April 24, 2004

A lampstand Ina Sue finished for the nursery A very ordinary Sunday, I taught the youth class for Gordon in the morning.  Uncle Enos brought the sermon on "The Nonresistant Lifestyle".  We slept for most of the afternoon then took a short walk.  We had a song service at Barnwell with numerous special & impromptu groups.

Ina Sue did her normal washing on Monday while I worked at the shop.  She also sprayed roundup and sanded & painted a lamp table for our nursery.  After a supper of lasagna I worked on pricking out some flowers from the greenhouse while Ina Sue bleached and scrubbed the grout in our kitchen counter.

The trash cleanup crew We both worked at the shop Tuesday.  Ina Sue came home about 2:30 and had grilled hotdogs ready when I got home.  After supper we met with our neighbors Dorcas & Maria and cleaned up trash along the Govan part of Ehrhardt highway.  We picked up about 15 bags of accumulated debris.  Then I mowed the front yard and we finished up the evening with pina coladas.
 Our roses blooming by the front porch I had to leave for work early Wednesday for a service call to a law firm.  Ina Sue had problem sleeping the night before so I left her sleeping on the lazy boy.  After she got up she did some sewing and finished painting the lamp stand.  We went to prayer meeting in the evening.  Bro. Charles Brubaker had a talk on "Careless Decisions" based on the life of Esau
Uncle Joe & Aunt Sharon Shank I came home about 2:00 on Thursday and finished up the trim (Fungus Repair) in our family room.  Ina Sue mowed the side yard, finished a dress & made supper.  After the supper of baked lentils we took a walk around the block and I transplanted some more flowers.
The baby shower sponsors After I left for work on Friday, Aunt Sharon (Papa Showalter's sister) called and said that her and Uncle Joe were on a tractor trailer trip and would be coming through that evening.  We were glad they decided to stop in.  Before they arrived though, Ina Sue had a dinner appointment in Barnwell with Cheryl Bange, Dawn Eshleman & Rachelle Martin.  On her way home she stopped and picked us some fresh strawberries then by the time she got home, Uncle Joe's were already here.  They came in to see me at the shop for a while then Uncle Joe treated us out to supper at the new "Dukes BarBQ" in Bamberg.  From there we stopped in to see Jimmy & Brenda Groff for a little then came home and Uncle Joe & I played some chess together.  We split two very good games.
Mom & sisters singing "Wee Willie Winkie"







Freshly planted tomato stakes

Saturday morning we got up to a relaxed day and a breakfast of sausage gravy & cornbread (my favorite).  Uncle Joe's pulled their rig out at about 9:00 and Ina Sue scurried off at 10:00 for her baby shower.  Grace Heatwole, Dorcas Byler, Gwen Amstutz & Norma Hochstetler put it on for her in Carl Heatwole's back yard.  From her report it was quite a shindig.  Grower's Choice donated lots of flowers for decorating & the brunch was scrumptious.  Our friends were so very generous in their gifts.  Ina Sue came home with a whole car load of surprises.  She had so much fun going through them and getting everything organized in the nursery.  Roger's expected arrival date is less than six weeks away now.....  I think we are beginning to feel more ready.

While she was at the shower, I mowed the yard, weeded the garden, mulched flower beds, planted the tomato stakes & generally just tried to look busy. :)  For supper I bought us some eggrolls from Denmark.  After supper I went over to the church and carried a couple of bundles of shingles out of the attic,  setup a sprinkler system on a timer and adjusted the thermostats.  By the time I got home I was about whooped.


A baby quilt mother made & gave to Ina Sue  

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