January 8, 2005

Church at Mt. Pleasant Sunday morning we went to church at Mt. Pleasant.  The other preachers were either sick or absent so Timmy Showalter had to have both the opening & the sermon.  He preached a wonderful sermon based on  the verse in I John where it says that those who abide in Christ should walk as he walks.  After some visiting with friends we headed back to the Showalters for our belated family "Christmas" dinner.  Mother outdid herself again with quite a spread including steamed shrimp.  After a few gifts in the afternoon  we headed back toward SC around 3:00.  Got back here at 10:00 and unpacked then headed for bed.
Belated Christmas Dinner at Showalters Carolina Sue was fussy & hot when she woke up Monday morning and only seemed to get worse.  We think she must have picked up a virus while in Virginia.  Ina Sue spent most of the day rocking & caring for her.   She was able to squeeze in most of the laundry/ironing.  I had a full day and ended up working late.  By the time I got home I wasn't feeling very well either.  We went to an early bed hoping to sleep it off.
Benjamin models his new puppy slippers Carolina slept through the night and awoke Tuesday morning seemingly feeling better.  I spent the day at work while Ina Sue finished the washing, pulled up the old broccoli plants (actually salvaging a batch of broccoli for supper) and made ham biscuit rollups with cheese sauce for supper.  We enjoyed seeing Carolina's expression when we let her sample a dill pickle.  In the evening we cut out some more quilt squares.
Carolina keeps tabs on the plumber... Jonas Mast (the plumber) came by at 8:00 Wednesday morning to fix our leaking kitchen sink.  I regret to say that I finally gave up on fixing the leaks after trying umpteen times to get it sealed up.  I went on in to work then and spent a very busy day.  At 6:30 I was still working on a server at Williston Tire & Auto so I called Ina Sue and told her I would go directly to church and meet her there.  She said that Carolina Sue was really feeling bad though and that she thought she should probably stay home with her.  I went by myself to prayer meeting then went back in to the shop to continue working on the server.  I didn't get home until about 2:00 in the morning.  Very tired!
Trying her first pickle! Thursday morning I got up and left around 7:30 to take the server back up to Williston Tire & Auto before they opened up.  The rest of my family was still resting in bed.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and nursed a very fussy & restless baby.  I came home a bit early in the afternoon and laid down awhile for a nap.  We spent a restful evening at home.
Andrew Martin likes my Calvin & Hobbs. I was back at work again Friday with much of the day spent at Ducane diagnosing a DHCP issue.  Carolina  Sue seemed to be feeling better today but her eyes were dark & puffy.  Ina Sue took her in to her scheduled 7 month shots with Dr. Abe.  When he checked her he said she had an ear/eye infection and was going to prescribe antibiotics.  When Ina Sue voiced reservations Dr. Abe agreed and said she would get over it just about as well on her own.  Ina Sue was planning on taking her to a baby shower tonight for Eddie Hochstetler but she really got fussy so I came home early and took care of her so that she could get left.  Around 6:00 we (Carolina & I) drove over to Don Heatwoles to pick up our nephew Andrew Martin.  He rode down from PA with Betty today.  We came back to the house then & he wanted to play "Lemmings" on the computer.  So we spent most of the evening doing that.  Ina Sue got home around 9:30
Dale, Ralph & Ryan hard at work We got up in good time Saturday morning so that Ina Sue could give me a hair cut before I left to work at the school.  We had a pretty large crowd of guys helping to hang sheetrock.  Liz & Sharon Brubaker and Noami Heatwole supplied a wonderful meal of grilled hamburgers, baked squash casserole, chips and pie & ice cream.  (Daryl grilled the burgers)  In the afternoon we ran out of 1/2" sheetrock and so we moved out to the gym wall where we still had 5/8" drywall to put up as a 2n'd layer on the firewall.  Ina Sue & the kids came in around 2:00 and watched us work.  We left about 3:00. 
Daryl Brubaker grilled hamburgers for lunch After we got home and talked a little, I left again and went in to the shop to get a computer put together for Heritage Bible School, then over to our school to work on the computers there.  I got back home around 6:00 and we left to eat out at Duke's BarBQ in Bamberg.  (My employee, Richard Brubaker had given us gift certificates to be used there)  Really good eatin!  Then we came home & I worked on getting things together for our Puerto Rico meeting next week.  After the work was done I played more "Lemmings" with Andrew before shuttling him off to bed.  Now obviously, I'm typing up this webpage.....
Mudding the drywall on the end of the gym Supper at Duke's BarBQ


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