March 26, 2005

Sunday morning at Ebenezer Mennonite Sunday morning we woke up luxuriously in Jerrel Good's apartment.  We all slept wonderfully and the day looked like a gorgeous day!  What a pleasure to attend church at South Boston again.  I think it has been probably 15 years or so since I was here last for church.  Bro. Jerrel brought the message on "Holiness: The Reason, The Responsibility & The Results"  Had a good time visiting with friendly people then headed back to Jerrel Goods for dinner.  They had Norvan & Jewel Yoder there along with Joyce's sister Dorcas, Andy Korver & children (Mary and the brand new baby were still recuperating at home) and Selinda Horst.  After the delicious dinner and stimulating conversation we headed toward SC around 3:30.  We enjoyed reading John Grisham's "Skipping Christmas" to each other.  My wife kept thinking she caught glimpses of me in the tale....  We got home around 9:00.  It was the first day of Spring!
Carolina Sue reads the morning paper Monday morning was a regular day for me at work.  Ina Sue was having some real back pain but drug herself through all the washing, ironing & folding.  She also made us black bean & rice burritos for supper.  She went on to bed early to rest while I read.
Nelson Hochstetler with his new & freshly painted bakery (Nelson's WeeBake)

Oh man!  I felt rotten Tuesday morning.  Ol' Montezuma was taking a terrible revenge on me and I felt like throwing up on top of all that....  I laid around really still in hopes of holding everything down but ended up losing last evening's bean burritos around 8:00.  I wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and grumble but I got a page from Augusta Fiberglass with an urgent problem needing assistance.  I drove up there and wasn't able to get away for the rest of the miserable day.  I didn't eat anything all day long and was still feeling sick that evening.  I thought I was feeling well enough to have the bible study at the jail but after I got there I decided I'd better not risk it.  I came home & went to bed.  Ina Sue had a doctor appointment in the morning then took Carolina Sue shopping in Orangeburg.  They got home around 6:00.
Burton Heatwoles put on a wonderful party for ex-patriot Virginians... Ina Sue met with Sharon Brubaker & Lonita Diem Wednesday morning to finish planning for the food at Barnwell's upcoming Youth Weekend.  I spent the day at work but got off around 5:00 to meet Dale Dickerson & Dale Bange (the other men in our small group) at Mrs. Dickerson's to cut down trees & saw firewood.  The lady folks met us around 7:00 and we all went to Pizza Hut for supper.  I'm still not totally well but the pizza was some of the first solid food I've eaten for the last two days.  A good time together then home to bed.
Glen Peters & son cooked us up an awesome batch of catfish & hushpuppies I took off from shop work Thursday.  In the morning I went over to the school to work on trimming out the interior doors.  I got about half of them done by 2:00 then worked on the school's computer for about a half hour then came home to help Ina Sue around the house.  She had already painted the 2nd coat around the edges of the porch.  I mowed the weeds down in our yard for about two hours then got out the paint & roller and put the 2nd coat of paint on the middle part of the porch.  It looks very nice if I must say it...  (I wasn't sure this was a needed task so it has kind'a been Ina Sue's project)  In the evening Wendell & Naomi Heatwole came over to receive our council in preparation for communion.  We had a nice time visiting with them then Julie & Jennifer joined us for a snack of shrimp dip & lime sherbet floats.
Carolina riding a grizzly Friday was a big day for both of us.  I got up early and picked a huge batch of collards from the garden.  Ina Sue worked like a tiger cleaning and fixing food for the evening.  She baked two strawberry pies and cooked up the big batch of collards.  I came home from work around 4:00 and we quickly loaded up the baby and food into the van an left for Burkeland, Ga.  Burton & Deborah Heatwole invited us over for a catfish supper at a beautiful cabin/home on a lake over by Uncle Byards.  Duane & Jeremy Showalters (Deborah's sisters)were down from Virginia.  James Groffs, & Brenda's sister Maggie were also there along with Anson Martin.  Uncle Byards, Ivans & Shane were there too.  One of Burton's friends came in and deep fat fried the catfish & hushpuppies.  He also fried up some pickles in batter which were a huge hit.  After supper we sat around and visited for several hours.  It was a wonderful evening and we were sorry to have to leave.  When we got home Ina Sue's brother Robert was already here with his wife Lori & daughter Emily.  They came down to SC for Rick Good's wedding in Abbeville, SC then drove on down to visit us.  We talked for a while then got to bed around 12:00
Brenda Groff & Meredith with Laura Showalter & Benjamin We all slept in a little Saturday morning.  Ina Sue fixed us a tater tot casserole for breakfast then Robert and I went over to the school to finish trimming out the doors.  It took a little longer than we thought and we didn't get home until about 3:00.  We loafed around for a while in the afternoon.  We enjoyed a game of Dutch Blitz together even though the babies thought that they absolutely needed to be a part....
Robert helped me do door trim at the school  Around 7:00 we went over to the school for a volleyball game.  We had invited the young marrieds & older youth to come and play and bring along a carry-in snack.   This was the first time I have gotten a chance to play volleyball in the new gym.  It's a hit in my opinion!  The good lights & high ceiling along with the breeze from the fans makes a delightful place to play.  I had a wardrobe malfunction during the very first game and had to sneak out and drive home for a new pair of pants.  The fortunate thing was that I took Carolina Sue with me and she went to sleep while I drove and slept for the rest of the evening.  This allowed the wife and I to get in a lot more volleyball then would normally have been possible.  Everybody knocked off around 10:00 and we came on home in time for a good rest before the Lord's day.
We relaxed with Dutch Blitz in the later pm. Carolina with Robert's Emily


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