July 3, 2004

Weeding the garden Sunday.  I started off the week at Mark Slabach's in South Boston, VA.  I got left for home about 7:00 in the morning and pulled in at our home right at 12:00.  Ina Sue had trouble this morning with the baby. (Up every two hours) She was able to get some pork chops marinading and attended church with Carolina Sue.  Gary Hege preached on "Moral Purity"  We were both so tired that we didn't feel in the mood to grill our pork chops so we went to bed for the afternoon.  The service in the evening was a panel discussion on "Why Jesus was so hard on the Pharisees".  Hendrick Debrosse, Daryl Brubaker, Duane Bange & Gordon Amstutz made up the panel with Patrick Heatwole moderating.  Very interesting!
Our pitiful crop of potatos We got up in good time Monday morning & Ina Sue made us a breakfast of cheesy eggs.  She had a busy day with washing, ironing, mending & caring for Carolina.  Benita Hege brought us a delightfully pretty & delicious supper.  This was the last of our church supplied "new baby" meals.  After supper we worked outside in the garden for a while.  I finally had a chance to partially catch up on my weeding.  We also tied up the tomatos again & dug our pitiful crop of red potatoes.
First day at work... Tuesday was Carolina Sue's first day working at Computer Solutions.  Actually she slept most of the time while Ina Sue helped me catch up the accounting.  She did very well.  We finally got around to grilling our pork chops (marinating since Sunday).  We also grilled sweet corn, peppers & onions.  Delicious!
Her nightime home... Wednesday was another busy day for me at work.  We've been getting rain showers seemingly every day for the last while.  Ina Sue & the baby came into work about 4:30 to help finish up the accounting.  We went over to Mi Rancho's for supper and Ina Sue made the mistake of ordering the fajita burrito.  Evidently the onions & peppers did not agree with Carolina Sue because she was pretty fussy that night.  We worked at the shop until about 11:00 then came home and hit the sack.
Carolina Sue, fresh from her bath...


Carolina Sue was still fussy Thursday morning and made her mother very tired.  I came home around 12:00 and helped take care of the baby to give Ina Sue a break.  Ina fixed two different kinds of bars and pizza dip and 4 gallons of tea to take to the church mowing in the evening.  I was able to get part of our yard mowed before we left to go to the church.  The youth did a great job mowing the yard then we all went over to Trinity Baptist church to play softball and eat our snack.  Ina Sue & Carolina came home around 9:00 but I stayed until 10:00.  We are both pretty tired
Dahlias in our garden Friday was Carolina Sue's 1'st month birthday.  It is hard to believe that it has already been a whole month.  What a happy month it has been though.  I spent the entire day at work then ended up working an hour or so late to finish up a couple jobs I was working on.  After I got home I mowed the rest of the yard.  It was getting pretty dark by the time I finished up.  Ina Sue boiled us a batch of peanuts and canned 14 pints of spaghetti sauce and 4 qts of tomatoe juice.
Making Salsa I got up and left around 7:00 Saturday morning to help Nevin on his house in Georgia.  Ina Sue & Carolina Sue slept in until about 9:00.  They were both very tired.  When Ina Sue got up she worked on cutting up another batch of tomatoes for us to make into salsa.  Nevin & I worked on putting 1/2' sheeting up in his garage.  K.K. fixed us a delicious meatball sub dinner then I headed back home.  I got back to Govan about 2:00 and worked with Bill Byler on cutting up a big pecan branch that had fallen on our dividing line.   I also helped Ina Sue defrost & clean out our small freezer then weeded and planted some more verbena beside our front walk.  We picked a whole bucket of peppers just as a thunderstorm blew up.  Got started making salsa around 5:30.  We ended up with about 17 pints of salsa canned and ready to store away.  I also canned 2 pints of pickled banana peppers.  I went over to Carl Heatwoles about 9:30 and worked on cleaning a virus off of their computer. 
Carolina Sue got bored with the whole job..



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