January 22, 2005

Sunday afternoon walk Sunday was a beautiful Lord's day.  Wendell preached in the morning.  We had a pork roast slow cooking in saurkraut during church so after we came home and fixed biscuits & corn we sat down to a full course meal.  We rested a while in the afternoon then took a walk around the block.  Punkin enjoyed the fresh air & the horsie ride.  In the evening our church service was mostly taken up with testimonies.  Carl had a children's meeting (enjoyed by everyone) on "The Sovereignty of God" exploring the seeming unfairness of life.  On the way home from church we ran out of gas....  I've been wanting to see how far this new van can run after the gauge says empty.  Now we know. :)  Actually we were only about a half mile from home and I was able to hitchhike a ride back to the house for our gas can.  Wifey wasn't very happy....
Pepper jelly snack at Wendell Heatwoles We got up and around by 6:00 Monday morning and got Ina Sue started on the washing while I cleaned up the house.  I had a full day at work after last Thursday & Friday off...  For supper Ina Sue fixed us cabbage (from the garden) with sausage, potatoes, and a fresh batch of kale.  After supper I worked a while on my web pages then Naomi Heatwole invited us over for a evening snack.  Had pepper jelly and cream cheese on crackers and pina coladas.  Delicious!
Starting to enjoy playing with blocks Tuesday we got up at 6:00 again.  (We're turning over a new leaf)  I fixed us breakfast of sausage gravy over hash browns while Ina Sue washed her hair.  I spent a full day at work except for a delightful lunch with my family.  Ina Sue was taking Carolina Sue to the doctor for her 6-month shots and they stopped in a work to eat with me.  In the evening I took care of Carolina Sue while Ina Sue went to the baby shower for Beth Dueck.  In between taking care of her I cut out a bunch more quilt squares.
Carl kindly spread chicken manure on the garden for us Wednesday:  Up again at 6:00.  We had more hash browns & leftover gravy for breakfast then I headed off to work.  Carolina Sue was fussy with a bit of a fever. (Probably from her shots)  It was very cold today.  It started at around 20 degrees and didn't get over 40.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us white chili soup with chicken instead of beef.  She topped off the delicious meal with homemade breadsticks.  After eating quickly we headed off to prayer meeting.  James Bange had a good talk on James 4.  After we got home Ina Sue pointed out that a pipe in the laundry room had a fairly nasty drip/leak.  I didn't have the energy to fix it tonight so we just put a pan under the leak....
Our little human trash can.... I took off part of the day Thursday.  Actually I spent the whole morning doing two service calls in Denmark.  I came home and picked up Ina & Carolina and drove back to Denmark for lunch at Courtney Bay Seafood.  This was the first time we had eaten at the one in Denmark and we were quite pleased.  Ina Sue was a little disappointed in her "Smothered Chicken".  She wasn't expecting boned chicken underneath of the gravy....  and she expected the biscuits to be more then just pop-can biscuits.  I told her that if she would have just stuck to their specialties she wouldn't have had any problem.  My seafood platter was great!  I had broiled flounder & shrimp.  After we got home I fixed the leak in the laundry room then we worked on sewing together our first quilt square. 
Ironing our first quilt squares Right before I came to bed I noticed that there was another leak in the laundry room on a 2nd faucet.  Since I had a faucet in the shed I decided to go ahead and replace it.  After turning the water off to that section of pipe I unwound the old faucet and......HORRORS!!!!  Something hadn't been turned off right.  After trying unsuccesfully for too long to re-insert the old faucet I finally gave up and galloped out to our water meter and turned it off.  The damage was already done.  I roused Ina Sue out of bed and we spent the next 45 minutes cleaning out our laundry room and the assorted spoiled goods found therein.  One benefit was that it got cleaned in a way it probably never would have otherwise.  It was after 12 thought before we got to bed.  :(
Fixing a leak in the laundry room I went in to work a little early Friday morning.  Ina Sue spent the day scrubbing & cleaning the house.  Carolina was pretty fussy today.  For supper Ina Sue grilled chicken and fixed a grilled chicken salad.  After supper I held the baby while Ina Sue sewed up a 2nd quilt square.  We're pretty pleased with how our hobby/project is coming along.
Dinner at Macaroni Grill

For Christmas last year I gave Ina Sue a whole day shopping.  Well, she decided to cash it in on Saturday.  We got up in fairly good time and were able to get left for Augusta by about 9:15.  We stopped at McDonalds for a quick breakfast then hit the stores.  Around 2:00 we made our way to Macaroni Grill to use up a gift certificate that Julie Heatwole had given us for Christmas.  We love that restaurant.  It has great atmosphere and the food is great.  We both ordered chicken/pasta dishes and the restaurant gave us a appetizer of shrimp/artichoke dip for messing up our order.  Then on to more shopping.  We knocked off around 4:30 and drove out to Dad's for a visit with my parents & Laura.  Left around 6:00 and got home in time to clean up the house and start preparing food for tomorrow. 
Carolina enjoyed the bread....


Aunt Mildy Knicely, Aunt Sharon Shank & Amanda Showalter (all from Harrisonburg) are stopping in tonight on their way back from Florida.  They called us around 9:00 and were in Jacksonville.... so we don't expect to see them before 12:30.  I sent Ina Sue to bed and I'm working on quilt squares and other things until they get here.


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