March 13, 2004



Sunday Morning the men's chorus gave the program at Barnwell in the morning then we travelled to New Holland for an afternoon service at 3:00.  The chorus then went on to Hephzibah for a program in the evening.  We were expecting company so we didn't go to the program at Hephzibah.  I heard later that it was the best of the three programs.  I'm still trying to figure out what that says about my singing???  Our company, Jack and Susan Smith arrived at our house around 9:30.  Susan was Ina Sue's high school teacher from Hickory Hollow Christian School.  They were on there way back from Florida and kindly stopped in to see us.  Jack is a pharmacist and teaches at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.

We had a great time together with them and they left around 9:00 Monday morning to head north.




On Tuesday,  Ina Sue went with some of the other women from our church to the prison in Columbia for witnessing.


Thursday was the baby shower for Bethany Heatwole.  Ina Sue, Brenda Groff, Laura Heatwole, and Beth Dueck sponsored the event.  It was held at our house so obviously I occupied myself elsewhere for most of the event.  I got home from work about 9:00 and things still seemed to be going strong.  I worked out in the greenhouse for a while then came in to help clean things up.  It seemed like everyone had a good time.
Friday we went over to my brother Duane's for an evening of fun & games.  My brother Nevin and his family were there as well.  This is a picture of Duane and also of his new girl Jenna.  It's hard to see the family resemblance....


Saturday we spent most of the day working outside with the exception of cleaning the church in the morning.  It is our month so.....  In the evening we attending a service at Calvary Fellowship in Blackville, on the subject of the Christian family

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