May 8, 2004

Ina Sue posing with the roses It rained off and on all day Sunday.  We were so glad to finally get a bit of precipitation.  It has been very dry.  We were invited to James & Brenda Groffs for dinner.  We had a wonderful meal & good fellowship with Aden Diems & Dr. Martin Akor (A professor at Vorhees College, originally from Cameroon)  In the evening we played a couple games and just had a quiet evening, (no church because it is the 1st sunday)
One view of the new nursery Monday was a milestone.  One more month before Roger's expected arrival.  We are finally starting to feel a little more ready for the big event.  Ina Sue in particular is looking forward to post-pregnancy. :)  Ina Sue spent most of the day putting the finishing touches on the nursery.  She made a doily for the nightstand and arranged all the baby clothes etc.  She also took care of the normal washing day duties.  I had a very busy day at work.  The Sasser worm outbreak brought us more business than we wanted and with Hendrick down in Florida we had a time keeping our heads above the water.
Uncle Enos' mule barn Both of us went in to work on Tuesday.  Ina Sue came home soon after dinner but I didn't get home until about 7:00.  In the little remaining daylight we worked outside in the flowerbeds, then ate supper about 9:00
Food & fellowship... We were still snowed under at work on Wednesday but Hendrick got back from Florida and helped take some of the pressure off.  Ina Sue wrote letters and worked some in the garden.  In the evening, James Groff had the prayer meeting discussion on Balaam and the sin of Greed.
Ina Sue enjoys someone else's riding mower Ina Sue went with the sewing circle group to sing at the area nursing homes Thursday morning.  They finished up with a dinner at Uncle Enos' mule barn.  When I got home from work we went over to a neighbors to mow yard.  We didn't quite get done.  Got home after dark and had a delicious supper of breaded shrimp.
We are pleased with the garden this year. Friday was a cooker.  The thermometer got up to 92.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and the car and washed the windows.  I came home about 4:30 and finished mowing the previous night's yard.  Then I started on our yard.  Ina Sue grilled hamburgers for supper.  Somehow our refrigerator door has gotten wrenched or something and won't half close.  I tried to wrench it back into working condition tonight but didn't have any luck.  Ina Sue went by Neeley's Appliance for a fishing and wishing expedition... :)  I don't know if we should replace it or get a pro to come look at it.
Our pecan tree pretty much dwarfs the house Saturday was another wonderful day to spend together in God's great earth.  God has certainly blessed us with a wonderful world to enjoy.  We finished mowing the yard,  planted a bunch more flowers, mulched the rest of the garden, picked up several loads of pine straw and mulched our impatiens.  It looks much nicer but our pecan tree is just starting to shed its pollen holders/stems/spores, whatever.  It almost looks like it is raining the dumb things sometimes and they just cover everything.  Ina Sue fixed us chicken enchiladas for supper.  What a wonderful wife!

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