March 27, 2004

Pansies & a dogwood in the background Sunday was a gorgeous day!  We got up and walked around the block before going to church.  Today was our council (examination) sunday.  Bro. Wendell Heatwole preached the sermon on "The Sin of Self-Righteousness"  I fixed lunch for Ina Sue; Ham biscuit rollups with cheese sauce, & collard greens.  (Not real fancy but she liked it).  In the evening I had the "privilege" of having devotions & moderating at our church service.  We had two very interesting topics.  "The Praying Christian" & "The Forgiving Christian"  Our neighbors, Bill & Dorcas Byler came over after church for a snack & games.
My tomato plants in the greenhouse Brrrr!  It definitely got colder by Monday morning.  A low temperature right around freezing.  I had a full day at work while Ina Sue did her normal Monday clothes washing.  She fixed us a deluxe supper then we played some games,  caught up the finances & started reading "Whats so Amazing about Grace" by Phillip Yancey.
Ina Sue accounting away... Ina Sue came into the shop with me Tuesday and caught up the accounting.  She also had an appointment with our dentist.  No cavities this time. :)  After we got home I worked in the greenhouse while she sewed on her dress.
Brother Sherman in a restful pose... It was still pretty cold yet on Wednesday but warmed up nice during the day.  Luckily I don't think this cold snap was enough to hurt our potatos or corn.  In addition to her other work, Ina mowed up our front yard nice.  When I got home I finished mowing the rest of the yard then we met our small group at the church to pick up sticks, mow & clean up the yard.  Afterwards we went out to Pizza Hut for our supper.
A table setting at Ina Sue's shower Thursday was an ordinary but beautiful day.  I think Spring is here for good.  In the evening we played some Boggle then I worked on our web page and Ina went to bed.
Opening gifts On Friday I took off work and we headed up to Harrisonburg for the weekend.  We left about 8:00 and had a wonderfully leisure trip up.  Arrived about 5:00 and left at about 6:30 to go to the Hickory Hollow school program.  Ina Sue's brother Sherman had a part in a program that was themed on "The Shenandoah Valley"  It was a very well done program!  Afterwards we went home and had a birthday party for Papa.  He didn't get home until around 10:30 but we had a great time anyway.
The shower hostesses: Catherine Good, Lydia Good, Becky McMurray & Natalia Showalter around Ina Sue Saturday was a full day for both of us.  Ina Sue's friends in the Valley put on a baby shower for her in the afternoon.  I wasn't there but the party sounded elegant and quite delicious.  In the evening Ina Sue went to another baby shower,  this time for our sister-in-law Lori.  I thought I was going to have a whole day to lounge around but instead had the privilege of working along with Papa closing in a porch on Robert's house.  In the evening, Sherman, Keith Martin & I went and played tennis with Adam & Mandie Showalter.  A lot of fun & a lot of exercise.  I was pretty sore by the time I got up the next morning!
Robert's wife Lori at her shower.  

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