April 30, 2005

Sunday afternoon croquet with Bills Sunday was a beautiful and cool day!  Bro. Gary preached in the morning on "Discouragement".  We came home to a dinner of pork roast slow cooked in saurkraut and covered with some of my sister Karen's "Sweet & Sour Pepper Sauce"  Delicious!  We also had corn & mashed potatoes then ended up with dessert of strawberry shortcake.  In the afternoon Ina Sue took a nap while I played with twisting some balloons.  In the later afternoon, Bills came over and we played a game of croquet.  At the evening service Bro. Wendell had a talk on the origins & evolution of Sunday School.  He did a great job with a very informative topic.
Planting hostas with the munchkin I got up Monday morning and made us breakfast of soft-boiled eggs over toasted English muffins.   (Mother gave me a method for cooking the eggs that results in perfect eggs every time.  Without clear whites but as liquid as possible...)  Delicious!  I spent the day at work while Ina did the normal Monday washing.  In the evening I planted some hostas outside then we all took a walk around the neighborhood.  We had a nice visit with our neighbor, Wayne Gunnells.  (He adopted the stray dog that we had around here for a while)   Came home and I worked on some balloon sculptures while Ina Sue read.
A balloon creation that turned into a hat... Orange Julius for breakfast again on Tuesday.  I had a fairly normal day at work.  Ina Sue said that Carolina was really grouchy today.  She is actually teething now finally and they seem to bother her.  For supper Ina Sue fixed a great new recipe of turkey filling/gravy over biscuits.  Quite spicy & good.  She also fixed us her signature spinach (from the garden) salad with pecans & strawberries.  After supper I took care of the babe and did the dishes while Ina Sue drove up to Bilo for some grocery shopping.
Aden Diem shaping up some wainscoting I took Wednesday as my day off this week because Adam needed off on Thursday.  I left around 7:00 and started work at the school doing chair rail in the kitchen.  I worked until about 2:30 and got the kitchen all done as well as put another coat of polyeurathane on a batch of trim.  After I got home, I took Carolina Sue in with me to Barnwell to pick strawberries and get some more groceries.   Ina Sue spent her day cleaning the house and fixing things up for her party tomorrow.  In the evening I set the pulled out he table and set it for the event tomorrow.  Then we worked for a while making pimiento cheese and stuffing cherry tomatoes with bacon & mayonaise.
I worked at putting up chair rail. Thursday was Ina Sue's big tea party for Dorcas Byler's birthday.  I came home from work around 12:00 and took the baby back in with me to get her out of the ladies' hair.  Ina Sue said it went well and was a lot of fun.  She had 12 ladies around the table.  She served Red Lobster's Ultimate Seafood fondue served in individual pots of hollowed out kaiser rolls.  Also, a vegetable tray of stuffed cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices with dip & dill weed,  and celery with pimiento cheese.  Tea of course with a dessert of strawberries & whipped cream over scones.  I brought Carolina Sue back home around 4:30 but had to go back in to the shop for more work.  After I got home we snacked on leftovers and took a walk around the neighborhood.  After we got back I drove over to the school and worked on trim until about 12:00.
A place setting for Dorcas' tea party I spent the day at the shop again on Friday but Ina Sue & the babe were able to take in the school Field Day.  Every year the school puts on a field day with track & field competitions and other fun things for the students & parents.  From the annual parents<->children tug-of-war to the mother-daughter egg toss, everyone has an enjoyable time together.  She left a little before dinner and came in to eat dinner with me at Ballard's cafe.  We decided to try a fried Twinkie for dessert.  I was quite a bit more impressed than she was...   They did some shopping at Walmart then came home and picked a bucket of strawberries out of Bill's patch.  I stayed in at work this evening for supper and a business meeting with Jimmy & Adam.  Got home around 9:30
Some of the guests at the tea party The lades left first thing Saturday morning around 7:00 for the Springfield flea market.  Bill & Dorcas were trying to clear out some of their stuff before their move and they invited Ina Sue to sell some of her stuff on their table with them.  It was a windy day but Ina Sue said they had fun selling and scouting.  They got home around dinner time.  I left home soon after they did to go work at the school.  I worked again on chair rail, this time in the hallway.  I knocked off at 1:30 with plans of coming home and mowing the yard.  Unfortunately, it rained and drizzled most of the afternoon so I wasn't able to get that accomplished. 
The annual field day egg toss.... When I realized I wasn't going to get that done I offered to clean the church if Ina Sue worked on cleaning our house.   When I got to the church I noticed that Lloyd Oberholtzer was there working in the school so I went out and watched him put the countertops on.  It took me until about 5:30 to get the church all swept, the bathrooms cleaned, the trash gathered and the windows washed.  For supper we had spinach, spring onion, & radish sandwiches.  After supper Ina Sue capped the strawberries from Bills and worked on dinner for Sunday.
Bro. Lloyd installs the countertop in the principals office.  


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