April 10, 2004

Dad, Scott and Dustin lining one up... We had a wonderful but very full day on Sunday.  The day started off an hour earlier than normal because of Daylight Savings time.  We went to the jail service this morning because we had missed it with our group last Sunday.  Floyd Kauffman had a medition on true confession.  After the jail service we went back to church for our spring communion service.  Bro. Gary brought the sermon on cross-bearing.  An enjoyable time of communing with the saints.....   After the service we went to James Banges for another time of communing over dinner.


My brother Kent Dads, Nevins, Laura and Grandmother came over about 4:00 from GA for games & supper.  Kent & his children came too.  (Rhonda was in PA over the weekend).  We had a beautiful evening for croquet & supper outside.  Ina Sue fixed grenachies, pretzals, brownies & floats for supper.  They all left by about 8:00.  Oh yeah,  Nevin and I had a little leg wrestling contest after the others left.  If you want to see the results click here.
Leg wrestling!     Results? Monday was a pretty normal day.  Ina Sue didn't sleep very well during the night so I let her sleep in late.  She did the normal Monday washing and had a surprise visit from Janice & Jenna during the afternoon.  I had a busy day at work then came home for a supper of leftover grenachies.  We took a walk around Govan.  It was such a lovely evening.  The only drawback was a neighbor nextdoor who is seemingly starting a junkyard in his yard.  Rather unsightly!
Supper on the back porch On Tuesday we both went into work.  Ina Sue caught up the accounting then picked up some strawberries on her way home.  I took off from work about a half our early so that we could meet the youth group in Denmark (We are sponsors this year).  The Blackville church had rented a skating rink and invited Barnwell & New Holland Youth groups to go along.  The youth seemed to have a big time then we all went out to Pizza Hut for supper.  Our 50 people pretty much filled up the place but luckily there was almost no one there when we arrived so it wasn't too bad.
Skating with the youth Ina Sue was in a cleaning frenzy on Wednesday.  She cleaned out the fridge & freezer, cleaned the cabinets & washed the glass.  In the evening she drove her car into Barnwell Service Center (the CV joint seemed to be going bad).  I picked her up there and we went on to prayer meeting.  Mark Hochstetler led the discussion on "Worldliness" based on the story of Lot.
Mennonites take over Pizza Hut Not much happened on Thursday.  Ina Sue did some cooking for the weekend.  After work I came home and grilled hotdogs for supper.  We had a nice little rain in the afternoon.  Everything smelled & looked so fresh afterward.  We ate supper on the back porch then I spent the rest of the evening trying to get everything ready for the PRMC meeting on Friday.
Setting out the tomatos I left about 6:00 Friday morning to drive up to Jonesville, NC for our April PRMC meeting.  I met Kent in Columbia and we drove the rest of the way together.  We had a very full agenda but managed to get things pretty well covered by 5:00.  Got home around 9:00.  Ina Sue spent the day cleaning & cooking then went along with the youth to Danny Hege's for a mountain pie supper and entertainment.  She got home soon after I did.
Strite get together... Saturday was a wonderful day together.  We got up fairly early and tried to knock out some lawn and garden work.  We transplanted 27 tomatos & 25 peppers from the greenhouse to the garden and mulched them with hay.  I touch-up mowed the yard and planted some impatiens in front of our fence.  We left for Dad's a little before 3:00.  All of Dad's brothers and sisters were there visiting and all of our family were there for supper.  Dad & Kent grilled chicken while everyone else just brought dishes of this or that.  Ina Sue took spinach salad.  This is the first time I think that all of Dad's brothers & sisters were down to the South at one time.  A very nice evening of visiting together.

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