June 5, 2004

Shelves I built for the canned goods

Bro. Wendell preached the sermon Sunday morning on "Leadership".  We rested after lunch until time to leave for Hephzibah.  The Sonshine chorus from Georgia gave a chorus program in the evening.  They gave a wonderful program.  This was their last program on their tour schedule this year so they had it pretty much perfected.  Nathan Goering is the director.  After church we went over to Milton & Karen's for a snack.  Nathans were there as well.  We had a nice time talking then headed home.  Got home around 12:00
Ina Sue & Maria watering the vinca Monday was Memorial day and our shop was closed.  We got up and about in good time.  I mowed part of the yard, built Ina Sue some canning shelves in our spare bedroom, planted some ferns and butterfly bushes, and started up a 2-gallon batch of sweet pickles.  Ina Sue made food, ironed clothes & transplanted a bunch of little vinca plants around our side yard.  It looked like rain awhile in the afternoon but nothing materialized. :(
Mother and daughter... Tuesday I went off to work again.  It was a busy day because of being closed Monday.  Ina Sue had a baby doctor appointment in the morning then came into the shop for a while in the afternoon to catch up the accounting.  For supper we ate fresh sweet corn and tomato sandwiches from the garden.  Ina Sue's contractions seem to be starting this evening.  We are timing them between 5 and 8 minutes apart.
Father and daughter... Wednesday.  The big day has arrived.  Labor was still just creeping along at 1:00am.  Ina Sue told me to go ahead and sleep for a while.  She woke me up around 4:00 and said she thought it was time to head for the hospital.  Before long she was SURE it was time.  After calling our midwife we made a very hurried trip in to the Bamberg hospital.  They got us checked in around 4:35.  Leigh, our midwife arrived about 10 minutes later and by 5:05 little Carolina Sue was squirming in Ina Sue's arms.  We are so very thankful for how well the labor went and that both mother and baby are safe and doing well.  It is a new and wonderful experience to hold our very own baby.  To us, she is the absolutely sweetest and cutest thing on the earth!  The midwife told us we could be released in the afternoon but because of some hospital mixups we were not able to leave until about 9:00.  It felt so good to get our little family of three all alone by ourselves.
Vanaye (one of our midwives) with baby  
Grandmother with her 4'th grandchild I took off Thursday to take care of my ladies.  Carolina Sue likes to sleep in the day and wake at night.  I spent a fair amount of time up with her.  Obviously, the feeding belonged to Ina Sue.  I had to go on a quick call to Allendale in the morning but was able to return quickly.  We spent a wonderful relaxing day together then Dad, Mother & Laura came over in the evening bringing supper.  Suzanne Stanbrook, Roslyn Stover & Uncle Enoses also stopped in for a visit.
Greatgrandmother with her 202'nd great-grandchild Friday I went in to work for just a couple of hours in the morning.  We took Carolina Sue in to the doctor for her first checkup.  She has lost a couple of ounces but the doctor says that is normal.  Everything looks great!  After we got home we took a nap then I picked two buckets of green beans from the garden.  Papa and Mother Showalter got here about 6:30 from VA.  They brought chicken rice casserole for supper and after supper,  we frenched and froze the green beans I had picked.  Finally finished with about 15 pints of beans
Papa Showalter in his dream tractor... Saturday I slept in until 9:00.  Carolina Sue nearly wore me out last night.  We're going to have to get her schedule adjusted.  Mother & Ina Sue went shopping this morning to Orangeburg.  Papa and I drove around and visited the farms around here, then borrowed Carl's great big John Deere 8400 tractor to pull out some red tip stumps in our side yard.  It was overkill!  The stumps didn't stand a chance.  The big tractor was nice though because the dual wheels and 4-wheel drive kept it from tearing up my grass.   I think Papa enjoyed driving it too.  In the afternoon, we mowed the entire yard then grilled hamburgers and had fresh sweet corn for supper.  Uncle Howards, Grandmother Heatwole and James & Brenda Groff stopped by for a visit in the evening

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