May 7, 2005

Carolina's 11 month family picture. Sunday morning we awoke to a perfectly gorgeous day outside.  Uncle Howard preached this morning on "What Next?" He talked about Christ's birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension & how we now are waiting for the next event, his 2'nd Coming.  For lunch we grilled pork chops, with zucchini quiche, & loaded lettuce salad.  We took a short nap then left around 4:00 with Bills for a picnic & evening with Patrick Heatwole in Columbia.  We met at a riverfront park and took a stroll together then drove over to Finlay Park. (A beautiful city park with a huge fountain and lovely picnic areas)  Patricks had packed a wonderful supper which we ate on a blanket on the grass.  After supper we went over to Patrick's trailer and played Trivial Pursuit.  Bethany served us a delicious fresh strawberry dessert then we headed back to Govan.  Got back around 11:00.
Picnic with Bill Bylers & Patrick Heatwoles I got up Monday morning and made us a breakfast of what my wife calls "Scrambled Eggs Super-Deluxe".  Then off to work while Ina Sue did her normal washing.  She got done in good time and picked a bucket of strawberries from Bills.  Also cut out a new dress.  Carolina Sue spent the day cutting her 2'nd tooth and was a bit of a grump.  When I got home from work I rushed to mow the yard and was able to get it all done before it got dark.  Came in for a late supper of spinach salad with hard boiled eggs & hot dressing.  Ina Sue also made us some fried lebanon baloney sandwiches.
Suzanne Stanbrook's bridal shower. Ina Sue spent the day Tuesday getting ready for Suzanne Stanbrook's shower in the evening.  She cleaned the house, made cheese danishes and got things setup.  Beth Dueck, Robin Brubaker & my sister Laura also helped sponsor the shower so they came over later in the afternoon and helped get everything together.  I worked a bit late at work and got home just as things were winding down.  They had the shower outside in our back yard and we were a bit afraid it was going to rain but it turned out to be a lovely evening. 
Dad helps install trim at the school. I took off from work on Wednesday to work at the school with Dad & Nevin.  They came over to help put up chair rail & baseboard.  We got started around 8:00 and I thought we got quite a bit done before knocking off around 4:00  From the school I went directly into the shop for a meeting with our Radioshack district manager.  Got home around 6:00 and went to prayer meeting.  Bro. Wendell had a very good talk on what it means to be "in" the world but not "of" the world.  After the service the mixed chorus got together to organize for the next year.  We decided to give it a try this year and see how we get along with our little munchkin.  (By the way,  I'm a little behind in our family diet/weightloss wager so I fasted all day today.  It was tough but the scales say I knocked off about 4 lbs....)
Four Generations: Grandmother Vera, Mother Evelyn, myself, & Carolina Sue. Thursday was pretty windy and according to Ina Sue, cold.  I thought it felt pretty nice....  I spent the day at work and got home just in time to grill the catfish for our supper.  Dad & Mother brought Grandmother Heatwole back over to SC so we had them & Uncle Howard's here for supper.  We had grilled catfish, stuffed potatos, spinach salad, & fresh beets from the garden.  For dessert Ina Sue fixed us up a strawberry pie.  We had a nice time visiting after supper.  I made Grandmother a balloon flower.  She seemed pleased.  :)
Ina Sue lines one up on Fred.... I spent the day Friday at work while Ina Sue recuperated & fixed food for supper.  Suzanne Stanbrook and her fiance Fred Edora were here for supper.  Suzanne showed Fred through the house. (She grew up here in our house) then we ate supper of chicken enchiladas, garden salad, corn chips with salsa, corn and dessert of strawberry delight.  After supper we had enough time left to play a quick game of croquet together, then we came in and talked for a while.  They were planning to leave around midnight to drive to Florida to see Suzanne's grandmother & relatives.  They left around 9:30 and I worked for a little in the kitchen making copper pennies (Sweet & Sour Carrots). 
Suzanne just sent my ball flying... :( I had told Adam I would work Saturday to give him a break so we got up in good time Saturday morning and Ina Sue cut my hair before I left for work.  I had an enjoyable day at work.  It's kinda nice to be there on Saturday when things are a little less hectic and the phone doesn't ring quite as much.  I thought I got quite a bit done.  William & Richard were working on the Radioshack side.  Ina Sue & Carolina Sue came into town around 4:30 and did some shopping at Walmart then they went over to Subway and bought some subs for our supper.  (When I work on Saturdays, my pay is that the company buys us supper). 
Picnic at Collins park after work Saturday. We met Richard & William along with Robin Brubaker over at Collins Park in Barnwell and ate our supper there then drove over to the tennis courts at the High School and played a tennis for a couple hours.  We really enjoyed playing doubles.  I must have eaten too many subs because I came out on the losing end most of the evening.  Then we came home and put everything away.  Now I'm typing this up while Ina Sue slumbers on the couch.
Some tennis doubles afterward.  


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