February 26, 2005

Ina Sue's violets on the kitchen sill We had a relaxing day on Sunday.  Bro. Gary preached from the book of Job.  We were delighted to be invited to Floyd & Katie's for lunch along with James Groffs & Duane Banges.  Katie fixed us an absolutely delicious dinner and we had a wonderful time visiting afterward.  After a small nap at home we headed back  to church to hear Bill Byler give a really interesting talk on birds in the Bible.  He did a great job and made it very interesting.
The new Kronotex plant is now producing... Monday was pretty rainy but Ina Sue did get most of the wash to finally dry on the lines.  I spent part of the day out at the new Kronotex plant.  In the evening we went to church for the first evening of our revivals.  Bro. David Swartzentruber from PA is our evangelest.  Tonight he preached on "Cleansing the Temple"  taken from the account of the revival under Hezekiah.   I was particularly struck with how Judah after they got their own lives and temple cleaned out, were not only able to worship God in a true way but also then reached out to the other tribes in the nation of Israel inviting them to come back to God and to worship him with them.
I spent Wed. afternoon hanging these stairs. Tuesday was my 33'rd birthday.  Whoa how time does fly these days!!!!  I spent the day at my normal work.  Ina Sue made me up a special supper of ribs, rice & green beans.  Carolina Sue has come down with a cold and fever.  I stayed home with her tonight while Ina Sue went to revivals alone.  In between comforting the baby I planted a flat of tomatos & peppers for the garden.  Ina Sue says that the sermon tonight was an encouraging sermon on the topic of "The Journey is too Great for Thee"
For the rest of the week we were both sick and didn't feel like taking pictures......

So, here are a couple of pictures that I found that I took of our house when I first bought it.... 

I spent most of the day on Wednesday working at the school.  I spent most of the morning running phone lines around to the different rooms.  They are working on putting in the ceiling tiles now so it was important to get those run now.  Then in the afternoon I worked on framing in and hanging the folding staircase to give access to the attic.  Got done and came home around 4:00.    Ina Sue is feeling a bit under the weather now and Carolina is still sick so I went to church myself tonight.  Another good sermon.  Topic was "The Preaching of the Gospel" From Romans 1.
Our original house from the front... Ina Sue was really feeling sick by Thursday morning.  My throat was a little scratchy but not bad.  I went on in to work but Ina Sue called me soon after I got there and begged for some help.  She could barely get out of bed and Carolina Sue was really needing some help.  I tried to finish up all the critical jobs and come home as quick as I could but it was almost 12:00 by the time I got home.  Carolina Sue had messed herself all up so I quickly got her cleaned up and in the tub.  After things settled down I had to leave again for an appointment I had down in Allendale with a client.  By this time I was starting to feel pretty bad as well.  The appointment didn't go very well and it was almost 2 hours before I got back home.  Ina Sue was very nice about it but I wish I could have been home more to help her out.....  We all stayed home from church tonight.
The back entrance, almost grown over... Friday morning Ina Sue felt a little better while I felt much worse.   Ina Sue drug herself through a quick house cleaning and pretty much took care of Carolina while I moped around in the bed and the bathtub.  I would go from chills to fever and back all through the day.  I had to go into the shop for a little around 4:00 to do the payroll.  Then back home for a sick evening
The living room before remodeling I had promised James that I would help out on the Radioshack side on Saturday.  Most of our employees were gone this weekend for Korwin Schrock's wedding in Ohio.  I still was not feeling well but was able to fill my role there for the 9 hrs it took.  It was really busy with Richard selling about 12 cell phones.  By the time I got home though, I was feeling terrible.  I took a hot bath and went straight to bed!  Our dear friend Betty Heatwole brought us a full course supper to help us get well.  Chicken/rice/corn soup, carrot salad, rolls, pecan bars, pickled eggs & beets.  Wow! 

While I slept through the evening, Ina Sue baked the turkey that I had marinating (Puerto Rican style) and cleaned the meat from the bones.


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