June 11, 2005

Laura spent Sunday afternoon with us. We both taught Sunday School Sunday morning. (Ina taught the ladies class & I taught the youth)  Bro. Gary preached the message on "The Christian & his Associates".  My sister Laura drove MaryAnn Yoder & Viola Myers over to Uncle Enoses for dinner then she came over to our place for her dinner with us.  I made the dinner of homemade bread, spinach meatloaf & carrot casserole.  Ina Sue made hearty stuffed potatoes.  After lunch we sat around talking and sipping pina coladas until she left around 3:30.  Since this was the 1'st sunday, we didn't have church in the evening.  Instead we enjoyed a delicious supper at Aden Diems.  We had a really nice time visiting after supper with Adens & Daryl Banges.
I spent quite a bit of time working here... Monday was beautiful and sunny after about two weeks of nearly daily rain.  It was humid though.  Ina Sue did the regular washday work.  Maria came over to play with Carolina Sue for one last time...   Neeley Appliance was scheduled to deliver our refrigerator this afternoon.  I had a big day planned at Cummings Oil in Hampton so Ina Sue said she could give them direction.  They called her at 3:00 and asked for directions to the house from Denmark.  She told them, then proceeded to empty the old fridge & freezer out onto our kitchen cabinets & floor in order to be ready for them.  They didn't come & didn't come (it should have been a 5 minute drive) 
Maria & Carolina: Always good friends... Finally at 4:30 she called Neeley's and they said they should have been there by now,  they left at 3:00.  When Ina Sue called me at 5:00 she was getting a bit agravated.  She was trying to get everything ready for us to attend our summer Bible School at 7:15 but was afraid to get her shower for fear they would show up.  I called Neeley's and tried to get some idea whether she should start packing our food back into the old fridge (it was starting to melt).  They didn't give me any direction.  They finally showed up around 6:15.  In the process of bringing the freezer into the house they mutilated the jamb on by back door.  I wasn't happy!  Then they had forgotten to reverse the fridge handles so that took more time.  Finally, they got left around 6:45.  We didn't feel we could hardly get everything organized back in the new fridge and still make it to Bible School so we stayed home.  I went ahead and mowed the yard while Ina Sue got everything organized in the kitchen
Fairwell to our dear neighbors. I spent the most of the day Tuesday at Cummings Oil's Walterboro location.  Ina Sue finished mowing the yard then started cutting our a new dress.  In the morning we drove up to Byers Tire and dropped off my Camry for some major engine work.  I came home after work for supper then dropped Ina Sue & Carolina off at Bible School while I went on into Barnwell to have the Bible Study at the jail.  From there I went back into the shop and worked for a while.  On my way home Ina Sue called me and told me that she had had a bit of an accident in the kitchen, slipping and gashing her eye on the counter.  She thought maybe she would need stitches...  By the time I got home, Bill Byler (our next door nurse) had already taken a look at it and pronounced it fairly minor.  It did look kinda nasty though.
Lloyd, Emma, Emily & Brenda installing tile in the school kitchen I had a normal day at work on Wednesday.  Ina Sue worked on sewing her new dress.  Maria came over for a while to play with Carolina.  This is Bills' last day as our neighbors.  We are so sad to see them go.  Govan won't quite seem the same.  Ina Sue went over and helped Dorcas pack up the food from their freezer into ice chests.  For supper she fixed us a delicious baked tuna roll and carrots.  We all went to Bible School this evening.   We are studying "Lesson's from the Life of Joseph" with Danny Hege as our teacher. 
Nevin helped another day building lockers. We roused ourselves out of bed at 5:30 to see our our Bill, Dorcas & Maria off on their move to Catlett, VA.  They pulled out soon after 6:15.  We're feeling kinda blue....  Ina Sue spent the day sewing then made us supper of zucchini pizza, and creamy carrots & onions.  Carolina Sue had a fever today and wouldn't half eat.  Ina Sue stayed home with her while I went to Bible School.
Bible School singing with Chad Brubaker. I went in to work early on Friday morning so that I could get a couple of items done quick before I met Nevin over at the school for another day of work.  We spent the day assembling more of the locker/cubbyholes for the classrooms.  K.K. came along with Nevin and spent the day shopping in Aiken with Ina Sue.  Nevins stayed around for pina-colodas and a little visiting then headed home.  We got everything around and went to the last evening of Bible School and the big candy-bar give-away.  Afterward we drove in to Reid's for a chicken special but they were all sold out.  After we got home I made up a Puerto Rican marinade and injected it into a Boston Butt.
Ms. Lynette Bange & her class Saturday was a full day around the house.  I spent most of the morning getting the water line run to our icemaker.  After 3 1/2 years we are finally done with freezing ice in trays!  I made a batch of french bread for our dinner tomorrow then drove in to Barnwell with Carolina for a few groceries.  I kept trying to mow throughout the day but we kept having little rain showers interspersed with sunny spots. I finally got the side & front yards mowed.  In the evening Ina Sue cleaned & sewed while I cut up the roast for dinner tomorrow.
And afterwards.... CANDYBARS!  

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