June 26, 2004

Ina Sue, smelling the lillies It was fun to show Carolina Sue off to all the home folks at Mt. Pleasant on Sunday morning.  For dinner we went to Aunt Mary's along with Papas, Uncle Galens & Fred Knicelys.  From there, Papa & Mother drove with us up to the top of Reddish Knob for a look around.  It was a wonderfully clear day!  I left for home around 5:00 with Patrick Heatwoles.  Ina Sue stayed up for a couple days.  She went to the Pike church for the evening service by the Nathan Good family.  I got home around 12:00 and hit the sack.
Home from church at Mt. Pleasant On Monday & Tuesday I spent pretty much all my time at the shop.  It is pretty busy there and since I needed to take off on Wednesday I tried to get everything done that needed to be done.  It was good to be busy though so that I didn't miss the rest of my family as much.  I left Tuesday afternoon around 4:00 to return to Virginia.  I met Kent and his family in Columbia and rode along with them.  We got there 12:00 at night.
All the Showalter grandchildren Ina Sue and Carolina stayed busy in Virginia these days as well.  They had a constant stream of friends and family coming to see our new addition.  In between visitors Ina Sue did some sewing, helped cut up apples for apple sauce, did shopping, and took care of the baby.
Showalters watching Keith's funniest home videos I had a PRMC (Puerto Rico Mennonite Council) meeting on Wednesday.  My brother, Kent Strite, Samuel Goering, Larry Showalter, Conrad Gingerich, Mark Slabach, and Fred Miller make up the board.  Jerrel Good as bishop in Puerto Rico, and Carl Hartman as mission superintendent were also there.  The meeting went fairly well overall and I had time to meet with Carl and Larry for an hour or so after the meeting.  Ina Sue had all our stuff pretty much ready to go so we left around 5:00 to head back home.  Didn't get back to our house until about 2:00. :(
Hendrick & Carolina Sue Ina Sue had a huge pile of wash to take care of on Thursday.  I had a huge pile of work at the shop as well....  I got home and quickly tried to mow up the front yard.  It has been about two weeks and the grass is terrible tall and thick.  Douglas Heatwoles brought us supper tonight and stayed for the meal and visited afterward.
Pascal Descorbeth doing our dishes... Friday I went off to work.  Ina Sue's friend Pascal Descorbeth from New York city was here for the day with Ina Sue along with her friend and her baby.  Paschal very kindly helped Ina Sue with a lot of the work that needed done around the house.  She even ironed the clothes.  I came home a little bit early and took a load of junk to the dump then mowed the rest of our yard.  It was a big job!  The grass was so thick!  After a supper of homemade pizza I processed two cookers full of tomatoes into juice and pulp.  We didn't have the energy to can them though.  We tried to get to bed about 10:30 but the baby was fussy and I couldn't sleep.  Since I was planning to leave for WV the next morning at 2:30 I finally decided I might just as well leave and sleep as need be along the road.  So I headed out.
The PRMC Board. The driving went fairly well Saturday morning.  God helped to keep me alert and awake.  I did pull off to nap once or twice but overall had a very nice trip.  I met Mark Slabach at South Boston at 8:00 then we drove on together for our meeting in WV.  We came back to South Boston in the evening and Mark kindly offered to let me stay with them for the night.  I called Ina Sue and she said everything was going well on the home front.  It seems like we have been apart way too much this last week....
Our sleeping angel  

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