May 14, 2005

The Strite ladies by the rose garden. Wendell Heatwole brought us an inspiring sermon Sunday morning on "Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord".  He explained that Noah found grace first because it says he was upright (Righteous), then that he lived blamelessly.  He used Hebrews 11 & other passages to explain how Noah became righteous (through faith) then Noah also lived righteously.  He compared Noah and his experience with us.  Like Noah, we can only become righteous through faith in God but then after we come into that relationship, God works the work of sanctification in our lives and makes us literally more like him.  He also pointed out that the verse says that Noah walked with God.  In the same way we too should follow on in our relationship with God in an ongoing and continual basis.
We men played horseshoes After the service we came home to a small lunch of L'O's then Ina Sue got in a short nap while I read.  We left around 4:00 to go over to Dad's for a Mother's Day supper with my family.  Mother fixed us a delicious supper of ham & egg salad sandwiches, pasta salad, fresh fruit, & sponge cake with strawberries.  After supper Mother showed us her roses then we men played horseshoes while the ladies talked & practices singing for next Sunday.  We got left in decent time and got back to Govan around 10:30
Dad & grandchildren watching.... Not much happened Monday.  I made us soft boiled eggs over English muffins for breakfast.  Ina Sue did the normal Monday wash while I worked in at the shop.  In the evening, Ina Sue made us pork BarBQ sandwiches for a quick supper then we spent the evening digging up and replanting perennials that Dorcas gave us out of her bed.  I hope they survive the transplant OK.
Bill, Dorcas & Maria Byler after his pinning ceremony Tuesday was a big day for both of us.  I had a very full day of service calls at work.  Ina Sue took Carolina Sue over to Brenda Groff for babysitting while she drove a group of church ladies up to the Columbia Women's Prison for prison ministry.  For dinner they ate at Schlotzky's Deli.  Ina Sue really liked it.  By the time she got home, picked up the baby and got her ready it was time for us to leave for Bill's pinning.  Our neighbor and good friend, Bill Byler has been studying nursing for the last two years and is now just on the verge of being an RN.   The pinning ceremony for Bill and the rest of his class was held at the First Baptist Church in Orangeburg. 
Bill's graduation party at the mule barn. We were very proud to be sitting on Bill's bench of supporters.  He recieved all kinds of awards.  Most impressive was his award for highest grade point average in his class.  I felt sorry for his fellow students. (It's really hard to beat a 4.0 gpa....)  We are so very happy for Bills and wish them the very best in his new vocation.  We only wish they could be staying here....  They are planning to move to Catlett, VA around the beginning of June.  We are very sad to be losing not only a great neighbor but some of our best friends (Not to mention babysitters).
Carolina enjoyed swiming in Maria's pool. I spent quite a bit of the day Wednesday at Cummings Oil in Hampton.  They wanted me to evaluate their existing computer setup and make recommendations on what would be necessary for an upgrade....  Ina Sue helped gather wildflowers and decorate the mule barn for Bill's graduation party tonight.  The party started at 7:00 and everyone had a great time visiting and celebrating Bill's achievement.  Dorcas fixed a delicious snack of meatballs, chips & salsa, cheese & crackers, cake, pickles and etc. other goodies. 
Pulling the last of the collards & kale. I took off work on Thursday and started work at the school at 7:00.  I'm still working on the chair rail & baseboard.  I only got one of the classrooms done before I needed to get home around 1:30.  In the afternoon I worked outside planting another patch of sweet corn & finally removing the fall collard plants.  We had let them go to seed so we could enjoy their yellow flowers.  I don't think I've ever seen such huge kale & collard plants.  They were considerably over my head...  Then we met Dad & Mother in Denmark and went with them to see the Edisto Rose Gardens.  There are literally thousands of roses there and it was a good place to pick out what varieties we want to eventually feature in our rose bed....  After we got home we went over to Don Heatwole's to practice some songs for Sunday morning.  It didn't go terribly well....
Dad & us at the Edisto Rose Gardens I spent the day Friday at work while Ina Sue cleaned the house, took care of munchkin and picked strawberries.  Suzanne Stanbrook came over soon after I got home and went over some wedding plans with us. We've been asked to be reception coordinators for the wedding.  Soon after she left, our special singing group (Gordons, Wendells, Dons & us) met here for some more practice.  It went a little better maybe but we still need some work.  Ina Sue fixed them a snack (and me a supper) of pizza bites, chips, and fresh carrots with dip. 
Practicing our singing.... ? We got up in good time Saturday morning to get around.  We left around 8:30 and drove in to the shop to pick up a few things then after stopping by Hardees for a biscuit we headed over to GA for the Waynesboro Mennonite School end-of-year program.  My sister Laura teaches there and about four of my nieces and nephews attend there.  The picnic and program was held at the Plant Vogtle (Nuclear Power Plant) Recreation area.  The children all did a wonderful job presenting their pieces but I thought Laura's class especially did a great job presenting the life of Harret Tubman.  (See picture below) After partaking in the carry-in meal & hotdog roast we drove on home and took a half hour break before getting to work.  I mowed most of the yard, sprayed insecticide on the garden, planted a patch of centipede & suckered the tomatoes.  Ina Sue did a great job trimming back our azaleas out front.  We met Don Heatwole's at the church to clean it at 8:00 and whipped the job out pretty quickly.  After we got home Ina Sue did a quick sweep job on the floor and I'm working on this....
My nephews & fellow students giving their end-of-year program The Story of Harriet Tubman (illustrated)  Scott Strite is on the far left and Kari Hobbs is on the far right.

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