April 17, 2004

Duane, Natalia, Daniel, Nicole & Victoria Showalter Praise the Lord! Christ is risen indeed!  And what a difference he makes.

Today was Easter Sunday.  Bro. Wendell preached on New Life from I Corinthians 15.  After church Burton Heatwoles and Duane Showalters were here for lunch.  This is the first time we've been able to get Duane to darken our doorstep.  We had a great time together and they headed back to VA around 3:00.  Burtons live about an hour away in GA so they were able to stay and chat for a little longer.  In the evening the service was on missionaries.  There were numerous ones who shared stories of missionaries from the past.  I talked a little about Henry Nott (A missionary to Tahiti in the 1800's)

Burton, Deborah, Abigail, Natalie & Burton Heatwole Monday was a standard day with me at work and Ina Sue doing washing & sewing.  We had leftovers from Sunday for a quick supper then we worked outside for a while.  I worked up a section of field behind our yard with the intent of planting wildflowers but we ran out of time/light.
Me & my trusty Troy-Bilt Another standard day at work for me on Tuesday but Ina Sue had a full day.  First, she had a baby doctor visit in the morning.  Roger is still lookin' good, praise God.  Then in the late morning/afternoon she went with a group of ladies to the women's prison in Columbia.  She was about beat by the time she got home.  Ina Sue picked a big batch of collards from the garden for supper tonight (first batch this spring).  After supper I went in to the Barnwell County jail for bible study.  We have not had as much interest there lately but I did have a number to come out and we had a real good discussion. 
The Barnwell County Jail.


On Wednesday we both went in to work.  Ina Sue had a full morning balancing the bank statement, paying taxes and all the other accounting stuff she does.  She came home in the afternoon and grilled chicken for supper.  Had rice and a delicious spinach salad along with it.  After Ina Sue got in an evening nap we played Boggle and Dutch Blitz together.
Patrick, Bethany & Caroline Heatwole Thursday was a wonderful day!  I took off and we spent the day working outside.  We mulched the beans, cucumbers & potatoes with hay.  I planted a bunch of flowers my sister Laura had given me.  I cleaned up a old run down flower bed behind our screen porch and planted two rows of impatiens.  Also put in a drip irrigation for it.  I hope they do well and don't get flooded from water off the roof.  Ina Sue mowed the side yard.  After our little rain last week the centipede grass has really greened up.  In the evening we went along with the youth group to Carrig Manor nursing home and had a singing program there.   Afterward we went over to Delmar Diems for a snack and volleyball.
Gerald, Irene & Olivia Martin We closed the Computer Solutions half of our store early on Friday for the wedding reception of Harley & Caroline Hochsteter.  I went in to work at the normal time and tried to get everything caught up.  Ina Sue cleaned and got ready.  She met me at the store at 3:00 and we drove over to Aiken to the "Rye Patch Estate" where the reception was to be held.  Harley had been one of my business partners for several years before he moved to Thailand.  He helped out at an orphanage there for a year or two than met Caroline over the internet.  This eventually led to bigger and better things and last December they were married in Indonesia (where Caroline is from)  The reception in Aiken was for their friends and family who couldn't make it to the wedding.  For more info see http://www.ch-fusion.com  They had a very nice reception and meal/snack.  After the wedding we did some shopping in Aiken then came on home about 9:30
Margaret & Caroline Martin Saturday was another full day at home.  I started by planting the wild flowers in the back.  Then I planted sunflowers, coleas, impatiens, and a shady flower garden.  I mowed the yard and set up another drip irrigation system around our big pecan tree.  Ina Sue stayed busy painting & fixing food for our company in the evening.  Patrick & Bethany Heatwole were here for supper along with their newborn daughter Caroline.  Bethany's mother Margaret & sister Caroline were here and also her brother Gerald along with his wife and daughter.  A very nice evening visiting together.  Now I am doing this and must wrap it up because I need to spend more time studying to teach the youth sunday school class tomorrow.

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