June 18, 2005

Carolina & Meredith playing at chorus I got up early Sunday to study to teach the youth class.  Our class was on "Establishing Biblical Traditions".  There was a lot to discuss and we didn't near get everything in.  Uncle Howard preached the sermon on "A Caring Spirit vs. A Critical Spirit"  We had Delmar Diems over for lunch.  Pork roast, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, creamed carrots, and dessert of brownies & thickened cherries.  A nice time visiting together then a quick nap in the pm.  The church service this evening consisted of numerous stories with a historical perspective.  I thought it was very interesting.
A unique Govan tractor I noticed.... Up at 6:00 Monday morning.  I fixed waffles while Ina Sue started the wash.  After the wash, she worked on her dress.  I spent the day on service calls then in the evening we went to our first chorus practice.  (We sat out the last 2 years)  Brenda & Emily Diem came along and helped babysit Carolina Sue along with Meredith Groff, Carter Heatwole, and Gavin Dueck.  We enjoyed singing again with the chorus.  Afterward I brought the ladies home then went in to the shop for a while.  We are having some problems with our mail server....  Ina Sue spent the evening cutting our another dress (this one for our family pictures in June).  I got home around 12:30, felt beat!
Ina Sue mothering Carolina & Meredith Ina Sue needed the car on Tuesday so I road with Jimmy to work then rented Hendrick's car for my service calls.  Ina Sue went over to help Aunt Glenys freeze her corn.  Aunt Glenys had a rather nasty fall on her rocking chair and is hardly able to be up and about.  Ina Sue had committed to keep Meredith for Brenda so they had quite a time over there.  Christie Dickerson & Glenda Hege were also there to help so they all got along fine.  For supper we had corn on the cob & cucumber salad.  After supper I went in to the jail for bible study then went on in to the shop to work some more on our mail server.  It turned out that our mail server had been overloaded by a computer with a spam trojan.  After I got all the mail flowing again like normal I still had to go through a message store of 273,000 messages and sort out what was spam and what actually needed to be delivered.  I didn't make it home until 6:30 the next morning....
Family of Canadian geese at the mule barn Talk about beat!  I got in about an hour of sleep before heading back to the shop for work Wednesday morning.  Ina Sue sent me off with a great breakfast of egg & ham McMuffins.  I spent most of the day in Hampton.  Carolina Sue was rather fussy and feverish today.  Cutting teeth maybe???  By the time I got back from work I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open.  We opted out of prayer meeting and I went to bed early.
Ina Sue adding her finishing touch.... I took the day off of work on Thursday.  Ina Sue was feeling rather behind schedule with her sewing and other activities so I offered to take care of the baby all day long.  We went over to the school first and got a little bit of work in before she started to get fussy.  Then I took her on two computer service calls with me.  (The customers all seemed to love her).  From there I stopped at a convenience store and bought her dinner of apple jacks & beenie weenies.  She loved 'em.  We spent the afternoon at the school working on the lockers.  For most of the time she played happily in her playpen and watched Lloyds put down tile in the kitchen.  Went back home around 4:30 and Ina Sue already had both her dresses ready for me to mark the hem.  Did that, then ate a quick supper and headed back to the school for some more work.  We worked on putting the facing strips on the lockers and getting them sanded down.
The constant battle against weeds. Ina Sue jumped out of bed before me Friday morning and proceeded to iron up her new dresses.  She woke me up 15 minutes later to lament that she had already scorched the sleeve on her (picture taking) dress.  When I left for work she already had the dress torn up and was making a replacement sleeve.  I spent the day at the shop and came home to a supper of grilled sausages & sauerkraut.  Bill called in the morning and asked us to drop his truck off in Denmark for him.  He was taking Amtrac down from Catlett and needed a vehicle in Denmark so that he could get back here to Govan (the train doesn't stop in our little town)  When we tried to start his truck the battery was dead.  We jumped it off then drove it up and parked it.  From there we treated each of ourselves to one of Hardee's new hand dipped milk shakes.  They were exhorbitantly expensive but oh so good.... 
The grass has been growing like weeds... Bill got into town about 3:00 Saturday morning.  Thankfully his truck started OK and he was able to get to Govan and load up some of their leftover stuff and immediately headed north.  I talked to him around 8:00 and he was already about to North Carolina.  We were sorry we didn't get a chance to see him.  We started off our day with Ina Sue giving me a hair cut.  Then we worked on weeding our very needy garden.  We let Carolina play in the grass but soon we heard somebody shuffling up the corn row behind us.  She was already so dirty we just let her play in the dirt & mud.  When she got tired we stripped her down and hosed her off then put her to bed.  She loved every minute of it.  After the garden was cleaned up, I worked on mowing the yard (again) while Ina Sue pruned shrubs and picked up sticks.
The SAMC website committee at work... Oh, I also burned down our big brush pile out in the field.  It was the perfect day with very little wind.  I also made us a dinner of sausage gravy over corn bread muffins.  We all (including Carolina) enjoyed that after our hard work.  In the afternoon we had an appointment at 3:00 to meet with Ricky Wrights, Kevin Eshlemans, and Uncle Howards to talk about the website for South Atlantic Conference.  Ricky & Kevin are on the SAMC mission committee and have been appointed to a website subcommittee with Uncle Howard to see what can be done to share our beliefs with others in that way.  We had a profitable talk together then all sat down around Aunt Miriam's table for a delicious supper.  We got home around 8:00 and Ina Sue put the finishing touches on her dresses.  She is thrilled to have them all finished & done.

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