June 19, 2004

Kent & Regan with Carolina Sue Uncle Howard preached Sunday morning.  Carolina Sue was fussy so Ina Sue had to be out with her for most of the service.  After church we went to Merle & Thelma Diems for lunch along with Daryl Brubakers & Howard Brubakers.  We got a short nap in the afternoon before Kents came over to see the baby and spend the evening.  They brought supper.  Kent and I played some chess while the women played Boggle.
Ivan & Ryan Skrivseth scraping glue Monday was a busy day for both of us.  Carolina Sue was fussy again and her mother had a time taking care of her while trying to get the washing done and food fixed for the evening.  We met the other church trustees at the church in the evening and the men worked on tearing up the carpet in the vestibule while the women fixed supper.  We got the carpet torn up and the glue scraped off in pretty good time then enjoyed the meal together.
The woman took it easy. :) Tuesday was a fairly normal day.  Cheryl Bange kindly brought us supper of turkey ham, potatoes, corn and a blueberry dessert.  After supper Ina Sue took the baby along to a tupperware party hosted by Laura  Heatwole.  She claims that Carolina Sue actually smiled at her today????
Milton Hobbs family (My sister Karen) We didn't get a whole lot of sleep Wednesday morning.  Our angel was not quite as angelic. :(  Ina Sue wasn't feeling very good today but did go along with us to prayer meeting in the evening.  Wendell Heatwole led the discussion on "The Divinity of Christ"
Lori holding Benjamin & Marsha with Emily Ina Sue went with Dorcas on a shopping expedition (along with their girls) Thursday morning.  Then Carolina Sue had an appointment with her midwife.  She has attained a fine weight of 7lbs. 10oz.  In the evening we all went over to Wendell Heatwoles for supper.  Naomi fixed us a wonderful supper (mostly out of the garden)  I thought her dessert of cake & fresh blueberries was especially good.  We had to leave quick though and get home in time for Milton & Karen's visit (along with their children)  We had a nice evening together visiting and eating the blackberry cobble they brought along.
Grandpapa with Carolina Sue I got up early Friday morning and tried to get everything picked out of the garden.  The cucumbers and tomatos are both doing very well.  The peppers are coming right along too.  Then I went in to work for an hour or two to get everything caught up before we left.  Came home then and canned about 8 quarts of Amish dill pickles.  We finally got left around 1:00 for Virginia.  Carolina Sue traveled great.  She woke up to be fed twice but other than that slept through the trip.  We arrived at Ina Sue's home about 9:00.  Keith's & Roberts were both there as well.  It was nice to see Robert's little girl Emily in person.  Actually, next to Carolina Sue, she didn't look so little after all.
Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Rohrer Saturday we slept in a while but got up in time to get everybody ready for Jordan Rohrer & Melody Sommer's wedding.  It was a pretty big affair.  Probably between 400-450 people.  Everything was very pretty.  We are so happy for them both.  After the wedding we took my sister Laura back to Uncle Jims. (She was having car problems) then we stopped at the Bank church for Ina Sue to feed Carolina.  While she took care of that I walked through the Bank cemetery and found my grandfather & greatgrandfather's graves.  We also stopped in to see Bishop Lloyd Wengers for a little.  In the evening all of Ina Sue's family was together at home for grilled hamburgers.  It was nice to have the whole family there together for once.
A pretty and interesting display at the entrance to the reception...  

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