June 12, 2004

Back from Carolina Sue's 1st church service Sunday was time for Carolina Sue's maiden voyage to church.  Papa & I went in to the jail for the service there during Sunday School.  Mother Showalter, Ina Sue & Carolina Sue met us at church then for the preaching service.  We had a lot of fun showing her off.  We grilled catfish for Sunday dinner with Papa & Mother.  Papa & I drove over to Don Heatwoles to observe their new dairy barn in operation.  We came back then and went on a walk over to our neighbor Mrs. Margaret.  She has a veritable field of daylillies behind her house.  Mother enjoyed talking "lillies" with her.  Then home for a late supper and Myron Brubakers came over in their model A for a visit in the evening.
Don Heatwole milking with daughter Carolyn Monday.  Carolina Sue slept like an angel last night.  She woke up for her feedings and slept the rest of the time.  I had to go into work.  It was nice that Papa & Mother were here for Ina Sue's support team.  Her washing machine overflowed all over the laundry room and entryway.  It was quite a mess.  While cleaning it up she found out that mice had eaten holes in some or our good towels that were stored away.  Needless to say, that didn't help the situation.  Luckily, Papa and Mother were here to help.  They ended up leaving around 3:00 to head back to VA.  Brenda Groff brought us a delicious supper of pork chops, potatoes,  broccoli, fruit salad & zucchini cake.  We spent the evening at home.
Carolina Sue at rest... We slept in too long Tuesday morning.  I had forgotten that I was supposed to work on my 7-day pickles this morning.  I had a little time to start slicing them up but Ina Sue had to finish the job.  Carolina Sue did well enough today to give Ina Sue time to do some of the washing.  For supper we had fresh sweet corn & tomato sandwiches.
Carl & Grace Heatwole Wednesday was another busy day for me at work.  Ina Sue says that she doesn't get anything done but take care of the baby.  I tell her that that is her primary job and that anything else she gets done is a bonus.  (She did get two new dress patterns cut out today)  Lynette Bange brought us another delicious supper of chickenetti, broccoli, jello salad, fruit salad & a scrumptious chocolate mint rollup dessert.  These meals are not good for my diet!  After supper I worked a while in the garden, cleaning up and staking some of the bigger pepper plants.
Ina Sue & Carolina Sue, Janice & Jenna We had just another normal day on Thursday.  Ina Sue cut out two dresses.  Carolina Sue was a little bit fussy today.  I was hoping to work outside for a while after supper but it rained instead.  Carl & Grace Heatwole came over to visit for a while after supper.  Grace gave Carolina Sue a beautiful little dress.
Duane & I with our daughters Friday was another day at work for me.  Ina Sue got the cleaning out of the way.  In the afternoon, Katie & Marilyn Kauffman came over for a visit.  Marilyn is back from Bonner's Ferry, ID for a little while before moving back out to Colorado.  Bethany Heatwole brought us our supper tonight, a really good baked chicken & rice dish along with cauliflower, french bread, salad, cookies & sherbet.  Duane & Janice came over to visit after supper with their daughter Jenna.  Had a really nice time with them again.  It seems like I don't see very much out of Duane since he no longer works with me.  When we compare Jenna with Carolina Sue it really shows off how much she has grown.
Ina Sue says I neglect her. :) We got a very slow start Saturday.  We were still kinda lazying around when the doorbell rang about 9:30.  Were we ever surprised to find Wilson & Betty Rohrer on our doorstep!  They were on their way to Burkeland to spend time with Burton & Deborah Heatwole and were kind enough to stop in and see us.  We had a short but sweet time visiting with them then they headed on across the river.  I nearly perished of heat exhaustion while mowing our yard.  It was terribly hot and humid.  I think it was one of the most draining days of the year so far.  In the afternoon we all went into Barnwell to do some shopping.  I bought some ingredients for mixed pickle.  After we got home I canned the 7-day sweet pickles I have been working on, then dove into making up a big batch of mixed vegtable pickle.  It was pretty late before I got done.  I am ready for a day of rest!
Sweet pickles & mixed vegtable pickle  

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