May 15, 2004

Lock and Dam park in Augusta, GA Sunday was Mother's Day.  Ina Sue's first as the lady of honor.   Bro. Wendell preached on Christ's Deity (Who he said he was).  When we got home I made up dinner for my lovely wife.  (Leftovers, but we enjoyed them anyway)  We took a nap in the afternoon then headed over to August, GA for a mother's day picnic with my family.  We met at Lock & Dam park for a lovely evening and delicious supper of grilled hamburgers & hotdogs.  Everyone had a good time and we got left in decent time to get home by about 9:30.
A family get-together for Mother's Day. We both got up a little earlier on Monday and worked on getting everything hung up in the new nursery.  We hung two quilt holders, a picture & a little nicnac on the wall.  Everything looks ready!  Paula and Davey Showalter with their family of six children arrived at about 8:00.  We had another picnic outside of grilled hamburgers.  We had a nice time visiting and got to bed a little late.
Davey & Paula Showalter with children. Davey's left right after breakfast on Tuesday.  They were hoping to spend a little time at the beach on their way home.  Ina Sue & I went for a baby doctor appointment then pre-registered at the hospital.  Ina Sue wasn't feeling well in the afternoon so she was laid up for most of the afternoon.  When I got home from work I picked a big batch of beets from the garden and pickled/canned them.  I ended up with about 6 quarts of beet pickle and about 6 pints of beet pickle juice. (For making pickled eggs).  By the time I got our webpage updated it was about 1:30am.  Luckily Ina Sue had went to bed earlier.
Canning pickled beets Wednesday was just another wonderful day.  Ina Sue came in and did accounting during the morning then went home and got supper ready for our company.  We had the pleasure of Suzanne Stanbrook and her mother Pattie eating with us for supper.  Suzanne grew up here in our house so it was really special having them here again.  Suzanne has spent the last four years serving with Northern Youth Programs in Ontario.  She just returned to South Carolina last week.  Back in our house's glory days, Pattie had a lovely flower garden all through our back yard.  It was quite interesting hearing how everything used to be.
Suzanne Stanbrook & her mother Patti Ina Sue came into work again on Thursday to finish getting things caught up.  I was able to get off a couple of hours early and came home and planted some verbena that Pattie Gibson had given us.  I mowed about half the yard then we left to go to the nursing home with the youth.  After the service there we met at the school for a pizza party/farewell for Corwin Schrock (our junior high school teacher). 
A young urchin ready to ship out... I had to go into work a bit early on Friday to get caught up.  Ina Sue cleaned like a tiger and also put the final touches on our fungus repair that started about 6 months ago.  She also weeded in the garden, washed clothes, made pecan bars and tied up the tomatoes.  I went directly from work to the church to help the youth mow the church yard.  They were already mostly done by the time I got there.  Ina Sue's brother Sherman and his friend Anson got here about 11:30 from VA.  They came down especially for the graduation this weekend.
Korwin looks pretty hot in his uniform... Saturday was a very big day.  I was filling in on the Radioshack side of our store so I left for work around 8:00.  We kept very busy between caring for customers and trying to get the store looking nicer.  Ina Sue and the company went to the school for the annual end-of-year program.  This year they did things a little different.  Instead of standing in front to give a program, the visitors meandered through the classrooms where the students were acting out various parts of history.  The youngest grades demonstrated different important people from American History and also focused on various foreign lands.  The middle grades focused on the 13 colonies.  Junior high had what looked like a Confederate army tent setup in the balcony while the high school hunkered down in their realistic looking bomb shelter (on the 60's)  Delmar Diem BarBQ'ed a pig for the dinner.  Boy was it good!  Ina Sue took mercy on me and brought some of the dinner in to me at the shop.  After I got home from work I picked a bunch of carrots from our garden and made up a big batch of copper pennies. (For me, because Ina Sue doesn't like them)

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