May 1, 2004

Our first painted bunting of the season Sunday was another beautiful spring day.  Bro. Gerald Eshleman brought the sermon this morning on "6 Soldiers for Christ" from II Timothy.  We came home and grilled t-bones on the grill for dinner along with biscuits and fresh salad from the garden.  While doing the dinner dishes we saw our first painted bunting of the year.  Rested all afternoon then went to church in the evening.  Daryl Brubaker had an interesting topic on the book of Jonah.
Product of our work day... Praise the Lord!  We had a great rain Monday afternoon and evening.  We ended up with about half an inch.  We needed it so badly.  Things are already greening up again.  Ina Sue was able to get the wash done before the rain started.  I spent most of the day in Columbia working at Plain or Fancy Sign Co.  (Linford Oberholtzer's business)  After I got home I worked out on the flower beds while Ina Sue wrote baby shower thank-yous.
Robert, Lori & Emily Michelle Showalter We had a beautiful day Tuesday for our work day.   Wendell Heatwole and Gordon Amstutz are working on building a new dairy.  About twenty of us fellows from the church started work on his feed shed about 8:00.  The concrete was already poured and the posts were set.  We started notching the posts, setting rafters, installing purlins and finally screwing down metal.  By 5:00 in the evening we had the last screw in on a 300' building.  Ina Sue went to the baby doctor this morning and everything still seems to be on schedule and going well with Roger. 

We got word at about 11:45 that Emily Michelle Showalter was born this evening around 10:00 to Robert & Lori.  She weighed 7lbs, 5oz.  What great news!

William concentrating on his swing... Ina Sue came into the shop to work Wednesday morning.  I was out on calls most of the day though.  I met Ina Sue at the church for our cell group evening.  Our group got together with two other groups and we played softball together then had a meal of sloppy joes & fellowship.
A supper after the ball game I had a very full day at work on Thursday.  Ina Sue went over to Aiken around lunchtime to do some shopping.  I rode over with Hendrick & Adam to meet her at Sonic where we ate a quick supper.  Then we met all the rest of the Computer Solutions/Radioshack employees at a miniature golf course for Duane's farewell party.  He is starting another job next week after 3 1/2 years as Radioshack manager.  We had a great time together there then went to Chilis for appetizers and dessert.  Everyone really seemed to have a good time but we didn't get home until about 11:30.
Our changing table, all ready for Roger... I spent just about the whole day Friday in the shop.  Hendrick left this morning for a weekend in Florida so I needed to cover for him.  I didn't make it home from work until about 8:30.  Ina Sue did odd jobs around the house and got the nursery all organized.  In the evening she finally finished up the last of her thank-you notes.
Nevin's new house Saturday we dragged ourselves out of bed about 5:30 to get ready to go over to help on Nevin's house.  We got there about 7:30 and Nevin & I worked until a little after 3:00 doing trimwork.  Ina Sue and KK spent the day shopping at baby stores & consignment shops.  We got home about 5:00 and quickly mowed the yard, weeded the garden, vacumned out the car, and sprayed two gallons of Round-up.  After dark I made supper of swiss chard leaves and a egg, ham & chard stem white sauce over toast.  When that was done I spent some time cleaning a the new Sasser virus off of neighbor Bill's computer.  By the time I cleaned up the kitchen and got to bed it was about 11:30 again.

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