March 19, 2005

An afternoon with Grandmother It was good to be at Barnwell for church again Sunday morning.  It seems like it has been a while since I was there.  Wendell Heatwole brought the message on "The Brotherhood".  In particular he discussed how true brother hood is different from both Institutionalism & Individualism.  We came home and whipped up a lunch of ham gravy over biscuits, mashed potatoes & collards.  We took a short nap then Uncle Howards dropped Grandmother off for a while to visit while they went up to Orangeburg to visit a neighbor in the nursing home.  We had a very nice time visiting with Grandmother.  She has seen an awful lot in her 99 years! 
James, Brenda & Meredith Groff Uncle Howards picked Grandmother up around 6:00 and we went to church for somewhat of a scrapbook service.  The mens chorus sang several songs, some of the youth gave testimonies of their time at Bible School,  Daryl Brubaker gave an update on SLM Ministry's work in Romania and Delmar Diem spoke a while about the Carolina Chaplancy Program.  Interesting and informative.  After church James & Brenda came over for a snack of shrimp dip, pears, and raspberry bars.  We were planning to play some games but got too involved just talking.  A good time!
First supper of collards.... I left for work a little early Monday for a meeting.  It was a lovely spring day.  Ina Sue did the wash and took a walk with Dorcas & Maria.  She fixed us a supper of pork BarBQ over rice and collards.  We minced up some of the collards, mixed them with rice and tried feeding them to Carolina Sue.  She loved them!  Ina Sue says she is a true Southern girl.  After supper we each sewed up a quilt square.  12 down and 18 more to go....
Ina Sue painted the edges of the porch It cooled off by the time we got up Tuesday.  We decided that I would try to take the day off and help Ina Sue paint the front porch floor.  I did have a call I needed to take care of first thing so I went on in to the shop.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get away until after 3:00.  By the time I got home Ina Sue had already painted most of the border around the porch.  I got out the paint roller and quickly rolled the middle of the porch.  Carolina Sue entertained herself meanwhile by eating leaves off the porch. :(  We got the first coat all on by 5:00 and knocked off.  Ina Sue made us ham & cheese calzones for supper.
while our little snowman played with leaves Wednesday was cold & rainy.  We were afraid that the rain would mess up the paint on the porch floor but it seemed to have weathered OK.  I had a fairly relaxed day at work and was able to leave a bit early.  Ina Sue was glad to have help in keeping Carolina while she spring-cleaned the kitchen cabinets.  Carolina has a bit of a cough and we weren't sure we should take her to prayer meeting but we decided to give it a try.  The school building furnishings committee gave a report on their work and asked for an approval for their budget & selections.  After church we met with Delmars & Daryl Brubakers to plan the menu for the upcoming youth weekend.
The pear trees are in full bloom It was down to 38 degrees Thursday morning and still rainy.  I had a full day at work with calls to Allendale and Blackville.  Ina Sue had a tooth that has been bothering her so she went to Dr. Still for a checkup.  He said everything looked fine so she was happy.  Then she hurried back to Aunt Miriam's to get in on the rest of her quilting.  Mother Strite was there along with Aunt Glennys and Benita Hege.  She said they had a great time and a delicious dinner of tenderloin, puff dressing, gravy, and zipper peas.  When she got home she had a pretty bad backache so when I got home I told her to lay down and I would make supper.  I made pizza for the first time and thought it turned out fairly well.
Mother & A. Glennys at A. Miriam's quilting Friday is Ina Sue's cleaning day.  With the baby starting to tag along behind the sweeper she says it is hard to get much done.  I spent the day up at Augusta Fiberglass delivering and hooking up a new batch of computer they just purchased.  After work I came home to a delicious supper of bacon-broccoli quiche.  Scrumptious!  I worked on the computer for a little while Ina Sue made up some cheerio nuggets.  Then we played Pictionary together for a while before heading to bed.
We stayed in Jerrel Good's guest house We slept in a while Saturday morning then worked at getting things packed up and ready for our weekend trip.  We left around 10:00 in hopes of being able to stop at Carolina Pottery for a hour of shopping before heading on up to Jerrel Good's for a small PRMC meeting.  Unfortunately, we had hardly scheduled enough time so Ina Sue had to cut her shopping really short.  We did get to Jerrels around 4:15 and had our meeting, then went out to eat with Jerrels at "Ernie's" restaurant.  It was a very nice restaurant with a wonderful seafood bar and very reasonable prices.
Jerrel demonstrates his "Harley Davidson" lawn tractor After we got back to Jerrels we got our things unpacked in Jerrel's little guest house then Jerrel showed me some of the yard equipment they've been selling lately.  His business had a tent sale in their back yard last week and the tent was still there with a fair amount of equipment.  Then we went inside and visited for a while before calling it a day.


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