April 2, 2005

Floyd & Katie Kauffman Up early on Easter Sunday.  It was a fairly rainy day.  Uncle Howard preached an Easter sermon.  Of course, Robert & Lori were still with us, and we invited Floyd & Katie Kauffman over for dinner as well.  Floyd & Katie were house parents at New Horizons (prison-baby-care) when Lori was in VS there.  We had a great time visiting over dinner & after dinner.  All the company pulled out around 3:00 and we had time to get in a small nap before a song service in the evening.  We didn't eat supper till we got home from church & I grilled us cheese sandwiches.
Carolina Sue & Emily Showalter I was in the doghouse Monday morning.....  It seems that in the process of getting bread out of the freezer for us last evening, I left the freezer lid hanging open.  Ina Sue wasn't very pleased but seemed to have forgiven by midmorning.   She had a huge wash to do and so can be forgiven for not wanting to have to clean up the freezer as well.   After supper in the evening I baked us a batch of macaroon cookies with Heath bits.  They turned out pretty good I thought...
Robert, Lori & Emily Showalter Tuesday was a lovely day weather-wise.  Ina Sue scrap booked in the morning.  In the afternoon she vacuumed out the van and got some sewing done.  I came home mid-afternoon and worked on getting the agenda put together for our PRMC meeting next Thursday.  We both worked for a while outside weeding & Round-Uping.  A low point of the day was when Carolina Sue pulled our digital camera off of the chair and slung it around by its cord.  The zoom lens did not seem to survive the ordeal... :(  I guess I'll have to send it off to get it fixed.  Pictures may be scarce on the webpage for a while.   In the evening I took Carolina Sue with me to Denmark to fill the van up with gas.  With gas over $2 per gallon it takes a nice hunk to fill up the van.
Peach trees out in pink... We got up and around in good time Wednesday morning because Ina Sue needed to get left to go Easter Caroling with the other Sewing Circle ladies.  They sang at the nursing homes then met at the Mule Barn for a carry-in dinner of finger foods.  Ina Sue took spinach balls.  In the afternoon she started making food for when Papa's family comes to visit.  We had Bill Bylers over for an impromptu supper of homemade egg rolls, green beans & leftover spinach balls.  A nice evening visiting with our soon to be leaving neighbors.
In front of the Morris Museum of Art Thursday morning I took Carolina Sue with me to work.  Actually, we started together but I dropped her off at Benita Hege's for babysitting.  Ina Sue went with some of the other church ladies to the school to paint in the morning.  She was working on putting the last coat of paint on the exterior doors and was just finishing up when a rain-storm hit.  She is afraid that the rain may have ruined all their hard work...  We'll see, I guess.  I had a normal day at work with the exception of a splendid site on my way back from Allendale.  The peach orchards along 278 were absolutely breathtaking with their acres of pink blooms. (My picture hardly does them justice).  I have never seen them at such a peak!  In the evening we had Anthony Heatwole & Joe Byers over for a supper of stromboli, collards, baked corn, & strawberry shortcake.  After supper we got in an enjoyable game of Rook along with conversation.
Azaleas in "Old Towne" Augusta Friday was April 1'st and another beautiful day.....  Our neighbor, Mrs. Margaret Jones came over and visiting for about an hour in the morning.   Ina Sue spent the remainder of the day cleaning & scrap booking.  I spent a fairly slow day in at the shop.  Business has slowed down quite a bit since our big month in February.  For supper we had grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup, then a relaxed evening at home.
Delicious Supper at Duane & Janice' We were hoping to get a couple loads of pinestraw put down in our yard on Saturday but we woke up to the sound of rain outside.  It did pretty much slack off by 9:00 but then a ferocious wind picked up and blew throughout the rest of the day.  We had been planning to go over to Hephzibah to here "Voice of Praise" in the evening and just decided to leave a little early and get in some shopping & sightseeing in Augusta.  Before we left though, I drove up to Denmark to get another packet of onion starts for our garden.  I had forgotten that the Denmark Magnolia Festival was kicking in the Saturday.  I had to park about 3 blocks away and walk in.  Thankfully it was pretty early and I didn't get held up with traffic.  (By the way, this is also the Saturday for Allendale's Spring CooterFest.  Believe it or not they actually race cooters in what is supposedly the world's biggest cooter race.)
Christopher telling a story to Aunt Ina. I hurried home and got the onions planted quick then we got left for Augusta around 11:00.  First of all we drove through parts of Old Town and looked at the azaleas.  They were still not quite to their peek but some where very pretty.  Then we spent and hour or two going through the Morris Museum of Art (A museum in Augusta that focuses on Art of the South).  We enjoyed that then as we were walking back down the Riverwalk to get to our car we noticed Ellis Riehl & Jennifer Heatwole walking ahead of us.  We visited with them a little then headed out to Hephzibah to Kents for a very short visit and to drop off some greenhouse plastic for him.  Then to Duane & Janice's for a delicious supper of chicken nuggets, potato wedges, black-eyed peas with pear relish, cole slaw and a delicious lime nouget dessert.  Then we all headed over to the Hephzibah church for an inspiring program by Voice of Praise.  After church we stopped by Nevin's to pick up a computer monitor and have a snack of ice-cream & chips.  Home by 11:30 but then had to turn our clocks up an hour. :(


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