May 28, 2005

Men's carry-in dinner.... Sunday was a lovely day weather-wise.  We attended church at Hephzibah.  Glendon Eshleman preached on "Prayer".  For dinner, we had the belated Mother's Day carry-in dinner where the men provide & cook the food.  It was delicious food if I may say so myself, with everything from tacos cooked over the open fire to exquisite cheesecakes.  Everyone had fun and lots of good food.  We got back home to Govan around 2:30 and took a nap before going over to Gordon Amstutz's for supper & games.  Gwen fixed empanadillas & tostones along with a vegetable tray, fruit & cookies.  We played Password afterward.  As you can see in the picture I spilled my glass of tea all over the table (and myself)... :( 


Supper & games with Gordans We were both busy on Monday.  Ina Sue had another large load of wash to do while Carolina was a bit fussy with a cold.  I spent the day at work then in the evening we went to church to hear a presentation by the Rene Clugston family on SLM's work in Haiti.  After church, Ina Sue & Carolina came home with Wendell's while I drove up to the Calvary (Beachy) church in Blackville to help get an video projector & camcorder set up.  They have a funeral tomorrow and wanted a way to show the people in the basement what was going on in the auditorium.    That went well and I got home in decent time.
Shopping in Charleston for a sweet grass basket Tuesday morning we slept in a little then got up and left for Charleston, SC around 9:00.  We went to the historic Market and window shopped for an hour or two.  We bought a sweet grass break basket for one of our friends.  After the shopping we ate a lunch at Hyman's Seafood restaurant then headed out to the "Isle of Palms" for a little time on the beach.  On the way there our van had a little transmission problem with not being willing to shift out of third gear.  It worried me a little but by the time we left it seemed to have fixed itself.  There was more people on the beach then we like but after walking a good distance down the beach we were able to be pretty much by ourselves.  We all had a good time but it was a bit more difficult going swimming with a baby along. (The water was still a bit cold to take Carolina in with us...)  Carolina Sue did really enjoy crawling around in the sand and getting really dirty... Ugh!
Charleston's new Cooper River Bridge I got up early Wednesday morning and worked on mowing the yard before I left for work.  Ina Sue baked a ham, cleaned out the sandy van, and worked on a dress for Carolina.  In the evening we went with our small group to Bamberg to sing at the nursing home then met in Bill Byler's back yard for a hotdog roast and fellowship.  It was a beautiful evening and a very nice time.  We hate to think about Bill's leaving in a couple of weeks... :(
Carolina enjoyed her first visit to the beach. Thursday morning Ina Sue kept Meredith Groff while Brenda helped James in at the shop.  I had a full day at work and a network proposal/presentation in Hampton in the afternoon.  We had a nice restful evening.  I worked awhile in the garden then harvested our beets and worked on canning them.  Ina Sue went on to bed but I stayed up to finish the beets.
Small group hotdog roast at Bills On Friday I spent the day at work again while Ina Sue worked on finishing up her new dress.  In the evening I met Ina Sue over at the First Baptist church where we shared in the Rehearsal supper for Fred & Suzanne.  Alvin & Lil Stoltzfus catered the delicious meal of chicken cordon bleu, sour cream mashed potatoes, tossed salad, green beans and dessert.  We are supposed to be the reception coordinators so after supper we worked on getting table setup and instruction memorized for tomorrow.  We also enjoyed meeting Mr. & Mrs. Edora (Fred's parents)  By the time we did a little grocery shopping and to the baby home in bed it was about 10:30.
Carolina Sue & Meredith Groff Saturday was Suzanne's big day.  The telephone woke me up at 5:00am.  Ina Sue's sister Marsha & her friend Michelle Heatwole were just arriving at our house and I had forgotten to leave the door unlocked for them.  We let them in then went back to bed for a little.  We got up aournd 6:30 and made breakfast casserole for our company.  We hurried around getting everything together and the baby ready and left for the reception headquarters around 9:00. 
Setting up for Suzanne's reception Robin Brubaker, Julie & Jennifer Heatwole, & Darlene Diem were serving as waiters for the reception and were there to help us.  We did a little organizing then worked at getting the misc. fruit, vegetable, & pickle trays arranged.  Aside for a bit of a mix-up on the subs everything went pretty smoothly.  The wedding was at 11:00 and by 11:30 we were greeting Mr. & Mrs. Edora.  We scurried around getting the food put out and arranged.  It was a very nice reception.  Afterward we worked on cleaning up and dispensing of the leftover food.  From there we went by the park where the wedding pictures were being made then came home. 
Pre-reception preparation I took care of Carolina while Ina Sue took a short nap.  After putting Carolina Sue to bed I drove in to Walmart to shop for groceries for our Memorial Day picnic on Monday.  By the time I got home we were both feeling ready to knock off and hit the sack....  Marsha & Michelle went over to Aiken with some of the church youth.  They're not back yet.


Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Edora  

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