February 19, 2005

Twyla Kennel & Kim Yoder Uncle Howard preached Sunday morning on "The Christian and Pleasure".  Came home for a small lunch, took a nap, then worked on fixing a little food for our company after church.  The Heritage Bible School Chorale gave the program in the pm.  They gave a very nice program then two very nice girls came home with us for the night.  We had a good time visiting with them over a snack then got to bed around 11:00.
Heritage Choral preparing to bus off... Monday morning we all got up in time to eat breakfast of breakfast pizza.  Then we dropped our guests off at Carl Heatwole's.  Carl & Grace are going along on the chorale tour as chaperones so the bus met everyone there.  After dropping them off I went over to the school building to help put up the drop ceiling.  I worked there with Richard until after dinner then went in to the shop for the rest of the day.  Ina Sue worked hard at getting the washing done while trying to keep Carolina Sue happy. (She fell and bumped her head pretty badly)  In the evening we kept James Groff's baby Meredith while they went out for Valentines supper.  We had a delicious Valentines supper here at home of BBQ'd ribs, zipper peas, rice, and homemade bread.    After James' picked up the baby we had a little party with sparkling cider.
Richard is hanging drop ceiling Tuesday, I was supposed to be at Plain or Fancy Sign Co. in Orangeburg for the whole day but got called on a urgent call up to Williston first thing.  That call took until about dinner time so I didn't near get done with my project in Orangeburg.  Ina Sue spent the day sewing on a new dress.  For supper she grilled us catfish and baked broccoli.  After supper we worked on our quilt together.
Merle checks for any lurking electricity.... We got up at 6:00 Wednesday morning and had a delicious breakfast of egg casserole.  I left at 7:00 to get an early start on the Orangeburg job.  Ina Sue continued sewing on her dress and also almost finished a new dress for Carolina.  After I got home in the evening we ate a quick supper then left for Hephzibah.  We stayed at Nevin's for the night in order to get an early start the next morning.  I worked unsuccessfully to get his computer & laptop talking to each other but we both agreed it was more important to get to bed.....
Ina rushes to unhang clothes after rain starts I got up at 2:40 Thursday morning and quickly got ready then Nevin & I drove up to Dad's to meet Kent & Duane.  It took us right at 5 hrs to get to Beech Mt. in North Carolina where we planned to snow ski.  We did stop and got some sausage biscuits & gravy at Hardees on the way.  Thursday was free lift tickets day for men so that helped us get by pretty cheaply.  By the time we got on the slopes it was about 8:50 and we pretty much skied straight through until the place closed down at 4:30.  We had wonderfully much fun and aside from some sore muscles came out relatively intact.  After eating supper at Ruby Tuesdays we headed back home and arrived in Hephzibah around 11:00pm.
The Strite Brothers on top of Beech Mt. Meanwhile, Ina Sue and all the ladies of the household except for Laura & Janice, went thrift shopping then went out for dinner at O'Charlies to celebrate Mother's birthday.  In the afternoon they spent some time at Dad's sewing then Ina Sue finished out the day with K. Kay. 
Betty Heatwole painting school doors. We dragged our tired selves out of bed Friday morning around 6:00 and Karen fixed us a delicious breakfast before we headed out for home.  We drove back to Govan where I quickly got ready then headed back in to work.  I spent most of the day in the shop with the exception of a call in the afternoon to Augusta Fiberglass.  Ina Sue cleaned the house, went grocery shopping & took care of Carolina.  For supper we had Puerto Rican pinchos & rice-a-roni.  After supper we worked in the kitchen getting food ready for tomorrow
The three bigwigs: Charles, Myron & Merle Saturday was a big day!  I started work at the school around 8:30.  Richard Brubaker and I continued our work on the drop ceiling.  Ina Sue spent the morning doing more cooking then brought in lunch for all the people working.  There were about 15 of us there for dinner.  We had grenachees, deviled eggs, pickles, & cream puff lemon dessert.  Delicious! (at least I thought)  She came back home then while Richard and I finished up the room we were working on.  On my way home I stopped and picked up some seed potatoes from Dale Dickersons.  Ina Sue spent the afternoon cleaning up the house and vacuuming out the van.  I got to work planting our spring garden.  I planted beets, radishes, several kinds of lettuce, spinach, carrots & potatoes.  We had a grab bag for supper.  Now I'm writing this while Ina Sue rests.
Planting the spring garden. News Flash:  Carolina Sue is finally starting to crawl....!

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