sue needed a few sewing supplies and I had heard that they had some "pink" beans that I had been wanting for a recipe. 
Installing our new kitchen sink. We split up with instructions to meet back in front of the cash registers.  Well.... after I bought my few items, Carolina Sue and I did laps around the front of the store for what seemed hours.  Finally we saw Ina Sue and here she had been looking for us on the other side of the registers....  Another reason why shopping gives me a headache!  After we got home I very carefully pried the old cast iron sink off of the tile countertop then worked for several hours trying to get the new one installed properly.  We both think it looks and works great.  (The old one was rusting out around the bottom and leaking into the cabinet)  In the evening I made a big pot of "Rice and Pink Beans" (A Puerto Rican recipe) with chunks of pumpkin.  It was about 9:00 before we finally got to eat.  I also put up a dish pan full of tomatoes. 

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