June 4, 2005

Michelle Heatwole & Marsha Showalter We all got up and about in good time for church Sunday morning.  Marsha & Michelle went along with us.  Bro. Wendell preached about "Youth and Service" encouraging the youth as well as the older ones to give of our time in serving God & others.   Came home to a supper of grilled ham with pineapple & brown sugar glaze, fresh potatoes with browned butter, corn, beets, biscuits, and cheese cake for dessert.  Marsha & Michelle left around 2:00 and we took a short nap before getting up and building 40 little ham sandwiches for the evening party. 
Lloyd & Emma install tile at the school The service tonight was a short service in honor of Uncle Howard's 70'th birthday and his years of service to the church.  We also honored Bill and Dorcas and bid them farewell.  After the service we had a carry-in meal and fellowship.  We left fairly quickly and hurried home to greet our next company.  We were honored to have Uncle Everett's daughter Judith and cousin Warren Knicely's daughter Audrey stay with us overnight on their way to Burkeland to teach Bible School
Darlene, Starla & Robin staining woodwork Monday morning was Memorial Day and the shop was closed.  Judith & Audrey kindly agreed to go along with me to the school and help work.  We left soon after 8:30 and spent the morning staining & varnishing.  We came home in time for a dinner of chicken salad & biscuits.  I worked outside planting beans & corn in the afternoon.  Our guests left around 3:00.  We made pasta salad, baked beans, & iced tea for the Computer Solutions picnic tonight.  I took our gas grill over to the school and grilled hamburgers.  Jimmy brought their new turkey fryer and fried us up some fries to go along with the rest of the meal.  We had a good time eating and playing volleyball together.  Kinda late by the time we got everything cleaned up and home.  (On the way out of the church parking lot I turned to quickly and my gas grill toppled over the side of my pickup.... What a mess!)
Judith Showalter & Audrey Knicely Tuesday was back to normal again.  I went to work while Ina Sue did wash.  It rained nearly all day.  Ina Sue did some Walmart & grocery shopping in the afternoon then met me in at the store for a little.  I came home and made some phone calls while she finished up her shopping and got supper at Taco Bell.
CS/Radioshack picnic at the school gym It was another rainy day on Wednesday.  Ina Sue spent most of her day spackling and painting in our closet.  I spent the day at work.  In the evening we went to prayer meeting.  Aden Diem led the study on "Abstinence".  After we got home I mixed up and baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Ina Sue was tired and went to bed.
Tim & Kendall Myers helped build lockers Thursday was Carolina Sue's big day!  One year ago we saw her face for the first time at 5:05 in the morning.  I went over to the school to work.  Nevin and Tim & Kendall Myers came over from Hephzibah to help build the lockers.  We made pretty good progress I thought.  I came home around 4:30 and helped Ina Sue cook for our Puerto Rico supper tonight with Bill Bylers.  I grilled pinchos on the grill, fried up tostones, yucca balls w/ cheese, and some kind of corn bread sticks.  Ina Sue fixed rice & gondules.  I thought it was a delicious meal.  After the supper Ina Sue brought out Carolina's birthday cake (a cupcake) and let her play in its icing.  What a mess that was!  Bill, Dorcas & Maria gave Carolina all kinds of nice gifts.  We gave Bills the sweet grass basket we bought for them in Charleston for a going-away present.  After the gifts Bill & I played two games of chess for old-times sake.  We each beat one and decided to quit on a draw....
Nevin & I built these lockers I had a pretty long day at work on Friday.  Ina Sue spent the day cleaning and studying to teach Sunday School.  It is still raining as it seems to have been doing all week...   I hope tomorrow is sunny.  I need some nice weather to mow the yard.  With all this rain it is getting pretty lush!
Bills came for a Puerto Rican meal and birthday party for Carolina Sue. Well, our wish for a sunny Saturday went unheeded.  It rained and drizzled pretty much all day.  In the morning I went over to the school to get the shelves organized.  When I got back we loaded Carolina in the van and drove up to Denmark to look for a new refrigerator.  Carl at Neeley's Appliance showed us several models he had.  We pretty much settled on a "Scratch & Dent GE.  We stopped in at Rhoad and Sons and talked to our friend Tandra for a while then picked up some fertilizer from Dale at Grower's Choice.  After we got home I worked on installing door catches & handles on the cabinets in our spare bedroom. 
What a mess this was!!!! We all drove in to Computer Solutions around 4:00 to relieve Richard in the Radioshack side.  He had plans for the evening so we filled in for him the last two hours.  Then Ina Sue did a little grocery shopping while I got a few computer items lined up.  Grabbed a pizza from Dominos on the way home.  After we got home I worked on making dinner for tomorrow.  I made glazed meatloaf with spinach, parmesan baked carrots & faux Macaroni Grill bread.  This was the first time I ever made bread but I thought it turned out reasonable well.  Next time I think I'll make in in smaller loaves...
A last game of chess before Bills leave....  

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