March 12, 2005

Birthday party for Davey & Paula Showalter We attended church at Mt. Pleasant Sunday morning.  Timmy Showalter preached on the topic of "My Agenda or God's Agenda".  After talking with our friends there we came back home to Mother's delicious "birthday" dinner for Ina Sue.  She fixed baked Canadian bacon, dilly rolls, sweet potato souffle, salad, caramel custard, candy bar cake, & thickened cherries.  A meal fit the the king! (Or queen as the occasion called)  Keith & Jeanne left about 5:30 to go back to Maryland.  All the rest of us went to Hickory Hollow school for a supper/snack in honor of Davey & Paula Showalter's birthdays.  We had a great time visiting with friends that we don't see often enough.
Ina Sue at the top of Massanutten. We got up in good time Monday morning and got ready for Ina's birthday present. (A skiing trip to Massanutten)  We borrowed skis off of Marsha & Sherman and got to the slopes a little before 9:00.  After the first time down the slope I decided that Sherman's skis were much too long for my tastes/skill so I went back down and rented  a pair of 140's.  I have found that I have much better control with shorter skis and having enough speed is no problem for me.  It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time.  After skiing the blue square slopes for a while we graduated up to the black diamond slope which we really enjoyed.  (It was fairly easy for a black diamond) 
Riding the lift to the top... We knocked off round 2:00 and drove back to the Showalters to pack up.  Mother & Carolina Sue seemed to have gotten along very well.  By the time we had everything packed in and were on our way it was about 3:30.  We arrived back in Govan around 10:30 and unpacked the van then hit the bed.  I thought I would be sore but did not really seem to have a problem.  Ina Sue said she was a little sore the next day.
Maria entertains Carolina Sue Tuesday morning we got up to a blustery SC day.  It was very windy and our power kept blinking off and on.  Ina Sue tried to do the wash but the intermittent power made it difficult.  She was able to finish it up in the afternoon though.  Maria came over and helped to entertain Carolina in the afternoon.  I had a busy day to the shop due to taking off Monday.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us a delicious meal of chicken/broccoli divan over rice, and a salad.  I made some PRMC calls for a while while Ina Sue perused the new Rohrer history book that was just published.
The Duane Bange Family It was much colder (26 degrees) when we got up Wednesday morning.  Ina Sue had a terrible headache much of the day but was able to work a while on Carolina Sue's scrapbook.  I spent the day at work then came home to a supper of pepper steak over rice, and carrots.  I took care of the dishes then we played a couple games of Connect Four.  I worked on the church web page for a while.  Ina Sue was feeling really tired so she went to bed early.
Annual trimming of the pampas grass Ina Sue had fixed us a tater-tot breakfast casserole the evening before so we enjoyed that Thursday morning.  I spent a long day at the shop.  Geof Huber our Radioshack district manager came by in the afternoon and we had a spirited discussion on some areas of disagreement.  We came to an understanding though and parted on very good terms.  He didn't leave until 7:30 though and by the time I got gas and picked up some groceries it was after 8:30 by the time I got home.  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home and playing with the baby.
Ina Sue vacuumed the van.... Friday was another windy blustery day.  Ina Sue spent her day cleaning the house and preparing supper for tonight.  I spent most of the day at the shop doing accounting work.  I did leave about a half hour early to come home and help the wife get ready for company.  When I got home though she already had everything ready to go so we rested a while until Duane Banges got here at 7:00.  Ina Sue served us stromboli, BarBQ green beans, salad and ginger bread for dessert.  We had a very nice time visiting and sharing together.  They have very well behaved boys!!!  Duane brought us a DVD he had made of Chad Brubaker's paraplane excursions around the community.  He did a very nice job on it and after they left we enjoyed watching it.
A stray dog that seems to have adopted us. Saturday was a wonderful day at home together.  We haven't had many days at home lately because of trips and working at the school.  I started the day off by trimming down our pampas grass.  The trimming was easy but cleaning up was made very difficult by very strong wind that tended to blow the fronds all over the yard.  After that I began working on getting a bed ready for our asparagus that we got in from Parks.  The instructions for making the bed were quite advanced and it took me most of the day to get that done.  First I spaded out the top 12" of soil and used a shovel to break up the soil about 10" below that.  Then I went over to Merle Diems and got two truck loads of manure that I mixed with shredded leaves & potting soil to make a very organic mixture for the asparagus.  Dale Dickerson delivered some railroad ties to put around the bed then I planted the crowns and covered everything up.   It takes about 3 years before you can begin harvesting from a new bed so we have to really look to the future.
Merle Diem very kindly loaded my truck with two big loads of manure.  As you see my shocks barely stood up to it..... Ina Sue vacuumed out the van then worked on making supper for Leon & Beth Dueck.  They had a baby last week and Ina Sue made the supper to help them out.  She left around 5:30 to take the supper to them then drove up to Denmark to wash the van & buy some groceries.  While she was gone I finished putting away everything then came in to the house to knock off.  She had a pan of collards cooking on the stove and so I tried them out.  They were some of the best collards I had ever eaten, so I proceeded to devour almost the whole pot full.  Then I felt bad so I went out to the garden and picked another bucket of collards and kale and worked on getting them cut up before she got home.  After she got home she fixed us steak sandwiches.  Then we cleaned up and now I'm doing this while she reads.  I need to put away the new pot of collards then we're going to hit the sack.


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