February 11, 2005

Ivan & Dana Heatwole A disclaimer from the start....this is not Michael writing.   However it is obvious that he chose the pictures before he drafted me into writing.  -IS

Wendell brought the message at Barnwell this Sunday.  He concluded his two part series on "The Culture of Life" Very interesting especially for those of us who have recently become parents.  We left immediately after the benediction and raced over to Hephzibah. There was a carry-in meal for the Southern cousins to celebrate all the uncles and aunts that were able to be at Grandmother Vera's 99th birthday party yesterday.  Delicious food!  Another special occasion followed with the celebration of Ivan and Dana Heatwole's wedding.  Uncle Byards provided cake and ice cream.  Back  home for the evening.  We invited Don Heatwoles over for a light supper.  Nice time visiting.

Uncle Daniel chatting with Ina Sue. Regular Monday....Michael went to work and I did the laundry.  Felt like spring is just around the corner. Carolina finally rolls both ways.  She loves her swing and it is a great baby sitter while I hang up clothes, etc.  I found out this evening that Michael had to climb the 300 ft.  tower.  I asked him why he did not call so I could pray.  He said it is better for my nerves this way which is probably right.  We were invited to Suzanne Stanbrook and Lilly Hochstetler's for a great supper.  Cranberry chicken and pistachio dessert were a real hit with Michael.  Michael worked on church website.


Carolina Sue enjoys her new swing Tuesday found Michael off to work.  I was scheduled to go to the women's prison.  Aunt Miriam so kindly babysat Carolina Sue from 10:30-4:30.  I headed to Columbia with the ladies.  We ate a quick lunch at Fazoli's.  I had a delicious tomato and cheese sandwich.  The prison time went well and we spent some extra time talking with the inmates.  I must admit I do not really look forward to going but it is good for me and I usually enjoy myself.  I was tired this evening.  Pizza and salad for supper then Michael went to the jail for Bible Study.  He sewed up a quilt square.
Visiting with Nevins It rained most of the day Wednesday.  Michael worked and I sewed most of the day.  Put together a quilt square and worked a dress for Carolina Sue.  I am so slow.  Carolina now sits up by herself so no more tummy time for her.  She was very fussy this afternoon and eve.  Had a time trying to get supper.  Kevin Rhodes ( a customer) came by this evening for Michael to work on his computer.   
Nevin and Randy in his office. Another day at home with Carolina Sue on Thursday.  She is quite busy making messes while I try to get my work done.  Michael came home from work a little early.  We left for Nevin's around 4:30.  They had us over for a tasty meal of taco soup, garlic bread, jello salad, pickles, raspberry dump cake (made in the crock pot)  A real perk for Michael's work is that his brothers need computer work done so we get to enjoy evenings at their houses.  Late until we got home.
Resetting a malfunctioning router Michael worked hard all day Friday.  He came home whipped and glad we did not go to Hartwell for the Bible School program.  My cleaning went okay until the little miss decided to help while I was scrubbing the bathtub.  I thought the bottle of Mr. Clean was perfectly safe.  Well somehow she scooted her little self over to it and dumped the entire bottle.  I must have been tuned out because it took awhile for me to notice she was happily playing in a puddle of cleaner.   Her white tights and outfit was a bright yellow.  I stripped her down and put her in the tub.  I had to wash rugs that were soaked in Mr. Clean and washed and rewashed the sticky floors.  The joys of a baby!  I made a batch of bread to go along with the collards and meatballs for supper.
Cleaning out Mom's drawers Saturday morning we slept in.  Michael was planning to sleep until 9:00 but actually it was about 7:30.  One of the wireless routers was down at the shop so we quickly got ready and went to Barnwell.  He fixed the problem and then we ate breakfast at Micky D's.  I dropped him back off at the shop and went to do some much needed shopping at Walmart.   A real nice afternoon and eve. at home.  Michael cleaned out both cars and did other odds and ends.  We took a walk and chatted with our neighbors Duane Banges. Late in the evening, Michael went to help Nelson Hochstetler with two flat tires.  (it happened at the same place Michael blew his tires)  Michael is struggling with a quilt square that will not cooperate.

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