March 5, 2005

Carolina Sue felt much better by Sunday I was sick as a dog Sunday morning.  Luckily, Ina Sue & Carolina were pretty much back to normal.  They left me in bed and went to church.  Bro. David brought the message on "A Conscience Void of Offense".  After the service they stayed for the carry-in meal then hurried home to take care of me....  We rested through the afternoon and went to bed around 8:00.  I still wasn't feeling very well.
Looking down through the new school ceiling at Ralph Dickerson I decided I was going to try to go into work at least for a while Monday morning.  Just as I was about to leave I got a page letting me know that the radio on our tower was not communicating correctly.  I went straight out to the tower and after an hour or two of diagnosing came to the conclusion that I would have to climb the 280' to the radio at the top of the tower.  I truly wasn't sure I had the energy to achieve it after about 4 days of flu...  I put on the harness though and took it real slow.  It took me close to two hours on the tower to re-wire the electric supply but I had them going before dinner.  By the time I got down I was still feeling weak but my head had cleared up remarkably.  I finished up the day in the shop then came home to a delicious supper of spaghetti & garlic bread.  Spent the evening playing with Carolina.
Plain or Fancy Sign Co. in Orangeburg I spent the morning at Plain or Fancy Signs again Tuesday.  I think I pretty much have the job finished now though.  I spent the afternoon doing misc service jobs around Barnwell & Allendale then stayed in at the shop and went straight to bible study at the jail.  Ina Sue spent a lot of the day sewing.  We found out today that Danny Hege's had two new grandboys born.  Derek Allen was born Sunday to Conrad & Roslyn Stover, and Gaven Kedrick was born Tuesday morning to Leon & Beth Dueck.  We had turkey wraps & rice/spinach bake for supper
Wendell was working on ceiling with us Thur. Wednesday was a normal day for me at work.  Ina & Carolina took a shopping expedition to Barnwell for groceries & misc supplies.  They stopped in at the shop and ate lunch with me.  Then she went home and baked bread.  I came home a little bit early and got my topic ready for the evening.  My topic was based on James 5:1-6 and was titled "The Christian and Wealth".   After Ina Sue cut my hair we ate a quick supper and headed to church.  After church I worked on a preliminary webpage for our conference for a while.  We weighed Carolina Sue at church this evening.  She is 9 months old and weighs 16 1/2 lbs.
Delmar Diems sat across from us at the "parent/youth" banquet Friday evening I went to work at the school Thursday morning.  We continued working on getting the ceiling tiles cut & in place.  After lunch we knocked off and I went in to the shop for the rest of the day.  In the evening we went to see a little play in Barnwell about the mentally handicapped.  It was pretty well done.  Bill & Dorcas kept Maria for us.
Hendrick moderated a "Know Your Spouse" game after supper Friday was another busy day.  We can tell that Carolina Sue is feeling much better than she has been.  She is much happier.  After I got home in the evening we took Carolina Sue over to Suzanne for babysitting then drove to the school for a "parent/youth" supper.  Hendrick had kindly invited us to attend as his "parents".  We were thrilled with the invitation and didn't mind being the "youngest" parents with the "oldest" youth.  :)  It was a formal affair with grilled sirloin & chicken, twice-baked potatoes, green beans, rolls, salad, and a delicious chocolate mousse dessert.  After the dinner Hendrick moderated an extremely humorous "Know your spouse" game then Richard had us compose quite interesting stories about each other and we all ended with a "Pop the Balloon" relay.  A very fun and enjoyable evening!  A special thanks to the youth who worked so hard to put it on....
The ladies' responses were humorous... Saturday was Ina Sue's birthday.  We got up soon after 6:00 and scurried around getting ready to leave for VA.  We got left around 7:30 and pulled in to Mt. Crawford right at 2:30.  I went out for a bite of dinner with Keith, Sherman & John Beery.  After I got back I helped Ina Sue prepare our Puerto Rican supper for her family & Uncle Lees.  We had pinchos, rice & gandules, fried yucca balls & tostones w/ dip, and a salad.  Mother fixed a delicious dessert of strawberry pie.  After supper and the dishes were done, Julia & Lola had a couple entertaining games for us to play together.  We finished the evening with some Catch Phrase.
Ina's Puerto Rican birthday supper with Uncle Lees.  
Aunt Reba & Mother fishing for worms...