July 9, 2005

Carolyn Kurtz & Robin Brubaker I got up at 6:00 Sunday to study for Sunday School.  The lesson was on the Beatitudes.  A good lesson but I didn't get much discussion going....  For the message Bro. Wendell preached on how we are to use our riches.  He made the point that historically & globally each and every one of us would certainly be classed as rich.  How do we use this material wealth that God has given us?  Home for a dinner of leftovers then to bed for a nap.  We were happy to have Carolyn Kurtz & Robin Brubaker stop in for a visit in the afternoon.  I fixed us Orange Juliuses and pretzals for a snack.  In the evening we went over to Don Heatwoles for a delicious supper of roast pork, mashed potatoes, beans, homemade bread, coleslaw, bars and a delicious fruit bowl of cantaloupe and blueberries.  Gordon Amstutzs, Dale Dickersons, Denise Dickerson and her boyfriend Ken Hartzog were there as well.  A nice time visiting after supper.
Waiting on the fireworks with Gordons Monday was July the 4'th.  We have began closing the store on this holiday just because we have found that we normally have no traffic when we are open.  I spent the morning working on the cubbyholes at school.  Uncle Howard, Myron, and Randy Ocker helped me finish sanding them and got them mounted in place.  In the afternoon, I mowed the yard, planted some more impatiens and cleaned up outside.  Ina Sue fixed food for our picnic and worked on washing some clothes.  Unfortunately our washing machine started leaking all of its water out of the bottom midway through.  I spent an hour or so cleaning all that up.  We finally got left for Orangeburg around 7:00.  We rode along with Gordons to have a picnic and watch the fireworks display.  A good time!
while Carolina stuffed herself with crackers I hauled myself off to work Tuesday morning.  Ina Sue began by making bread but was disgusted when something went wrong and instead of french bread it turned into flatbread....  She saved it for private consumption and made up another batch for public use.  Then she took the minivan to Byer's Tire for an oil change and to Bilo for groceries.  She picked corn from our garden for our supper and some for Duane Banges.  They didn't need it so she gave it to our neighbors, Mike Eppersons.  After supper I went in to the jail for Bible Study.  Had two fellows out and a good discussion.
The Show..... I got up Wednesday morning and made us a breakfast of hash brown and sausage gravy.  I had a very full day of work trying to get everything pulled together so that I could take off the next two days.  Ina Sue had a full day with a Dr. appointment, packing to do, and food to fix.  In the evening we went to prayer meeting.  Leon Dueck led our discussion on "How to Relate to the Elderly".   We came home and finished packing up our stuff then I drove back into the shop to pick up a few things I needed.
The Showalter condo at evening.... We got up at 5:00 Thursday morning and had everything ready to go by around 6:30.  Ina Sue's family is all getting together at Smith Mountain Lake for the next 2 1/2 days.  (Smith Mountain Lake is about a half hour southeast of Roanoke, VA)  We got to our cabin/condo around 12:30.  Roberts were already there and the rest of the crowd drug in over the next hour.  We spent the rest of the afternoon playing pool, visiting and playing games.  We were responsible for supper so Ina Sue fixed cold taco salad and french bread.  I grilled some corn from our garden on the grill and for dessert we had soda cheese & crackers and peach delight.  It rained pretty much all afternoon so we were pretty worried about our plans for spending time on the lake... The forecast calls for 70% chance of rain....
Keith with Andrew & Benjamin Friday morning we woke up to an absolutely gorgeous day.  The sky was blue and the clouds puffy white.  Jeanne & Keith were responsible for breakfast.  They fixed us breakfast pizza with a side of fresh fruit and raspberry coffee cake.  Then us guys headed up to Beachwater to pick up our rented watercraft.  We rented a jet ski, a ski boat & a pontoon boat.  It really worked out nice because everyone could be out on the water together.  We had a great time!  Ina Sue even got a chance for a little water skiing.    Around 5:00 Ina Sue and I drove the pontoon boat back to the marina to return it.  (We kept the jet ski & ski boat for tomorrow)  For supper Mother made us chicken cordon bleu, new potatoes, rolls, green beans, cabbage salad, cucumber salad, and homemade ice-cream.  Talk about faring sumptuously!!! In the evening some of us watched Anne of Green Gables until fairly late.
Ina & Carolina Sue tubing. Saturday morning we got up to a delicious breakfast of breakfast burritos, fruit, and raspberry sweet rolls. (Compliments of Lori & Robert)  After family devotions, Keith and Jeanne took the jet ski out with their boys for a while while we started packing up.  Most of us then took the ski boat out and spent some time tubing and blasting around the lake. 
About as close as I came to skiing.... :( We needed to clock out of our condo by 11:00 so Mother & Lori met us at the marina and climbed aboard for a final trip up the river.  They convinced me to tube behind the boat for a while.  It was quite fun but I'm afraid it pretty much wore me out.  I look forward to some sore muscles.  We left for SC around 2:30.  We had a little trouble with our transmission sticking in 3'rd gear but other than that had a smooth journey back.  In bed in Govan by 10:00
My two ski babes...


Grandparents & grandchildren on the pontoon boat.

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