February 5, 2005

Fellowship after church Sunday morning We stayed at Tim's again for the night and woke up to a rainy day Sunday morning.  We went to church at the Fuente de Vida (Fountain of Life) Mennonite Church.  Sam had asked me to have devotions so Tim interpreted for me.  Tim then led the discussion for Sunday School and Bro. Jerrel brought the message.  We all had a fellowship meal together after the service.  Edgar & Sheila were down with their children.  With the regular attendees and us visitors in attendance it was a fairly full house. 
Eileen with Marsha & Ina Sue After fellowship in the afternoon, Ina Sue and I along with Marsha & Sharon Eby drove back to Anasco.  We stopped at the beach at Guaataca for a few minutes to check out the big waves.  My wife got kind of swamped by a bigger wave then she expected.  It filled her Sunday shoes up with lots of sand!  We got back to Anasco in time for a cottage meeting with Craig's neighbors then all got together after the service for a meal at Craig's.  Sandwiches, potato salad, chips & salsa, guava bites and pineapple.  We slept at Craig's again tonight.
Ina Sue's shoes got wet at the beach.... Monday morning we got up in good time and ate a quick breakfast with Craigs.  Then Samuel and I went up to Carl's for an interview while Kari and the ladies went material shopping.  For dinner we all went down to a local pincho stand for a delicious dinner.  In the afternoon we had our interviews with Craigs and with Sister Sharon.  Ina Sue and Angela spent the afternoon with June .  Then we all loaded back up in the van for one more trip back to Barceloneta. Sarah fixed us all a wonderful meal of chicken fajitas.  After supper Sam setup the volleyball net in front of the church and we all had a great time playing volleyball together.  Back inside then for some of Sarah's wonderfully refreshing pina-coladas.
The "Believers of Christ" church at Anasco Tuesday was our last day on the island.  Tim & Bonita served us a wonderful last breakfast of avocados and many other goodies.  We met Samuel's and Jerrels back at Sams to pack up for the trip to the airport.  Jerrel's are not leaving until Tuesday but offered to take us in to San Juan.  After we finished packing up our clothes, pineapples & pinchos, the maxivan headed out at about 8:00.  We got to San Juan in time for a couple hours of sightseeing in Old San Juan.  Our flight was scheduled for 3:30 (two hours before Samuels were scheduled) so Jerrel left the others sightseeing while he dropped us off at the airport.  We got off on schedule but had a 3 hour layover in Miami before flying on to Charlotte.  We got in to Charlotte around 11:00 and it was after 2:00 Wednesday morning before we finally drug in to Govan....  We were wored out!
Cottage meeting Sunday evening Wednesday was a big day of catching up.  Ina Sue had an enormous wash to get done.  I had quite a few service calls at the shop that had stacked up.  Carolina Sue is 8 months old today.  (Very hard to believe!) We had taco salad for supper then went to church for prayer meeting.  Gordon A. had the discussion on James 4, "The Christian's Judgements".
Window shopping in Old San Juan Thursday was a somewhat dreary day weather-wise. Rainy and pretty cold.  Ina Sue finished up the ironing  then went in to Barnwell for another back treatment.  She's feeling somewhat better.  I spent the day at work then came home to a supper of burritos, garlic bread, & misc leftovers.  After supper we dropped in to visit a couple of our neighbors.
Overlooking the ocean from the Pigeon Park in San Juan Friday was a very busy day for me at work.  Plain or Fancy Sign Co. finally made it by to fix the lights in our sign out front.  Ina Sue spent the day cleaning and taking care of Carolina.  In the evening she met me at the shop and we got a quick bite to eat before driving over to New Holland for a chorus program by the Mountain Anthems.  It was good to hear them again.  Menno Beachy is still the director but he says he is in the process of retiring.  Back home in good time for bed.
Replacing the bulbs in our sign We got up and about in good time Saturday morning.  After helping clean up a very!!! messy Carolina Sue, I drove over to the new school building to help paint.  Charles Brubaker & Danny Hege ran paint spayers while the rest of us went over the sprayed paint with rollers.  We pretty much had all the walls painted by dinner time.  Brenda Groff & Gwen Amstutz served us a delicious dinner of chili soup, corn muffins, vegetables, mixed fruit & cake.  In the afternoon we finished up the interior painting then painted the front columns.  We knocked off about 1:30 and I came home to work on some projects here.
The Paint crew hard at eating.... First on the list was to crawl under the house and check for any signs of resurgent fungi.  Then I worked on getting new phone lines installed under the house.  (We've been having trouble with our phone lines and they finally quit working all together)  In the process of crawling around under there I thought I detected a decidedly unpleasant oder.  Sure enough, my explorations uncovered what I surmised to be a dead possum under the house.  He was far enough gone though that I decided not to disturb his carcass....  Yuck!  I did get the phones fixed though and the fungus seems to still be in remission.  Neighbor Bill borrowed a tractor and tiller to work up his garden and kindly let me use it when he was done.  After that Ina Sue cut my hair for me then we fixed ourselves a scrap supper of hashbrowns & sausage dogs.  Now she is working on sewing quilt squares while I get this caught up.


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