March 20, 2004

Kevin Eshleman family We both got up early on Sunday to get ready to go to Hephzibah, GA for church.  Glendon Eshleman had the sermon on "Meditating on the Word".  After church we were invited to Kevin & Dawn Eshlemans for dinner. (Celebrating Kevin's birthday)  Had a delicious dinner there and a very nice time talking.  Then we went over to Nevins for a little then came on back to Barnwell in time for church in the evening.  Had a song service with a children's meeting & testimonies of favorite songs.

Monday was a beautiful day.  Ina Sue washed clothes & housecleaned our bedroom.  Had a quiet evening at home together.

On Tuesday Ina Sue had a baby doctor appointment.  Then she came into the shop and helped with the accounting.  I went to the Barnwell jail in the evening for Bible Study.

I started the day early Wednesday by shoveling a big pile of manure over the garden.  ....Gave me a sore back!  Ina Sue worked on making dresses today.  She says it was quite stressful!  I came home about an hour early from work and Ina Sue gave me a haircut before supper.  Then we went to prayer meeting and had a youth planning meeting afterward.  It was 10:00 before we got home.


On Thursday I took the day off and worked in the lawn and garden.  Ina Sue helped me cut down our pampas grass.  We piled it on the middle of the garden and lit it up.  It made quite a lot of smoke.  Our neighbor, Margaret Jones gave me some blueberry starts from her bushes and I planted five of them out by the garden.  Did some mowing, mulching and spraying.  After supper we went to Carigg Manor nursing home with the youth group for a program then finished out the evening with some volleyball.  Good Exercise. 
  I was kept very busy at work on Friday while Ina Sue cleaned the house & made food for the weekend.  In the evening we went to my friend Hendrick's apartment with Leon & Beth Dueck.  The women put up a wallpaper border and did a little cleaning for him.  Hendrick fed us a delicious supper in return.  Afterwards Ina Sue and I went to the church and did our cleaning duties there.  Got home kinda late.
My brother-in-law Milton Hobbs, trimming out a window Saturday was  a very big day.  We drove an hour an a half over to Hephzibah for a work day at Nevin's new house.  Myself, my three brothers, my brother-in-law, and Dad were all there to help.  The women folk came to bring lunch.  We spent the day working on putting in trim.  Ina Sue went with Laura and mother into some thrift/goodwill stores.  She was quite pleased with some of her purchases.  We came on home then and had a supper of BarBQ chicken. (Compliments of a neighborhood fund raiser.  We spent a little time putting our new crib & changing table together for our little one.  The nursery is starting to look a little more like a proper nursery now.  Afterward, I spent an hour or two out in the green house doing this and that.
Nevin's Christopher & Duane's Jenna sharing a drawer together
K-K, Janice, Duane, Nevin & Milton in Nevin's new kitchen.
Michael putting together the new crib.

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