April 16, 2005

Our guests, Elizabeth McKinnon, Laura & Kimberly Eshleman with Carolina Sue We had donuts, bagels and a misc. grab-bag for for breakfast Sunday morning.  Our guests were still here with us.  David Yoder brought us his final message today on "A Bruised Reed" taken from Isaiah 42:3.  After the service the whole church and the visiting youth shared together in a carry-in meal.  We came home fairly quickly so Carolina could get a quick nap in.  Then in the afternoon we drove over to Milton & Karen's for an evening with the family.  It was a lovely afternoon and we enjoyed the delicious supper in their beautiful yard.  After dark they showed us slides of their trip to Australia.  Truly the world is a wonderful and beautifully diverse place...!  Then the long drive home.
My sister Karen Hobbs put on quite a feast. Ina Sue had another great big pile of laundry on Monday.  I was able to drop by between service calls for lunch.  In the evening Thomas & Bonnie Peachey from Bellville, PA were here for supper.  We grilled catfish and Ina Sue fixed baked rice, elegant green beans, potato salad, and vanilla custard with chocolate-raspberry bars.  Afterward we had a really nice evening sharing together.
Only Milton builds a chicken house like this... I got up early Tuesday and made my wife breakfast of eggs-a-la-goldenrod.  (The result of a misguided bet the evening before)  I thought for sure I was right on a certain issue and proposed the bet with the loser making breakfast in bed for the winner.  Unfortunately, it seems I was wrong so I had to play Haman and instead of being honored, do the honoring.  I didn't mind though.  After a very full day of work I hurried home and brushed the first coat of porch paint on our patio out front. (Ina Sue had already brushed around the edges)  Then I went in to Barnwell for the Bible Study at the jail.
The azaleas are at their peak Wednesday was my day off this week.  We got up pretty early and started weeding the garden.  VIP Lawn Care showed up around 8:15 to spray our yard with weed killer and fertilizer.  After that I drove over to the school to have a talk with Charles regarding work needing to be done, then met Ina Sue at Byer's Tire and dropped off my car for some needed mechanic work.  From there we stopped by Grower's Choice and picked up some tomatoe & pepper plants from Dale.  Came home and worked on planting them along with setting our tomato stakes.  We also gathered two more truckloads of pinestraw and distributed it. 
Ina Sue chops up collards While I planted the tomatoes, Ina Sue was working on making supper for Myron Brubakers (Jane's father passed away last week)  She fixed chicken divan over rice, Red Lobster biscuits, collards, custard & bars.  Myron's invited us to stay and eat it with them so we ate together then we headed over to the school to get in some work.  I worked on putting the casing around the last of the interior doors while Ina Sue put another coat of polyurethane on a couple of the doors and trim.  Carolina Sue did not want to be content in her stroller so I finally ended up taking her out to the van and sitting her in her seat with the van running.  That calmed her right down and she went to sleep.  Our work took longer than anticipated and we didn't get home until 10:45
Planting the tomatoes Thursday morning we got the shocking and tragic news that my cousin Barry had been found dead in his car.  I well remember the summers that I spent at Uncle Roberts and the wonderful times that Barry & I had together.  It seems so unreal that he is now gone....  Our prayers are certainly with Uncle Roberts in the grief and sorrow that they are going through
Ina Sue brushes on polyurethane on the school doors. I had to go to work while Ina Sue worked at cleaning out our small freezer. (The result of me leaving up the lid several weeks ago)  In the evening Dad & Mom dropped in for a little before going over to visit Aunt Glennys who is recuperating from her car accident.  As soon as Dads left, Ina Sue left the baby with me and went over to help the ladies stain & finish trim.  I worked on making plans for the trip to PA for Barry's funeral
Children playing checkers at the Columbia Cracker Barrel.  All dressed up.... Carolina Sue's first tooth is starting to show a little bit Friday morning.  We spent part of the morning making plans for our trip.  I had a full day at work while Ina Sue hurried around here at home cleaning and packing for the trip.  We picked up Carl Heatwole at 6:00 then drove to Columbia where we met the van.  Nathan & Marlene Goering, Aunt Rosemary, Laura, Karen Hobbs added to our number to make up the vanload.  We got to Harrisonburg around 2:00am.  We and Carl stayed at Ina Sue's home for the night.  Saturday morning we got up to a delicious breakfast of eggcasserole prepared by Mother Showalter.  We met the van around 9:15 and headed up toward Lebanon, PA.  The graveside service was at 2:30 followed by visitation and a meal at the church.  We left around 5:00 to head back to Harrisonburg for the night.  

My Cousin & Friend Barry Risser

Our deepest sympathy & prayers go out to Uncle Robert, Aunt Twila and the rest of Barry's family during this very difficult and sorrowful time.  We share your grief and sorrow and remember you all in our prayers....  While words cannot ease your pain, we pray that the true Comforter will give you grace and strength for the days ahead....



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