May 29, 2004

Mom & Dad with fresh squash & beet pickle I broke the Sabbath on Sunday morning and dug out a few fresh potatoes for our dinner.  Also picked a couple squash.  Then off to church.  Bro. Carl brought a thought provoking sermon on the subject of "Just Because You Can".  Hurried home after church to get dinner ready for Dad & Mom.  We grilled some Mississippi catfish, had fresh potatoes & squash, pickled eggs & rhubarb dessert.  A thunderstorm rolled up in the afternoon and brought a little much needed rain.  Hendrick had the main part of the service tonight, speaking about his journey from Haiti to here and now.
James & Brenda Groff (RS Manager) I went in to work early Monday morning to get ready for a employee meeting at 8:15.  Ina Sue did washing, scrapbooking & cooking.  After a supper of chicken enchiladas we worked in the yard for a while.  Carl, Grace and the boys came over for a visit. 
Patrick Heatwole (Hard working salesman) Ina Sue had a baby doctor appointment Tuesday morning then came on into the shop.  Everything is still on go for Roger's appearing.  She finished up the accounting and went home about dinner time.  Today was William Brubaker's first day back at work since his graduation.  He has agreed to help out some on the Radioshack side while we look for another employee there.  I came home early at 2:30 and worked on making food for our small group meeting Wednesday night.  Planted some petunias out front then went in to the Barnwell jail for bible study.  Had three fellows out tonight and had a very nice discussion together.  I pray that God can use something I say to reach them.  I'm thankful that he has promised that his spirit will guide our words and that his spirit will bring the fruit.
Ina Sue's braided onions I got up early Wednesday morning and picked our first batch of green beens.  Not enough to put up yet but it made a nice dish for supper.  Went in to the shop at 8:00 for a cell phone training session.  James Groff has been managing the store since Duane quit.  Along with Patrick Heatwole (helping out during the summer) he is really getting the store looking good.  In the evening my small group got together here for a bible study & snack.  Actually, only Daryl Brubaker's made it.  Everyone else was either too busy or gone.  I had zucchini squares, sausage flowers, bean dip & chips, and cookies with mint tea.  After everyone left I worked on getting our finances caught up on the computer.
French cutting beans Thursday,  Exactly one week until Roger is due to arrive.  I went into work and had a full day there.  Ina Sue finished pulling up our carrot patch, tied up the tomatoes, picked squash,  watered the flowers, talked on the phone, cross stitched, made chocolate chip cookies, made squash casserole & grilled catfish for supper.  Aftr supper we worked outside.  Ina Sue sprayed round-up and braided our onions.  I worked on putting up a fence for our blackberries & raspberries.
Roger's magnolia.... I went to work early again on Friday.  Ina Sue did the standard cleaning.  For supper she fixed us a Puerto Rican dish of rice & gandules.  Delicious!  After supper Ina Sue was ready to get out of the house so we just drove around the community.  Stopped in at Leon & Beth Dueck's for a while,  they have a beatiful garden.  Visited there till after dark then came to the realization that I had lost our keys somewhere in their garden/yard.  After a bit of searching, Beth finally found them lying in the driveway.  Headed home but stopped at Wendell's to ask him a question and here they had been trying to reach us to invite us there for floats & guacamole.  They had finally gone ahead and eaten but were kind enough to serve everything up for us again.  Visited a while then came on home to bed.
Roger's crib... We slept in till about 7:00 on Saturday,  We got up and I picked two buckets of beans from the garden while Ina was combing her hair.  Then we drove over to Ralph Dickerson's to borrow their bean frencher.  We visited awhile there with Ruth Ellen then drove up to Driftwood Nursery in Denmark.  We wanted to find a magnolia tree to plant to commemorate Roger's birth.  We hope to plant a tree for each of our children.  We finally picked out a Little Gem.  It is a smaller magnolia that only reaches about 25' tall but blooms throughout the summer.  We also picked out some ferns and two calla lillies.  Came home and frenched & froze 13 pints of green beans.  I finished up the blackberry fence & tied up the berries, planted the magnolia & mowed the yard.  This evening we had a first sweet corn from the garden.  Absolutely delicious!

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