April 3, 2004

Bethany Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg Mt Pleasant (Ina Sue's home church) was having council meeting Sunday morning which can get pretty long.  Since we had a dinner appointment we attended church at Bethany Mennonite Church instead.  Ina Sue's cousin Davey Showalter preached an excellent sermon from Matthew 7, on the topic of not being critical of others but instead examining yourself.  After church we had a wonderful meal with Randall & Lisa along with their daughter Brooklyn.  Had to leave fairly soon after dinner to head back to SC.  After packing up the rest of our stuff we headed out about 3:00.  Made it back just at 10:00.  It was good to be back home again. 

Pictures of the Shenandoah Valley

Randall, Lisa & Brooklyn Campbell Monday was another beautiful day.  We got up and took a walk around the block.  The dogwoods this spring are prettier than I think I have ever seen them.  (See picture below)  I worked outside for a while after I got home from work.  Ina Sue fixed chicken enchiladas for supper.  I spent most of the evening after supper making PRMC calls.  (PRMC, by the way, stands for Puerto Rico Mennonite Council).  I serve on the board of the mission.  If you are interested in knowing more about the mission you can read the newsletter from the island at http://lifeontheisland.barnwellsc.com


Ina Sue's old home...

It rained a little on Tuesday but hardly enough to count.  Ina Sue came in to work until about 2:00.  I spent the evening on the phone again while Ina Sue repaired a couple pair of my jeans.  (She doesn't really enjoy the task but did a great job)
The usual entrance to her home. :) We both felt ornery Wednesday morning so we slept in until about 8:00.  (Ornery, in the Harrisonburg Old Order community means lazy)  Another normal day at work for me.  Ina Sue did some caulking and got ready for our company.  I came home an hour early and mowed up the yard and set the table.  Conrad & Roslyn Stover have been in our community temporarily while helping on several building projects.  They plan to leave the end of this week and we wanted to have them over before they left.  Grandmother Heatwole was also here for supper. 
Dogwoods in Govan this year are perfect. Thursday:  we got up in good time and walked.  I went in to work until about 3:00.  Ina Sue sewed and painted the new baseboard for our family room. (We're still repairing some fungus damage in that room)  After I got home we set up the fences for our green beans.  I planted three rows of beans and several hills of cucumbers.  After supper we played a couple games, then I worked on installing a new motherboard & processor in our computer.  Ina Sue went on to bed.  I didn't finish the project untill about 1:00 but the computer works great.
Conrad & Roslyn (Hege) Stover & family I spent the entire day Friday in the service dept. at Computer Solutions.  Hendrick was off and I had no calls to go on.  We got everything caught up and I was able to do some organizing in our server room that had needed to be done for quite some time.  Ina Sue spent much of the day cleaning.  After work we had a nice quiet supper and evening together.
Our dear Granmother Heatwole Now it is Saturday evening and I am just about beat!  Today we weeded the whole garden, mowed the whole yard, planted marigolds, worked in the greenhouse, fertilized the yard, put the last coat of paint on the baseboard, fixed up two flowerbeds, & finished cleaning the house.  To celebrate at the end of the day we went to Duke's BarBQ for supper.  At 7:30 we went over to our neighbors for Maria's birthday party.  Dorcas' parents are here from Kansas so we had a nice time talking together with them.  Then we came home and finished fixing some food for tomorrow.  Now Ina Sue is in bed and I am finishing up this journal.....

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